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Trent Williams Update: Redskins are flexible with trade compensation, but won't just give him away

More Trent Williams drama!

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Washington Redskins v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It's been two days since Trent Williams’ agent Vincent Taylor released a statement demanding his client be traded or released. Neither of those things have happened, and only one of them is even being considered. The Redskins gave Williams’ team permission to seek a trade on March 5th, and there have reportedly been some teams that are interested. The combination of the Redskins’ asking price and Trent Williams’ contract demands has prevented any deal from happening.

Both sides have been been blamed for this, but the trending story right now is that the Redskins are flexible in their trade demands, while Williams hasn’t moved off being paid like a top tackle. The Browns have been linked to a Trent Williams trade since last year, and are still interested if the overall price of the deal drops. The Redskins want a 2nd round pick or equivalent value which could be multiple picks this year, a pick and a player, or a pick this year and in 2021.

The Redskins are flexible with their compensation for Williams, but expect to get a certain value for him:

It’s been widely reported that Washington wants a second-round pick in exchange for Williams, but according to sources close to the team, that doesn’t mean only a second-round pick will get the deal done.

”They’re not being stubborn,” one source said of trade talks.

Of course, Washington isn’t down with just trading Williams on the cheap. While a second-round pick remains the hope, the Redskins push back on Taylor’s notion of inconsistency with their demands or trade inflexibility, according to a source. Discussions with other teams have included taking back multiple picks or 2021 selections.

Trent Williams contract demands are holding up a trade:

My understanding is there have been suitors out there for Trent Williams. The trouble is—and I’ll be very clear about this—almost 100% his contract situation. Last year, word circulated that Williams asked the Redskins for quarterback money. And the Redskins found interest over the last few weeks in Williams, only to have suitors push away from the table when apprised of the seven-time Pro Bowl tackle’s financial demands.

Thing is, asking another team for a first- or second-round pick for a player is a lot. You’re giving up a piece of capital that can bring in a young, top player under cost control for the next four or five years—or maybe multiple players, if you trade for, then move the pick. So the player being dealt for has to be good and really valuable to begin with. But if, then, that player wants to break the bank, too? And if he’s in his 30s? Again, it’s a lot.

Trent Williams is not getting cut:

The Redskins have discussed trade compensation for Williams with multiple teams. The Redskins, who have yet to be tempted, continue to ask for second-round value for Williams, though there is flexibility to achieve a deal.

Some teams appear to think Washington will cut Williams, and his side has pushed for it, but a source said that won’t happen.

Trent Williams has no relationship with Ron Rivera:

Trent Williams holdout information via new CBA: