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Ron Rivera Presser: Today’s presentation to the players focuses on humility

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

NFL: Washington Football Team at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Rivera was pleased with the defense’s performance in Washington’s upset victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. The defensive line has developed over time, and they are buying into the coaching. Pittsburgh was limited to 21 yards rushing, and Rivera said the DL and LBs were a big part of that. The team converted from a 3-4 to a 4-3 this year and had to break some bad habits from previous coaching. Rivera criticized the linebackers recently, and they took that to heart and have improved.

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Dan Snyder’s first conversation with Ron Rivera about taking the Washington head coaching job. They discussed building, and maintaining a winning culture in Washington. Yesterday’s win over the 11-0 Steelers was a big sign that the culture here is shifting to where they want it to be. Now they have to focus on the final 4 games of the season, and winning the division.

Ron Rivera hasn’t spoken with the trainers, and he said he usually avoids that before his day after a game presser to avoid answering injury questions. That means there is no update on RB Antonio Gibson who left yesterday’s game after his 2nd carry with a toe injury.

Logan Thomas had his breakout game yesterday, but that didn’t come as a surprise to Rivera. TE Coach Pete Hoener saw his potential when they signed him, and he has been getting better throughout the season in all aspects of his position.

Chase Young is a student of the game, and coming out of Ohio State he was truly trained at the position. Young is an emotional leader, he brings energy on the field and on the sidelines, and his teammates feed off of it.

The Steelers did everything they could to not get burned by WR Terry McLaurin yesterday. He was held to 2 catches for 14 yards, but he opened up the rest of the offense. Cam Sims, Logan Thomas, and J.D. McKissic all took advantage of the attention McLaurin received.

Everyone loves the white on white that Washington wore for the first time since 2009 yesterday. Ron Rivera learned early on here that the fans wanted to see that color combo again. He wanted to save it for a big game, and facing the 11-0 Pittsburgh Steelers fit the bill. He didn’t tell the players, but when they finally saw the uniforms, you could hear the excitement. Rivera loved the white on white combo in Carolina, and wanted to bring that look back here.

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