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Trent Williams and Ron Rivera have begun talks about return to the Redskins

It's a start

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Rivera has made it clear that Trent Williams is a part of the Redskins plans going forward. The plan was for coaches to come back from their vacations this week and begin full evaluations on the team and discussions with players. Quintin Dunbar didn't get that memo and has requested his release or a trade, but Trent Williams picked up the phone when Rivera called.

There is a lot to work out before Trent Williams steps onto the field in a Washington Redskins uniform again. Williams started his holdout in early June last year when he skipped mandatory mini-camp. Stories came out about him requesting a trade and refusing to ever play for the team again. Williams had a growth removed from his scalp that was bigger than previously thought, and he was given disturbing news from his new doctors.

This led to a distrust with the Redskins medical team. It also led to him seeking a new deal that had guaranteed money his current contract was lacking. Williams continued his holdout until the trade deadline, and Bruce Allen made an attempt for show to trade him that did not work out.

Williams passed his physical, but was failed afterwards when he had discomfort putting his helmet on due to his scalp surgery. Williams claimed he was in the process of getting a new helmet fitted when the Redskins decided to place him on the Reserve/NFI list, ending his season and not paying him for the 2019 season. Williams finally spoke out against owner Dan Snyder at that point, which seemed to be the final stain in the relationship.

Fast forward to December 30, 2019 and Bruce Allen finally gets fired as the Redskins Team President. Two days later Ron Rivera was officially hired as the new head coach. He fired Head Athletic Trainer Larry Hess, and brought in Ryan Vermillion from Carolina, along with other coaching and training/medical staff changes. Then the public relations campaign started to let Trent and the public know that Trent Williams was their guy.

There is a lot of work to do to mend these broken fences. Trent Williams is now entering the final year of his contract and still has no guaranteed money in his contract. An extension that includes guaranteed money is likely what it will take to bring Trent back. If the deal doesn't work for both sides. The Redskins will head to the Combine in 2 weeks with a valuable asset to trade.