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The Redskins Pick-3 Contest 2020 results are in

We have a winner!


The 2020 version of the Pick-3 contest has come to an end, with Rook6980 outdistancing the competition by predicting three draft picks in the correct rounds and four picks overall to accumulate 37 points.

Like every single entrant, Rook6980 correctly picked Chase Young in the first round. He also identified the Redskins’ next draft selection, Antonio Gibson, though he got only 5 points because he had projected him in a different round. Rook6980 then made it four-in-a-row by correctly projecting both of the Redskins 4th round selections, Saahdiq Charles and Antonio Gandy-Golden.

Close on his heels were two entrants : Redskins2019 and CraigSkins, with 32 and 31 points respectively. Redskins2019 hit on the same picks as Rook6980, minus Antonio Gibson, while CraigSkins scored early and late, correctly predicting the selection of Chase Young in the first round and Kamren Curl in the seventh.

On entrant slipped into 4th place with 28 points, while four more entrants were tied for fifth place with 24 points each, and everyone else scored either 19, 16, 11, or 6 points.

I don’t use a sophisticated program for tracking the results - just an excel spreadsheet. And, because it’s impossible to get entrants to use a standard format for submitting the players’ names, I rely on visual scanning to score the contest and gather information.

Here’s a look at the top scorers in the contest, each of whom correctly projected at least three players drafted by the Redskins this weekend:

Please note: as always, I use a spreadsheet and visual scanning for scoring, as my supercomputer is being repaired. If anyone spots an error in my score calculation, please feel free to point it out to me in the comments section so that I can fix it and offer an apology.

The prize

Here’s a reminder of the incredible prize on offer in the Pick-3 contest:

Any contest is only as good as the value of the prize for winning, so here’s the deal; the winner will be entitled to the same ‘great’ prize as the last three years. Once you’ve been named the winner, make an appointment with me, show up in Bangkok, and I’ll buy drinks for the two of us all night long at the bar or pub of your choice — after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted of course, assuming we both survive the pandemic.

Hopefully Rook6980 has a plane or boat ticket to Bangkok, as I now owe him a night of drinks. This would probably be a good place to mention that the prize is not transferable, though, since neither dcbornskin, SkinsaneAsylum nor Marooook! have yet collected their winnings from the previous contests, maybe the four of them will want to travel together. The prize expires when I do.

Rook6980 should, of course, also feel free to add his championship to his sig line in perpetuity:

I’m excited that Rook6980 and so many others were successful at projecting the Redskins 2020 draft picks, but I’m even more excited for the eight young men who are now Washington Redskins, and for the impact I expect this draft class to have on the team. Congratulations to all of them!!

The NFC East is on notice; the roster has been re-loaded; eight healthy rookie draft picks will don burgundy and gold this preseason to put a younger, faster team on the field in DC, and we’re coming after New York, Dallas and Philly, so get ready!