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Ron Rivera: It’s not just BPA, it’s BPA that fits the Redskins needs

Ron Rivera speaks

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Redskins Head Coach Ron Rivera spoke with Redskins Chief Content Officer/Senior VP Larry Michael for a Virtual Leadership Luncheon hosted by the Loudon County Chamber of Commerce. Rivera talked about preparing for this year’s unprecedented virtual draft, and preparing the team’s draft board with scouts and coaches. He touched on the Need vs BPA debate, and said the Redskins will draft players to make their team better. He is big on leadership and taking responsibility, and he talked about what that means on his teams. And of course there were some technical difficulties on the Zoom call...

Setting the draft board:

BPA vs Need:

Free Agency:

Technical difficulties:

Virtual offseason program:


2011 NFL lockout:

Recent Redskins drafts:


Be Better:

Position coaches:

Team players:

Adrian Peterson:

Happy Thanksgiving!: