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Redskins Mock Draft Scenario

A look at a possible Redskins mock draft scenario

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With the start of Combine week, I thought it would be good to take a look at a possible Redskins draft scenario using On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator. While I do think there is still a chance the Redskins could opt to trade back, I didn’t do any trades in this scenario. My goal for this was to find value and hit as many needs as possible.

As always you can follow along with the Mock here!


- If the Redskins are staying at the 2nd spot, Young is the easy pick. He is an elite EDGE prospect in the same vein of the Bosa brothers and Myles Garrett. He should be a perennial 10+ sack a year player with the upside to flirt with 20 sacks once or twice.

If the Redskins draft Young, retain Ryan Kerrigan and Montez Sweat continues to develop their EDGE rushing should be among the best in the league. Add in a very talented trio of interior defenders and opposing QBs are going to be in serious trouble.


-From a raw potential stand point, Reagor has the upside to be an elite weapon at the NFL level. He is expected to test extremely well and is a major threat anytime the ball is in his hands. He still needs to refine his catching ability and route running, which should be enough for him to slide to end of RD 2/start of RD3 range.

The Redskins don’t have anything set in stone beyond Terry McLaurin at WR right now and while they may add one veteran free agent, it’s still going to be one of the weaker units around the league. Reagor is probably the type of receiver who will take a year or two to maximize his potential, but if that occurs you could have tremendous value.


-With the trade demands of Quinton Dunbar, the Redskins corner situation is dire. Even if they add one in free agency, they are still in need of one or two players capable of starting this year.

Troy Pride was a partial starter his first two seasons, before becoming a full-time starter in 2018 for the Fighting Irish. He had some inconsistencies in coverage, but the talent and potential are real. Pride has elite speed and athleticism, and flashed good ball and cover skills in college. A strong Senior Bowl week helped him and he looks like a player who can play as a rookie. With the right coaching he could develop into a very good starter at the next level.


-Moss was an afterthought in the LSU offense for most of the season, with just 38 catches for 435 yards and 1 TD in 12 games. After a pair of really good College Playoff games helping LSU to win the National Title, and Moss put up a combined 9 catches for 135 yards and 3 TDs, Moss decided to forgo his final season.

Moss gets a lot of hype given that he is the son of HOF WR Randy Moss, but expectations should be tempered. He missed all of 2018 due to injury and 2017 due to transfer rules, so NFL teams don’t have a lot to go on. He did show himself to be a capable blocker and receiver in the SEC, which has plenty of merit on its own. The question is how big of an upside can Moss have. That seems to be still up in the air as he didn’t flash dynamic skills in college. He could develop as a starter, but ideally he wouldn’t be the Redskins primary TE in 2020.


-Driscoll is a four year starter (2 at UMass and 2 at Auburn), with the majority of his time at right tackle. He also has some guard experience so he could be a back-up who fills multiple spots. Driscoll isn’t the most physical tackle, but he wins with good feet and quickness. He faced a number of top EDGE rushers in the SEC and more than handled his own these last two seasons. He may never be a full time starter, but could be the type who is a versatile back-up, who can fill in for any position and play an extended amount at RT or guard.


-Again just looking for value late in the draft. Toohill is a bit of a tweener prospect, who has some pass rush ability, but probably not an every down rusher in the NFL. He might be able to fit as a 4-3 Strong side linebacker, but he still needs to show better versus the run. What Toohill does bring to the table is natural pass rush ability, and a frame that is still growing. He would probably be inactive or just a special teamer as a rookie, but could eventually develop into at least a situational rusher on passing downs.


-Redskins need to continue to add depth along their offensive line. Colon-Castillo was a 3 year starter in the SEC and at worst should be a solid depth interior offensive lineman. This late in the draft that is the best the Redskins can really hope for. While they could look to add depth at other positions, you can never have enough OL depth.

What do you guys think? Obviously Young is a home run pick, but does Reagor, Pride and Moss offer enough upside from their other selections in the top 4 rounds?