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Would a Redskins contract with Jason Peters solve everyone’s problems?

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jason Peters wants to play football, and the Washington Redskins have some uncertainty along the offensive line. Is there a marriage of interests here that can’t be ignored?


“His status is he’s 38 years old. However, he’s told friends recently that ‘if Tom Brady can play into his 40s, I can play into my 40s, I feel great.’ So the former Philadelphia Eagles left tackle still out there, sending out workout videos to let people know he feels really good, he’s moving really good, and the Eagles kinda knew this when they announced — what was it, two months ago? — that they were moving on from Peters, basically, they still did leave the door open for a possible return and I’m told those sides have been in communication. Nothing really happening right now [...] there are some other teams involved right now. No one seems to be in a great rush. Peters doesn’t seem to be in a great rush. But something could happen with one of these teams in the near future, I guess.

Jason Peters may be interested in continuing his career, but there probably aren’t many opportunities for him. However, the Redskins might offer the ideal spot for the veteran NFC East tackle, at least for a year or so. Consider this report from Pro Football Talk:

Peters, 38, continues working out and still plans to play this season, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Peters posted a workout video for all 32 teams.

He has “spoken with the Eagles but is keeping his options open,” Schefter adds.

The options appear pretty limited. The 49ers traded for Trent Williams. The Browns drafted Jedrick Wills Jr. The Vikings drafted Ezra Cleveland. The Giants drafted Andrew Thomas. The Jets drafted Mekhi Becton. The Dolphins drafted Austin Jackson. The Bucs drafted Tristan Wirfs.

Washington still has uncertainty at left tackle after trading Williams.

If Peters has limited options among NFL teams, the Redskins have limited options at Left Tackle. Many people expect the Redskins to convert 2020 veteran free agent Cornelius Lucas, who has 16 starts on his six-year resume, from being a career-long right tackle to playing the left side. Other candidates include former 2018 3rd-round draft pick Geron Christian or former UDFA Timon Parris, both veteran Redskins.

The top candidate may be Saahdiq Charles, the former starting Left Tackle for the national champion LSU Tigers that the Redskins drafted in the 4th round. While a very good prospect, Charles is very young, comes with some off-the-field issues, and might well benefit by having some time learning the pro game behind a seasoned veteran.

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Could former Eagle Left Tackle Peters be the right guy to fill the starting LT role in 2020 and provide a role model for Saahdiq Charles’ development?

Rumors of late have trended towards the idea of Peters re-signing with the Eagles, but I wonder if the Redskins don’t make as much, or even more, sense for Peters. Consider this from BGN writer, Brandon Lee Gowton:

That Peters compared himself to Brady shows you where his mind is at. He’s not accepting a backup role when he feels like he’s still playing at a high level despite his age. And if JP is truly serious about playing into his 40s, well, he’s aiming to play until at least through the 2022 season. That’d be something.

Before getting that far ahead, Peters has to find a home for the 2020 season.

The Eagles don’t really have an opening at left tackle, having spent a first-round pick in 2019 on Andre Dillard and a 6th rounder this year on Prince Tega Wanogho. Philly isn’t short of quality tackles, with perhaps the best right tackle in the league, Lane Johnson, on their roster, backed up by the Giant Australian Jordan Mailata. Peters might find a comfortable home-like feeling in Philly, where he has spent the bulk of his career, but signing him to start at left tackle would have to feel like a step backwards for the Eagles, who should be fully committed to Dillard at this point.

Will the Redskins really have a young roster in 2020?

For the Redskins, however, Jason Peters might feel like just the right fit. Moreover, locking down the left tackle depth position with Peters would also open up the opportunities to address the left guard and right tackle positions more creatively.


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Last season, the signing of an aging and out-of-shape Donald Penn felt like a desperation move by a front office that was out of options. Signing Peters this year, on the other hand, would feel like a bridge to the future — like a solid plan to develop the roster — and it would give Peters the chance to extend his career and show people that he really can still play.

Redskins fans might question whether Peters truly is still capable of playing at an acceptable level. I know it’s not a really high bar, but let me offer a comparison between Jason Peters playing for the Eagles in 2019, and Donald Penn, playing for the Redskins. I think most people would agree that Penn’s performance was adequate, and that if the Redskins could get a similar season from Peters, with Charles in the background and ready to step up if Peters faltered in performance or due to injury, then that should be good enough.

Penn played in three more games than Peters last year, but the snap counts are so similar that the comparison numbers are virtually apples-to-apples

Offensive snaps - Pass Blocking snaps - Run snaps

Penn 885 - 553 - 332

Peters 872 - 562 - 310

Pressures - Hurries - Sacks

Penn 34 - 22 - 6

Peters 21 - 14 - 3

PFF Grades Offense - Pass Blocking - Run Blocking

Penn 64.1 -64.1 - 63.2

Peters 82.4 - 87.3 - 72.5

The data indicate that Peters is still capable of playing a high number of snaps per season (he played in 29 games in ‘18 & ‘19 combined), that he is a capable pass blocker and run blocker, and that a year ago he was measurably better than Donald Penn.

I’ll be honest with you, prior to the draft, I was 100% opposed to signing Peters, seeing it as a bad patch on a leaky tire. But with Charles on the roster, my attitude has changed. Peters could be exactly the right guy in exactly the right point in his career to join a young Redskins team, adding experience, leadership and quality on-field play that would make the team more competitive and give Saahdiq Charles the best opportunity to blossom into a talented NFL lineman.

It seems to me that if the team and the player could find a contract structure that works for everyone, then the Redskins and Peters could be the best match available for both parties for the coming season.


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