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Dwayne Haskins Jr. skips speaking to the media; blows off team, but eventually agrees to speak from home

Bye Dwayne

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Dwayne Haskins Jr. continues to make his exit from Washington easier and easier for the team. He was stripped of his captaincy and fined $40k earlier this week after pictures of him partying maskless with what appeared to be strippers at his girlfriend’s birthday party. The team was hoping that Alex Smith could play this week so they didn’t have to start Haskins, but Smith’s calf wasn’t ready and he sat again.

Rivera seemed to think Haskins would give the team the best chance to beat the Panthers today andclinch the NFC East. He was wrong, and Haskins was absolutely horrible today. He lost a fumble and threw two interceptions and had an 8.5 QB rating before being benched. Rivera also waited too long to pull the plug on a QB that just wasn’t getting it done. After the game he said he had hoped Haskins would have repeated his late game performance from last week when he was able to actually move the ball. After Haskins missed a wide open Cam Sims on a critical 4th and 2, Rivera had seen enough and pulled him for Taylor Heinicke.

After the game Haskins was under an obligation, as the starting QB, to speak to the media unless injured. He blew off the media and Washington’s PR department. Haskins left the building and the team was unable to get ahold of him to have him speak to reporters by phone. The team finally contacted him, and now he has agreed to speak from his house.

Just weren’t clicking:

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Hardest week of his life:

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