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Top Takeaways From The 2020 Schedule

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

If the Redskins 2020 schedule showed us one thing, it’s that the NFL does not care about Ron Rivera coaching against his former team. Aside from that lone fumble on the NFL’s part the Redskins schedule is pretty solid.

Having the bye week on Week 8 is a huge win. A middle of the year bye week should bring a smile to the face of every coach and player. The bye week this year serves as a nice split between three consecutive divisional games against Giants and Cowboys.

The first game of the season that I consider a “circle game” (a game circled on the calendar...duh) comes in Week 4 against the Ravens. Chase Young has made it clear he’s looking forward to facing defending MVP Lamar Jackson. And what’s the best way to beat a dominant running team? A dominant front seven. If the Redskins front seven is even half as good as it’s been hyped up to be this game will be fun.

Arguably the toughest stretch for the team will come from Week 12-Week 14. Three consecutive road games against the Cowboys, Steelers and 49ers is bound to be tough. But the layout might favor the Redskins.

The team will have a 10-day break between Dallas and Pittsburgh. Geographically, Pittsburgh isn’t far so travel shouldn’t be a huge hassle. By the time it’s time to go to San Francisco the team should be amped to play against Trent Williams. So while tough, that might be the best possible scenario for three consecutive road games.

We end the season with either a chance to play spoiler against the Eagles, or with our first glimpse of Jalen Hurts. At this point, it’s one or the other. Although, who knows, we might even be playing for a spot in the playoffs if the ball bounces our way a couple times this year.

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