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What to Make of the NFC East Post-Draft

Cowboys beat writer Clarence Hill Jr. stops by to discuss the state of the division

NFL: NFL Draft Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode of Rile’d Up Tiffany was joined by Clarence Hill Jr.. Hill, who has been a Cowboys beat writer since 1997 is currently a senior writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The pair discussed the NFC East’s draft classes and the division’s uneasy quarterback situation.

The division that saw the Philadelphia Eagles draft Jalen Hurts in the second round after signing Carson Wentz to $100 million, and franchise tagged Dak Prescott after he failed to lead the team to the playoffs. It is Hill’s belief that the Franchise Tag on Prescott was not due to the Cowboys’ lack of investment in Prescott, while the Hurts signing may be due to Wentz inability to stay healthy.

He went on to share his thoughts on the Cowboys and the Redskins head coaches. He likened the selection of McCarthy, and Rivera to that of Andy Reid for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Many articles have come out ranking the Giants second best in draft selections for the NFC East, and Hill sees the Giants selections as solid as well. However he believes the Redskins selected the best player in the class, with Chase Young.

Hill wants to maintain a certain level of realism in the fact that drafts tend to have athletes who don’t pan out, and therefore they can be an unreliable measure of how well a player will do in this league. He offers further emphasis on his point by bringing up the 2017 draft. A draft that produced Mitchell Trubisky and Myles Garrett.

The tandem weighed in on the Cowboys not doing well in defensive back selections for a number of years. Both are optimistic in their teams 2020 draft selections.