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Mock Draft Scenario: Redskins trade Trent Williams to the Browns

A look at a possible Redskins mock draft if they manage to trade Trent Williams.

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It’s draft day, and from all the reports it seems like Chase Young will be the Redskins next franchise cornerstone. After that though there are plenty of questions on how this draft could or should play out for Washington. I decided to take an updated crack at how their draft this year could play out, using On the Clock draft simulator.

My thought process for this scenario was trying to simulate a Trent Williams trade with the Browns. There have been some rumors that the Redskins might get a 3rd or 4th rounder this year and another selection next season. Given that the Browns have two third rounders I thought it was likely that their later 3rd round pick is the one being offered.

Ron Rivera has also talked about wanting to add some more selections in this draft. So I also decided on doing a slight trade back from 66. I didn’t want to move too far back, but a small jump could bring the Redskins back a mid-to-late 4th round pick, which I think is worth it.

As always you can follow along with the simulation here!


-Young has elite skills and has the potential to develop into one of the premier edge rushers in the league. Adding him to Ryan Kerrigan and Montez Sweat is going to cause quite a few headaches for opposing offensive coordinators. Not to mention a rotation in the middle of Jonathan Allen, Matt Ioannidis and Daron Payne. The Redskins already great pass rush will be even better. It will help mitigate some of the concerns in the secondary that the team has.


-All the top OTs were off the board, but I still feel like the Redskins add a good one year in Matt Peart. Peart was a 4 year starter at Connecticut playing both right and left tackle. He’s got a really good frame and good footwork that allows him to be a strong pass protector. He doesn’t have the power to be as effective in the run game, but he can work on that. Peart fills the primary need as a guy who can help improve the protection for Dwayne Haskins. He’s not Trent Williams, but he offers solid talent and upside.


-The value here was simply too good to pass up. Dugger has the size, speed and athletic ability you want in a safety. Had he played at a Power 5 school he’s probably a top 15-20 pick. Dugger does need some work on technique, but his his natural abilities are on par with anyone in the league. He can play a situational role as a rookie, and then potentially combine with Landon Collins to give the Redskins the best safety duo in the league.


-While I missed out on some bigger WR names, I still see Hightower as a positive addition to the Redskins offense. He offers great deep speed and athleticism, that should allow for a number of big plays. He can struggle with press corners, but hopefully some work in an NFL strength program can help him. Even as a rookie I expect his speed will allow him to get on the field and contribute.


-This is a tremendous value pick as Brooks could easily go 50-60 picks earlier. He’s pushed down due to a really deep off ball linebacker class allowing the Redskins to land a potential good starter late in the 4th round. Brooks can be the Redskins middle linebacker in their new 4-3 defense. He was a tackling machine at Texas Tech and has the quickness to be strong in coverage as well.


-If you want to add an offensive weapon on Day 3, one of the best options you will find is Gibson. Gibson was a wide receiver in college, but is likely transitioning to more of a hybrid RB/WR role. He’s not going to fill a traditional RB role early in his career, but he can be a major threat as a receiver out of the backfield in addition to being a return man. Gibson is an explosive athlete and playmaker, something the Panthers were drafting a lot the last couple years of Rivera’s tenure.


-Vildor is one of my favorite late round corner options as I love the way he competes. I don’t think he drastically changes the Redskins secondary outlook, but he could push Moreland and Moreau for time.


-Ron Rivera and Scott Turner have typically employed a FB in their offense and currently there isn’t one on the Redskins roster. I think the Redskins will look at some tight ends they feel that can move around and fill a variety of roles. Deguara had a good career at Cincinati, but probably maxes as a number 2 TE in the NFL. Where he adds value is his versatility to lineup in a number of roles. He could be the Redskins in-line TE option, as well as lineup at H-back and FB. He’s a strong blocker with enough pass catching ability to not tip the defense that a run is coming.


-Really love the value here of landing Clark this late. He was a 3 year LT tackle and 2 year team captain for Charlotte. He’s gonna need to move inside at the NFL level, though he can probably be an emergency RT option as well. He’s definitely a guy who will need a year or two to develop, but there is some potential here.

What do you all think? Is this a draft you would be happy about? Does this do enough to support Haskins and the offense?