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Trent Williams Trade Rumors: No 1st for Trent last year or now? Jets and Browns still top options?

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Trent Williams was given permission to seek a trade from the Redskins 5 days ago, so where are we at now in what looks like the final chapter of his holdout saga? We quickly got a list of 4 teams with actual interest in Williams, then every blogger on the internet posted a story asking if their team should trade for the 7-time Pro Bowl left tackle. The teams linked to Williams so far are the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, and Houston Texans. The Browns and Texans were also interested last year. Here are the latest reports and rumors about the trade market.

Browns don’t want to give up a 2nd, or pay Williams’ salary demands:

Browns unlikely to trade #10 overall:

“I don’t think that they would give up the first round, the No. 10 overall pick,” Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot told the Redskins Talk podcast in its newest episode. ”The decision on that would be: do they trade whatever it would take to get Trent or do they use the No. 10 overall pick on the new tackle?”

“I do think it would be more like a second, another pick, a player, something along those lines if they start talking parameters of the deal."

"As far as the money is concerned, yes, I do think they have the money to pay him, although they do have some very big paydays coming up in Myles Garrett and Baker Mayfield.”

Jets could offer two 3rd round picks:

No 1st round picks offered last year, and unlikely to be offered this year:

While the Redskins would love a first-round pick in return for Williams, it is difficult to imagine it happening. Multiple sources said Washington did not receive such an offer for Williams last year. Instead, several league sources predicted the Redskins’ haul would vary from one second-round pick to a third-rounder plus a future choice.

Player trades:

The Redskins would also consider a player in return. The Vikings, for example, could offer receiver Stefon Diggs, a friend of Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins, but every indication from Minnesota has him staying put.

Williams wants more than $20 million/year:

Multiple sources said they believe he would like to become the highest-paid tackle, given his résumé. That title currently belongs to Philadelphia’s Lane Johnson, who signed a deal in November worth $18 million per year. Houston could extend Laremy Tunsil, which would push that top number higher. Several sources say Williams wants more than $20 million.

Trade scenarios: