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Cult Of Colt: From Under Center To Out The Door

Brandon Lee Gowton of Bleeding Green Nation stops by to give us the lowdown on what the WFT can expect as they get set for the Birds in a do-or-die matchup on Sunday Night Football.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

It wouldn’t be a Washington Week 17 without a little bit of drama, right? After failing to get the job done in week 16 over the Panthers, the WFT needs a short memory to get right back after it with one more shot to punch their ticket to the postseason. Unfortunately for them, with the cancellation of the annual Mummer’s Parade (look it up) the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t the only ones who have a “no-hat rule” this week.

To that end, on this edition of the Cult of Colt, Gumbi and I were joined by the gracious and talented Brandon Lee Gowton. You may know Brandon as the Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Bleeding Green Nation, co-founder of BGN Radio, and co-host of The SB Nation NFL Show (also, he’s on Cameo!)

Despite coming from a “rival” NFC East blog (though it’s obviously more of a “peer” site,) Brandon is very much the realist when it comes to the Eagles and the disappointment that they have caused this year. Whereas we might look at the Eagles last three seasons and see more playoff appearances that Washington has had in over a decade, Brandon pulled no punches and has taken a “burn it down and salt the earth” approach, maintaining that the Super Bowl honeymoon period is very much over. To get a sense of where things are for Philly and their fans, Brandon’s “11 Things I Think” piece from this week is a must-read.

Of course, we talked a fair amount about the quarterback(s) situation — theirs and ours, and how all things considered no one is terribly thrilled with the state of affairs. While Washington gets prepared for Jalen Hurts, who is beginning to build confidence in his play and the fanbase’s confidence in him, Brandon believes that the Eagles defense senses blood in the water, and it’s not just coming from Alex Smith’s leg. While Carson Wentz is very much on everyone’s mind, and Brandon sees no easy solution to some very expensive roster problems that GM Howie Roseman has gotten his team into.

Even with their playoff hopes dashed by the Cowboys in week 16, Brandon believes that the WFT is going to face a highly-motivated Eagles squad, no matter how much it would benefit all parties involved (save for the Cowboys and their fans.)

After letting Brandon go about his way, Gumbi and I took some time to do a mini post-mortem on the Dwayne Haskins Jr. era. Gumbi offered a full retrospective and detailed the downfall from the beginning of the end to the last straw. While I certainly don’t disagree with the final outcome and knew it was only a matter of time, I can’t help but hope everything turns out okay for a local kid who clearly has some growing up to do.

Thanks again to Brandon for his time, and of course his cheesesteak recommendations.

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