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Report: Zero truth to Trent Williams to Eagles rumor, Cleveland remains most likely trade partner for Redskins

When will Trent get traded?

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Washington Post listed the Philadelphia Eagles as one of 4 teams that have shown the most interest in trading with the Redskins for Pro Bowl LT Trent Williams.

With star left tackle Trent Williams insisting he wants to be traded, Washington has been working to deal him in recent weeks. So far, the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets have shown the most interest, according to a person familiar with the discussions, but several factors have complicated the team’s ability to trade Williams, who has one year left on his contract. Prospective trade partners either haven’t been able to reach an agreement with Williams on a new deal, or they refuse to offer more than low-round draft picks in exchange for the seven-time Pro Bowl player.

The Browns, Vikings, and Jets have all been previously reported with varying levels of interest in the trade. Cleveland remains the front-runner to acquire Williams, unless they take a tackle with the #10 overall pick tonight. There have already been rumors that a trade was finalized yesterday, but nothing close to official has been reported. It’s most likely the deal won’t happen until later tonight.

Back to the Eagles showing interest in Trent Williams. This is new, and would likely not happen for many reasons. Philly needs help to keep Carson Wentz upright, and they let Jason Peters(who might end up replacing Williams for a year in Washington) leave in free agency. They drafted Andre Dillard in the first round last year, but he hasn’t exactly given them confidence so far.

Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk reports that there is zero truth to this rumor. This seemed odd when it came out early this morning, and it already seems like it’s dead on arrival. Trent Williams won’t be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.