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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario: Trade down edition

A look at a plausible Redskins Mock Draft scenario with a trade down option.

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Though I consider the most likely outcome to be the Redskins selecting Chase Young with the 2nd pick, it isn’t 100% certain. The Redskins are a team with plenty of needs and one of the few things they did well a year ago is rush the QB. Trading down could fill a number of needs on this team and kick the Redskins rebuild into high gear. In this trade down scenario using On the Clock Premium I moved down the 7th spot acquiring most of the Panthers selections. While I think they likely could do better in a trade back scenario I wanted to take a look how even this deal helps reshape the Redskins roster.

As always you can follow along with the Mock draft here!


-The Redskins still get an elite player from Ohio State, and it just so happens to be at a premium “need” position. With Quinton Dunbar requesting to be traded, the Redskins face a cornerback depth chart that is not a pretty sight. Fabian Moreau has really struggled these past two seasons in a starting role and 2nd year Jimmy Moreland is probably best suited for a 4th corner role.

Okudah gives the Redskins a true star corner, and a guy who has perennial All-Pro potential. Okudah really is the complete package, size, speed, ball skills, coverage ability, etc. He plays with elite technique and has a high Football IQ. Reports have him as an extremely hard worker and team leader. For me he’s the 2nd best corner in the last 5 years coming out (Jalen Ramsey number 1 by a slight margin). This would be a home run pick for the Skins, and would give them an elite piece to go along with Landon Collins in their secondary.


-Claypool put to rest any talk of moving to TE with a dominant performance in the athletic testing drills at the Combine. He’s likely now going to be more of a top 50 pick going forward, so the Redskins need this pick to land him. Claypool is a big physical receiver who can line up in the slot or play outside (very similar to Mike Evans). He would be a nice complement to Terry McLaurin and give Haskins a receiver who should contribute as a rookie.


-This may be a luxury pick, but if the Redskins don’t sign a corner in free agency or convince Dunbar to stay, they are still in need of a starter. Bryce Hall was a late 1st rounder for me before his foot injury, and assuming it checks out I think this is a great value pick. He’s got really good size and is always around the football making plays. His long speed is a question mark, but he’s the corner you match-up on more physical guys.


-Trautman is a big physical TE who catches the ball well and can handle himself as a blocker. He’s not a dynamic athlete, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good starting TE. Coming from a smaller school he might need a year or two, before you can really rely on him, but the upside is real. He showed at the Senior Bowl he could play with better competition.

Drafting him wouldn’t totally fix the Redskins TE situation, but it would go a long way to helping it. Also if the Redskins are serious about being more run heavy or balanced, Trautman can help alot as a blocker in that area.


-Harrison is a good off ball linebacker prospect who should push for a starting role right away. He’s capable of playing any linebacker position in a 4-3 as he has size, speed and really good instincts. Harrison plays the run really well, handles himself in coverage and has a strong track record as a blitzer.

Ron Rivera spent a fair amount of resources on the LB position in Carolina so I could see him looking to add a guy early in draft this year.


-Peoples-Jones is the type of prospect who would go top 75, or maybe top 50 in a number of other draft classes. He’s got size, incredible athletic ability and plenty of “wow” moments on film. In this year’s deep WR class though he’s likely to slide some as he’s got plenty of inconsistencies and lack of production on his resume as well. Some of that is due to the QB play and offensive system at Michigan, but some is on Peoples-Jones as well. He’s the type of prospect who needs a year to develop, but if you are patient you could have a real playmaker.

It’s a bit of a luxury pick, but Ron Rivera had an issue with never having enough weapons for Cam Newton early in his career, and that doesn’t have to be the case here in D.C.


-Ruiz has started the last two plus years at Michigan, mainly at center. He’s got some guard flexibility as well. He’s been a good interior lineman for the Wolverines and should quickly be able to push for a starting role at the NFL level. He lacks bulk, but his technique is very impressive. Some of the best footwork among interior OL in this class. He would give the Redskins an excellent interior back-up OL this season and could even push Roullier for the starting job (or Wes Martin if Flowers isn’t back).


-Brooks is a good solid safety option if the Redskins miss out on the top tier of the class. While he’s not the perfect fit as a single-high free safety he should be at least capable there. He’s a smart physical safety with good range and size. Will be a core special teamer, but in a year I wouldn’t be surprised to see him starting in this league.


-The Redskins are bringing back Adrian Peterson and have Derrius Guice and Bryce Love, but they could use some move depth. Peterson have never been an every down back, and just doesn’t fit today’s more pass heavy offenses. Guice and Love are both coming off injuries, so how much the Redskins can count on them remains to be seen.

Kelley is a nice day 3 option for the Redskins because he can do a little of everything. He’s big enough to handle a heavy workload, and can run both inside and outside. At the Senior Bowl he showed quickness and really strong receiving ability. Over the past two years at UCLA he has over 2,300 rushing yards and 24 TDs combined. Kelley can play special teams and if he needs to fill in for any of the top three backs he can.


-Taylor has created a lot of buzz with his size and athletic ability, but I worry about him technique wise. He’s a developmental guy to me as he is a little too slow out of his stance. That is something that is workable, but I think he needs a year or two in the weight-room and film room before he’s game ready. In the 6th round though he could be a steal of a pick. If it all comes together for him he is a starter down the road.


-I know, I know, third corner. On the other hand the Redskins cornerback depth chart is pretty bare right now. Robinson really impressed me at the Senior Bowl, and seemed to answer some questions about his play speed. He’s got good size and decent instincts. Robinson is not likely to develop into a starter, but he can be a solid back-up and core special teamer.


I look at this as a draft where I landed 4 immediate good to great starters in Okudah, Claypool, Hall and Harrison. Trautman should be at worst the TE2 and get plenty of playing time on running downs (as well as a fair amount of passing work), with the upside for more. Ruiz can push for a starting role this year or next and has good upside. Peoples-Jones, Brooks and Taylor all have starting or significant contributing upside as well.

That is a pretty good haul for the Redskins, and would make me consider passing on Young. Though I’d probably want a slightly better deal from the Panthers.

What do you think?