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Redskins Sean Taylor Custom Hand-Painted Football - For a Good Cause...

You all know how much we love the Hog Farmers here at Hogs Haven! My guys do such a great job with our Redskins in and around the community, and the charity work they do to help families who have loved ones affected by pediatric cancer is just amazing!

My good friend Chris sent me this link today, and I only feel right to share this with our wonderful community here at Hogs Haven.

For those interested, you can purchase raffle tickets to win this one-of-a-kind Sean Taylor hand-painted football done by my friend Paul Nicholson. You may know him as @PaulNicholsDC - aka, the DC Sports Artist(he’s a great Twitter follow).

Proceeds go to elevating the mental, social, and emotional well being of children and the families affected by pediatric cancer. @TheHogfarmers