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Willkommen, David Bada!

Image, copyright NFL
Image, copyright NFL

David Bada, EDGE
Experience: Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns (Germany)
Age: 24
Height / Weight: 6’4” / 286 lbs

Career Statistics:

Career Defensive Statistics

Year Team GP Solo Ast Tot Tckl TFL Scks
Year Team GP Solo Ast Tot Tckl TFL Scks
2018 Schw�bisch Hall Unicorns 17 24 10 34 18 11
2019 Schw�bisch Hall Unicorns 12 9 8 17 8 4

Player Overview

Bada, who started playing football at the age of 18 in Munich, was most recently with the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, a team in Germany’s top football division.

Bada is an “International Pathway Player,” which is a special pipeline for international players to be able to make their way into the NFL. Every year, one of the eight NFL divisions is randomly selected to receive one international player apiece. This year, the NFC East was selected.

If Bada makes it through training camp, he could be eligible for a practice squad exemption, which would create an extra slot for him on the Redskins’ PS. He could also be elevated to the team’s 53 man roster if he plays well enough.

Let’s See His Work

How He Would Fit

This season will essentially amount to a prolonged tryout for David Bada. The Redskins will receive a special accomodation to keep him on the team and won’t be penalized at all for keeping him in the team’s orbit. The reality is, even the best pass rusher is Europe probably isn’t better than much of the mid-tier talent in the US collegiate ranks.

Nevertheless, this is a really interesting program developed by the NFL to expand the popularity of the game globally, and to build an eventual pipeline of players decades down the road. It should be fund to have Bada in training camp and on the practice squad this year. Welcome to DC, David!