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SB Nation Mock Draft Central - The Redskins are nearly on the clock!

It’s almost time for the real thing! Until then, we get the next best thing.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Each year, just before the actual draft, enterprising individuals on various SBNation blogs take it upon themselves to organize a site-wide full mock draft, with (ideally) writers/posters from each of the team blogs picking on behalf of their team. This year, I will be picking on behalf of the Redskins and tracking progress here. The details on the full draft can be found [HERE].


4/17 – 7 PM EDT / 4 PM PDT (Round 1 and 2, Link 2)

4/18 – NOON EDT / 9 AM PDT (Round 3 – 5)

4/19 – NOON EDT / 9 AM PDT (6 and 7)

Before the actual draft, I was able to clean up some outstanding business as well as line up some additional picks in the heart of the draft with a trade back.

Redskins Trade Trent Williams to the Vikings:

  • Redskins get pick #89 (Round 3, Pick 25), pick 155 (Round 5, Pick 9), and pick 249 (Round 7, Pick 35) for Williams and pick 229 (Round 7, Pick 15).
St Louis Rams v Washington Redskins Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

The Redskins Trade Back on Day 2 with the Browns:

  • Redskins get pick #81 (Round 3, Pick 16), 120 (Round 4, Pick 14), 141 (Round 4, Pick 35), 154 (Round 5, Pick 8), and 241 (Round 7, Pick 27) for picks 66 (Round 3, Pick 2), and 108 (Round 4, Pick 2).

The Draft Begins

Redskins Picks (12 picks)

Round 1, Pick 2

Chase Young (EDGE) - The top rated player in the draft, according to a broad range of experts, the Redskins select the ferocious pass rusher from Ohio State to bookend with last year’s first round pick, Montez Sweat. Let’s get some!

Round 3, Pick 2

Redskins trade up to pick #61 for R3P16 and R4P14 (with Broncos)

Round 2, Pick 29

Prince Tega Wanogho (OT) - Wanogho was the best of the OTs left and projects as an eventual starter at LT, with a high ceiling after some development. Wanogho excelled in a zone blocking scheme in college and is a good fit for the Redskins’ new approach.

An Interview with Wanogho

Redskins trade up for Round 3, Pick 7 (#71) from Chargers for picks 89, 142, and 162.

Round 3, Pick 7 (#71) (from Chargers)

Ashtyn Davis (S) - Davis is a versatile athlete, capable of playing several positions in the back end of the defense, including free safety and nickel, with great range. He was also one of the best players left on the board at a key position of need.

Round 4, Pick 35 (from Browns) (#141)

Round 5, Pick 8 (from Browns) (#154)

Round 5, Pick 9 (from Vikings) (#155)

Round 7, Pick 2 (#216)

Round 7, Pick 27 (from Browns) (#241)

Round 7, Pick 35 (from Vikings) (#249)

Round 3, Pick 16 (from Browns)

Round 3, Pick 25 (from Vikings) (#89)

Round 4, Pick 2

Round 4, Pick 14 (from Browns)

Round 4, Pick 36 (#142)

Round 5, Pick 16 (#162)

I look forward to your thoughts in the comments below: