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Ron Rivera: Dwayne Haskins Jr. is going into camp as the Redskins starter, but there will be competition

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Ron Rivera went on the Clubhouse with Kyle Bailey yesterday. He discussed trading for Carolina Panthers QB Kyle Allen, Dwayne Haskins Jr. entering camp as the starter, Cam Newton, and the upcoming Redskins draft.

You can listen to the full interview here(16:20 to 24:55):

(h/t Kyle Stackpole)

Kyle Allen:

The Redskins traded a 5th round pick to the Panthers to acquire QB Kyle Allen this week. Allen started 1 game as an undrafted rookie in 2018, and then started 12 games last season. He is 6-7 as a starter. Allen is very familiar with both HC Rivera and Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner and will be able to help install the new offense if the team is allowed to practice this year.

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

There has been tons of speculation about Dwayne Haskins Jr.'s starting job with the Redskins. From speculation about the Redskins drafting Tua Tagovailoa to trading for/signing Cam Newton. Haskins is the starter going into the new season, but Rivera said there will be competition with Kyle Allen.

Cam Newton:

Cam Newton has been rumored to be on his way out of Carolina for a while. The Panthers officially made him available for trade, before releasing him this week. Speculation linked him to the Redskins even though it didn't make sense, and there were reports saying no interest was there. Rivera said they have a young team, and a young quarterback they plan on working with.

WFNZ: Today, we get the news that the Cam Newton era has come to an end with the Panthers. The news broke. How did it hit you?

Rivera: “Well it’s not for me to comment on their decision going forward, but the biggest thing more than anything else I was fortunate enough to have been there to be his head coach. Cam was great for us. He got us to the Super Bowl. He won a league MVP and he set a nice legacy there in city of Charlotte and the community. I did reflect a lot and have a bunch of conversation with friends just about who he was for us and what he meant. It’s an unfortunate thing, but it’s also apart of the game. Not everything lasts forever. Tom Brady is Tampa Bay!”


There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding pretty much everything as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic. The NFL has pushed ahead with free agency, and changed the format of the NFL draft. OTAs will either be pushed back or eliminated this year. Training camp and the regular season are months away, but at this point nothing is definite. Rivera emphasizes that everything is in wait and see mode right now.

The draft:

The draft is still scheduled to take place April 23-25. Prospect visits and college pro days were shut down which changes the draft schedule drastically. Rivera said teams will have to rely on their scouting departments and their evaluations. The Redskins kept their Scouting department intact while promoting Kyle Smith to Vice President of Player Personnel and Tim Gribble to Director of College Scouting.

The #2 pick:

The Redskins still hold the #2 overall pick in this year's draft. Ron Rivera obviously isn't saying who he is picking, and wasn't asked about a potential trade down.