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Reuben Foster Improving? Redskins Feel He May be Ready for Training Camp...

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Reuben Foster suffered a bad knee injury last offseason during Redskins OTA’s. Most fans figured he’d be back with the team in 2020.

In January, it was reported that Foster was just starting to regain feeling in his toes. The concerning part - that he was JUST NOW starting to regain feeling in his foot.

Being that nerve issues are their own beast, some surmised he may not be ready for the start of the 2020 season...if at all.

Now, new news has emerged regarding Foster’s rehab. Rhiannon Walker just reported via our friend Jordan(@redskinstoday) Instagram live that Foster has been sprinting, putting weight on the leg, and that team officials feel he could be back in time for training camp.

If true, this is indeed good news, and can go a long way towards helping a linebacking corps that struggled last season.

As a Twitter friend of mine said...