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Kendall Fuller: I can play anywhere on the field for the Redskins

Kendall talks about getting traded, returning to Washington, and bringing a Super Bowl-winning attitude to the Redskins

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall Fuller has returned to the Redskins, and he’s pretty excited to return to the team and the area. He talked about what it was like to get traded, and then return to the team that gave him his start in the NFL. He is comfortable playing anywhere in the Redskins secondary, but prefers to play outside corner. He also talked about bringing a Super Bowl-winning attitude(and hopefully a Super Bowl victory) to Washington.

Coming back to Washington:

Getting traded:

Free agency:

First time with the Redskins:

Role in the new Redskins defense:

Coming from the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs:

Winning the Super Bowl:

Offseason workouts/family: