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Thank God It’s Tuesday: What Shall We Talk About Tonight?

Ken, Kevin and T keep the conversation going year-round on the official WFT podcast of Hogs Haven!

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I would have lost a lot of money betting against the notion that we would be talking about the jettisoning of Dwayne Haskins a week before we play for the NFC East title (really the week between two chances to win the division). There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of opinions about the move, about when it happened or about...well, about every possible aspect of it. Here is the link to tonight’s show where we will give our opinions and include yours as well as we keep one foot in the quarterback carousel pool and one in the “week 17 matters y’all!!” pool.

I won’t hide from the fact that I jumped on board the “Possibility Train” when we drafted Dwayne Haskins in the first round, and I don’t regret it. Gambling on first round quarterbacks is kind of what we do around here (it seems). He has local ties, had year for the Ohio State Buckeyes and he had the size and strength to be a prospect with obvious potential at the pro level.

Yet here we are.

We’ll split the show up into equal parts organizational moves from here and in-the-moment, we-have-a-chance-right-now-to-win-the-division. Both are critically important to the future of this franchise, and both deserve our attention as fans.

It’s telling that with the division on the line, dysfunction remains at least part of the story for us Washington Football team fans. That said, it does feel different (pretty sure I’ve said and written that on here about 500 times).

Decisiveness matters.

Putting your foot in the ground as a coach/head of the team—regardless of when it is (irregardless, even)—is important. Salary cap space considerations be damned, Ron Rivera seems to be running downhill here. Just like his days as a linebacker for the feared and revered Bears defense, he has locked in on his target and he is driving with ferocious and relentless energy on that target.

Despite the saddening fact that we have wasted yet another first round pick, I can’t help but feel a weight lifted. I can’t help but feel that the coach has made a move that is reverberating inside his locker room exactly the way he wants it to, and I can’t help but feel like it will be pointed to as the reason we won a division title in one of the strangest years of football/sports any of us will ever remember.

Join us tonight!