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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario: Trade back with the Dolphins

A look at a plausible Redskins mock draft scenario

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I wanted to take a look at another trade scenario using On the Clock involving the Redskins top selection. This time I only dropped back a few spots with the Dolphins and landed a couple extra premium picks. My priority here was value while hitting on the key needs early on.

As always you can follow along here!


-I really wanted Simmons with this selection, but landing an elite corner is not a bad “fall back” option. I did consider Tristan Wirfs here to replace Trent Williams, but with such a deep tackle class, I felt one would be there at 18. Okudah is one of the best corner prospects in the last 5-10 years and exactly what the Redskins need to add to their secondary. While the bar is high, Okudah has the upside to be the best corner the Redskins have had since Champ Bailey. That is his upside if it all clicks.


-Becton is flying up draft boards, but with a crowded top 15 picks, someone is likely to fall and it will probably be one or two of the top tier offensive tackles in this class. The Redskins need a Trent Williams replacement and Becton is as good as a it gets. He’s a mammoth at over 360 lbs, but he moves exceptionally well for his size. Ideally an NFL team can bring his weight down even more, but he can start and play at this size. Adding Becton to Okudah alone makes trading back a bit of a no-bainer. And even if he’s gone any of the other top tackles makes it worth while.


-Dugger is a small school safety, but he’s having an excellent offseason and flying up draft boards. He crushed it at the Senior Bowl and then blew up the Combine with his athletic testing. If Dugger had gone to a Power 5 conference school, he’s likely a top 15 pick in this draft given his size, athletic ability, intelligence and ball skills. Coming from Division II he’s likely to slide in the draft. His offseason though signals that he’s no longer a Day 3 gem. Dugger might have a few extra “rookie” moments, but he has the upside to be a very good starter at the NFL level.


-The Redskins are desperate for TE help, and while overall this isn’t a strong class there are likely a couple good starters from this group. Kmet is generally considered the top TE or at least in the top 3 in this year’s class. He’s a tough evaluation given that he really only started or significantly contributed just this past season (and even missed a couple games). Making matters worse the Notre Dame offense is not high volume (or the most efficient), so opportunities were limited. Despite that Kmet showed himself to be an impressive weapon catching 43 passes for 515 yards and 6 TDs this year. He’s good size, athletic TE who can be a primary pass catcher at the NFL level. He’s likely to be more a 3rd rounder since he’s more raw, but this is a good pick for the Redskins.


-I really wanted Simmons with the 5th overall pick, but am content to take the poor man’s version later in this draft. Davis-Gaither didn’t get the chance to workout at the Combine due to an injury, but he likely would have put up electric numbers. He flies all over the field when watching him on tape and had a very strong Senior Bowl performance.

Despite being on the smaller side, he plays the run really well and does a nice job getting off blocks. He’s got sideline-to-sideline speed and can run with any TE. He’s also shown to be an adept blitzer when given the chance. He won’t offer the immediate impact of a Simmons, but he can be a starter at the NFL level. He fits best as a Will LB in base packages who can stay on the field as a nickel backer.


-Bowden is a playmaker plain-and-simple. He moved to QB for 9 games this season, and led the team in rushing with over 1,400 yards and 13 TDs. Still managed to lead the team in receiving with another 350 yards and a TD. Bowden is underdeveloped as a receiver, but his playmaking ability makes him a nice late 3rd-early 4th round target.

He will get a lot of comparison’s to Randall Cobb, but Curtis Samuel is another multi-position player who comes to mind. Samuel turned into a nice weapon for the Panthers and could make Bowden an intriguing option for Rivera.


-Willekes won’t make anyone forget about passing on Chase Young in the first round, but he does offer the Redskins an accomplished Big 10 pass rusher. Willekes doesn’t have Young’s natural athletic ability, but wins with technique, effort and intelligence. Willekes has 51.5 TFL and 26 sacks over the last three seasons. While he doesn’t have the natural speed of premier pass rushers, Willekes does have very good first step quickness. He’s likely to max out as a rotational rusher, but he’s the type of guy with a safe floor who could contribute as a rookie.


-Excellent value at this point, Ismael has experience both at center and guard and could be in the mix for a role if Flowers doesn’t re-sign. He’s got solid feet and technique and definitely has starting potential down the line. At worst he is a valuable depth interior lineman.


-Was an all-purpose weapon at Memphis, who was electric every time the ball was in his hand. Primarily a WR in college, his best role at the NFL level is likely RB. He would be a near impossible match-up for LBs and safeties coming out of the backfield. Gibson would be a nice addition to the Redskins backfield and could easily be at least the 3rd down back as a rookie.


-Reed was a 3 year starter at Georgia, and is the son of former WR Jake Reed. He was an All-American and 1st team All-SEC this past season. He has good size and decent athleticism and appears to be a bit overlooked in the scouting community. He’s a bit of a tweener as he’s not physical enough for an in the box role and he doesn’t have the range of a true FS. Might max out as a core special teamer and back-up, but good value this late.


-Short, stocky interior lineman, who plays with a lot of power and technique. Plays the run well and can hold his own as a disruptive force versus the pass. Was a 3 year starter in the SEC, but probably more of a rotational player at the NFL level. Defensive line isn’t a major need, but adding solid depth makes sense.


For me I really like how this class turned out. Okudah and Becton (or other top tier OT), alone makes me okay with passing on Chase Young. I locked down the Redskins top two needs in one move. Additionally adding Dugger and Akeem Davis-Gaither I added a pair of additional defensive starters at areas of need. Willekes can be a strong situational pass rusher behind Kerrigan and Sweat as well.

Offensively Becton is the key, but Kmet should be the starting TE. Probably won’t contribute a ton as a rookie (which is the case for most TEs), but he’s the long term option. Bowden can be a playmaker on offense who can develop into a more defined role. Gibson has potential as a 3rd down back and additional “weapon” on offense. Ismael could be an emergency starting guard option, or down the road at center if Roullier isn’t retained.

What do you guys think? Is this the kind of trade that would be enough to pass on Chase Young?