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Peter Schrager says Rivera wanted to cut Haskins before the Carolina game but was “talked out of it”; SI refutes the report

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Here’s Peter Schrager of Good Morning Football talking about the Dwayne Haskins situation:

Ron Rivera very nearly cut Dwayne Haskins last Monday. They came back into the building and Rivera was like, “Alright, I can’t in good faith keep this guy around after those pictures came out.” He was basically talked out of it by Doug Williams and a few other people in the organization saying, ‘think about the other 52 men on that field; we can’t throw Taylor Heincke out there in the biggest game of the season. Dwayne knows the offense. Let’s fine him; let’s hit him in his wallet and let’s put a zero tolerance policy [with] it’.

Well, after yesterday’s performance, it wasn’t like they were any better off with him on the field, and then [he] kinda leaves the building and goes home and does a media availability. They stripped him of his captaincy, which… you make what you want of that… whatever, but, this morning it was, like, there’s no reason to keep this guy [around].

The interesting times continue in Ashburn.


Sports Illustrated has published an article refuting Shrager’s report.

Washington Football Team senior vice president of player development Doug Williams tells Washington Football on SI that the network-media assertion that he slowed the decision by a week to release QB Dwayne Haskins is “news to me.”

Furthermore, the report that the decision was made or forced on coach Ron Rivera is also false, according to our sources, who made it clear to Washington Football on SI that Rivera alone made both the decision last week to give Haskins another chance, and then the decision to cut him on Monday.

Williams tells us that he had no role in convincing Rivera of anything in regard to Haskins. And other sources confirm this to us - that Williams had nothing at all to do with convincing Rivera to spare Haskins’ job for a week.

Read the full SI report by clicking HERE.