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Peter King: Trent Williams most likely player to be traded during the draft

End in sight?

2010 NFL Draft Round 1 Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Update: The Browns are still interested

The Trent Williams holdout saga has been going on since June of last year, and everyone is looking forward to its conclusion. The Redskins gave Trent Williams and his agent Vincent Taylor permission to seek a trade on March 5th. We’ve heard rumors about possible suitors, but the compensation for the Redskins, and Williams’ contract demands have been cited as detrimental to getting a deal done. Taylor aired some dirty laundry, and since then it’s been radio silence.

The Redskins are reportedly flexible with what they want in return for their 7x Pro Bowl left tackle. It’s draft week, so it seems likely that if a deal is going to happen, it will happen after Thursday’s first round is over. There are 4 offensive tackles that are considered in the top tier of this year’s draft, and then there is a drop off. Teams that are looking for a tackle, and miss out in the top of the draft could be looking at Williams as the best option to shore up their line for the next few years.

That brings us to Peter King’s mock draft article today(spolier: the Redskins pick Chase Young). He lists several players that are likely to be traded during the draft and Trent Williams is one of them.

Players likely to get traded during the draft, in order: Washington T Trent Williams, Jacksonville DE Yannick Ngakoue, New England G Joe Thuney, Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton, Jacksonville RB Leonard Fournette, Philadelphia WR Alshon Jeffery.

This seems like the most likely scenario to end this saga, but who will make that trade, and what compensation will the Redskins and Williams get? A 2nd round pick doesn’t seem likely, but this year’s draft is probably the most unpredictable in the modern era. The Browns, Vikings, and Jets have all been linked to trading for Trent Williams, and they all have two 3rd round picks. There have also been reports the Redskins are open to players, and future picks for a Williams’ trade.