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Report: Vikings offered a Day 3 pick for Trent Williams last week, still trying to trade for him

Trent to Minnesota?

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

We reported last night that the trade market for Trent Williams took a big hit with the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets taking offensive tackles in the first round. The Browns were viewed as the most likely destination for Williams, but now they have to look elsewhere. The Washington Post mentioned that the Minnesota Vikings have expressed interest in acquiring Williams. And they also mention added the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers into the mix. The Eagles interest in Williams has been disputed, but the 49ers interest is new.

Kyle Smith was asked about trading Williams last night:

“We’re working through it. You know, right now that’s something we’ve been doing. You guys know, it’s been in the media for a while now. It’s something we’ve been working through and we will continue to work through. Obviously, nothing has happened yet, and we’ll let you guys know if something does happen. It’s hard to tell. You go into it hoping that something happens whenever you’re trying to get something done, but it could happen in five minutes, it could happen tomorrow, it might not happen in the next few days. It’s just something that we’re trying to work through and we’ll continue to make calls and we’ll go from there.”

ESPN’s Minnesota Vikings reporter Courtney Cronin added more fuel to the Trent Williams to the Vikings speculation this morning in a series of tweets. The Vikings are definitely still in on a Williams trade. They offered a Day 3 pick to the Redskins last week that was obviously not enough at the time. The Vikings have 12 picks(listed below) over the next two days, and will obviously be looking to move up and/or trade for a player. She brings up the Vikings cap space(currently have ~$12.2 million), but they can make room for Williams if needed.

Cronin then brings up the possibility of trading players along with picks to the Redskins for Trent Williams. Riley Reiff is her logical choice to trade. He has two years left on his deal, and has cap hits of $10.9m and $11.65m. Reiff turns 32 this year and has never made a Pro Bowl since being taken in the 1st round by the Lions in 2012. She also mentions safety Anthony Harris but doesn’t think he’s a trade candidate.

Finally she brings up Trent Williams current contract. We’ve reported multiple times that Williams is looking for a new deal. Early reports said he wants to be the highest paid tackle in the league and looking for up to $20 million per year. His agent disputed that high figure, but no one really knows what it would take to make Williams happy with a new contract except for Williams.

Minnesota Vikings draft picks:

Round 2 (No. 58)

Round 3 (No. 89)

Round 3 (No. 105) compensatory

Round 4 (No 117) from San Francisco

Round 4 (No. 132)

Round 5 (No. 155) from Buffalo

Round 5 (No. 176) from San Francisco

Round 6 (No. 201) from Buffalo

Round 6 (No. 205)

Round 7 (No. 219)

Round 7 (No. 249) compensatory

Round 7 (No. 253) compensatory