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NFL Rumors: NFL Draft is getting postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic

NFL Combine - Day 5 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Things are happening pretty quickly today. The CBA voting ended last night at 11:59pm. The results are in, and the new CBA has officially been approved, and we have labor peace until 2030. The official salary cap numbers were released shortly after, and soon we will know what the franchise tag numbers are for 2020(hello Brandon Scherff.

Now comes the bad news. The league is meeting today to discuss pushing the start of the league year back, and postponing the NFL draft in Las Vegas. There have been rumors for days about both happening, but the NFL was just waiting until the CBA vote to make any announcements.

We have a few reports that have been coming in about the NFL draft in Las Vegas being postponed, and it looks inevitable that an announcement will be coming shortly.