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Trent Williams’ agent demands Redskins trade or release his client

Trent wants out

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Trent Williams and his agent are tired of waiting for the Redskins to trade him, and now they are going public with it. Vincent Taylor laid a lot out in his statement to ESPN.

  • Williams has stayed silent and hasn’t spoken negatively about the team, nor has he pursued potential legal actions
  • Players who speak out against the team(i.e. Quinton Dunbar) get traded
  • Williams still loves Dan Snyder, his teammates, and the fans, but it’s time to move on
  • It’s in the team’s and Williams best interest to trade or release him
  • The Redskins were unable to negotiate a trade
  • Williams side provided the Redskins with trading options, but the team didn’t act in good faith, and have given inconsistent demands on the return required for a trade