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Trade problems: Redskins trade demands and Trent Williams contract demands preventing a deal?

Washington Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Trent Williams and his agent Vincent Taylor were given permission to seek a trade by the Redskins 9 days ago on March 5th. We’ve heard about some interest from a handful of teams, but nothing solid yet. There have been several rumors about what the Browns and Jets would be willing to trade for Williams, teams not comfortable trading high picks and paying Williams high contract demands, and player trades being considered.

Mike Garofolo says he doesn’t get the sense that anything is close to being done right now. The asking price from the Redskins is starting at a 2nd round pick, and there haven’t been any bites. The Redskins will have to lower that price if they want to get to the second part of the trade: Trent Williams’ new contract. Garofolo adds that the team hasn’t discussed a new contract with him within the last year. Williams returning to play on the last year of his deal with no guaranteed money is highly unlikely.

Ian Rapoport offers a different take on the situation, saying that Trent Williams’ contract demands are a bigger problem than the Redskins trade compensation demands. Rapoport repeats the 2nd round pick is the ask, but says it is negotiable. Williams wants to be a top paid tackle, and that is reportedly more than $20 million per year. This is keeping teams from working out at a trade.

The CBA voting ends tonight at 11:59 pm, so players and teams will know what deal they are working under this year, and what kind of money will be available soon. The new CBA is expected to be approved, and the salary cap is projected to have a bigger jump next year. Analysts have been trying to prepare the public for “sticker shock” on some of the deals expected to happen in free agency.

Trent Williams is obviously aiming high with his new deal demands, but what will his final deal look like? That could depend on which team comes through with a trade package that the Redskins are willing to accept. Will he take a 3 year, $16 million/year deal with the Browns to play with his friend Odell Beckham Jr.? Will it take $17-18 million/year to play for the Jets?