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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

A collection of Redskins articles from around the web

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images
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Dwayne Haskins passing tests from Scott Turner, Redskins - Washington Times
The Washington Redskins begin every quarterback meeting with a test. New offensive coordinator Scott Turner said quizzes are given to see If their passers are retaining information. It's an easy way to gauge if they get his offense, he said.

As good as Chase Young can be, Jack Del Rio wants people to remember he's still just one player | NBC Sports Washington
As good as Chase Young could be for the Redskins in the near and far future, Jack Del Rio wanted to remind everyone during a Zoom call on Thursday that Young is still just one player on defense.

There's one underrated part of Dwayne Haskins' game that Redskins OC Scott Turner really likes | NBC Sports Washington
There are a lot of clear things in Dwayne Haskins' skill set to like, but this week, Scott Turner told reporters about a less obvious part of the QB's game that has him really excited.

Why Jack Del Rio calls having a rotation of pass rushers both 'good' and 'not so comfortable' | NBC Sports Washington
Jack Del Rio has a loaded group of pass rushers, but knows he'll have to balance them.

Jack Del Rio gives Redskins an edge: 'You have to perform' | 106.7 The Fan
Jack Del Rio brings a toughness the Redskins have lacked for years, a mental edge that won't help them stop everything, but surely improve off of allowing everything.

Jack Del Rio Discusses Chase Young, An 'Interesting Mix' Of Linebackers And The 4-3 Defense In Videoconference
Del Rio spoke to the local media via Zoom on Thursday and covered a variety of topics. Here are five takeaways from the videoconference.

Brad Johnson, Stephen Davis and the '99 Redskins - Washington Times
Overlooked is our recurring series on teams and athletes who, in hindsight, deserve a second look -- and, perhaps, a reappraisal by fans who over the last decade have seen it all: chumps, champs and everything in between. Which brings us to Brad Johnson and the 1999 Redskins ...

EVER WONDER: How John Madden helped turn Ron Rivera into Riverboat Ron | NBC Sports Washington
How did Ron Rivera get his nickname? You can thank John Madden for that.

NFL agrees to three rule changes, fourth-and-15 onside kick proposal yet to be voted on | NBC Sports Washington
The NFL agreed to three rule changes for the 2020 season but has yet to vote on the fouth-and-15 onside kick proposal.

#HailMail: Trades, Personnel Structure And Play Calling Responsibilities
As the offense and defense start to take form, the focus shifts to how players will fit in each role and when players will return to Redskins Park.

NFL's new Madden deal is about more than games
The NFL's new deal to extend the Madden franchise to 2025 is about a lot more than just the video game.