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The Voice Behind The Posts, Astasia Williams And The Redskins’ Social Media

A peak behind the curtain to see how the #HTTR is made

Detroit Lions v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Allana and Tiffany were joined by Astasia Williams, the Senior Social Media Manager for the Washington Redskins in this episode of Rile’d Up.

Williams, a graduate of Dillard University discussed future plans for the Redskins’ social media and implementing some things she learned in her time with both the Carolina Panthers and D.C. United. Williams also shared plans about incorporating a show that will allow fans to get to know beloved players on a more personal level.

In a very short time Williams has grown to prominence in the world of sports social media. She’s become a trailblazer of sorts for women, and spoke to how great of an impact various women in the league have been on her development. Williams is one of few Black women in positions like this and shares how she carries the responsibility in that.

This is Williams second time working alongside head coach Ron Rivera, and she is interested in seeing how he wants to further her social media campaign with the team.

She provides listeners with social media tips they can use for their own personal brands and gives us her top 5 social media accounts to follow. Williams also gives the crew mental health and workout advice in this quarantine season.

Astasia Williams is on Twitter @AstasiaWill