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Sunday Slop: Redskins and NFL news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Santana Moss thinks the Redskins got a steal with Antonio Gandy-Golden | NBC Sports

“I really think that we got the diamond in the rough,” Moss said. “I heard some NFL execs talking draft day saying ‘The Redskins stole one.’”

Jerick McKinnon’s last test in coming back from the knee injury will be working out with AP | NBC Sports

It’s not surprising at all that McKinnon is calling on Peterson in this crucial part of his comeback. Nearly every Redskin looks up to the legend, too, as do countless players around the league who haven’t even shared a locker room with him.

Nick Saban sees easy transition for S Xavier McKinney |

In many respects, McKinney will be looking to not just improve an ailing Giants secondary but also replace another former Alabama standout in Landon Collins. Collins is now with the Redskins, but during his four-year run with the Giants, he earned three Pro Bowl trips and started every game of his rookie season.

Rivers, Brady will start 2020 season making history |

Rivers is also in that club, sitting at sixth all-time with 59,271 yards. While Brees is No. 1 (77,416) and a good distance ahead of No. 2 Brady (74,571), Rivers’ time in Indy will have the added intrigue of chasing down the No. 5 spot owned by Dolphins legend Dan Marino (61,361).

Redskins sign G Mike Liedtke |