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Antonio Gibson and Antonio Gandy-Golden are ready to make an immediate impact for the Redskins

The two Antonios speak to the media

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at Memphis Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The two Antonios spoke to local reporters this afternoon to discuss getting draft by the Washington Redskins. Third round pick Antonio Gibson was up first and says he will likely start out in the RB room, but is ready to help everywhere on the field. His money quote: " One person is not going to take me down."

Fourth round pick Antonio Gandy-Golden was up next and said he wants to make an impact immediately. He talked about winning matchups for 50-50 balls. If the QB is confident enough to throw them, he feels he needs to come down with them. He's also ready to challenge Redskins RB in a bowling game for the crown.

Antonio Gibson:

Favorite college moment:

NFL comparisons:


Running back:


Ready to work:

Antonio Gandy-Golden:

Fight for every yard:

Antonio Gandy-Golden:

Making an impact immediately:

50-50 balls:

NFL opportunity:

Favorite catch:

Favorite WRs:

Antonio's Got Talent:

Derrius Guice: