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The Cult Of Colt: Making Things Harder Than They Need To Be

The march to the postseason and a winning culture on and off the field took a hit this week.

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Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

There are a lot of things worth celebrating these days as it relates to the WFT: Chase Young and Brandon Scherff being named to the Pro Bowl, Ron Rivera’s completion of cancer treatment, the return of Alex Smith to the football field, and of course being on the precipice of a division title. Unfortunately, as they are wont to do, the WFT made some big waves off the field this week in a way that casts a shadow over these would-be bright moments.

Following yet another Washington Post report on Dan Snyder’s misdeeds and Dwayne Haskins... stimulus package, on this edition of the Cult Of Cult, we ask why can’t this team get out of its own way and make it easy to be a fan, even in the best of times?

We break down what needs to happen in order for things to break right for Washington off the field (because they’ve forced us to discuss off-the-field stuff AGAIN this week) and on the field... which seems within reach!

Finally, we round out our last edition of 2020 (don’t let the door hit you on the way out!) with our picks for all the games this weekend.

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Bryan Stabbe: Well Gumbi, we are back here. Another while recording a little earlier this week. It's a Tuesday night you are listening to the Cult of Colt. Thank you all for tuning in and going to be

Bryan Stabbe: Tough will have a tough week, I don't know, there's much to say we can talk maybe a little bit about the game. I feel like there's actually more to talk about non-game related than game related which

Bryan Stabbe: If you're familiar with the Washington football team organization, you know that that's usually not a great thing. But it is the holiday season. I think it's a season.

Bryan Stabbe: You know, a little tricky one this year with hopefully you know folks abiding by some restricted travel, you know, trying to be safe, knowing that there is a sort of hope on the horizon.

Bryan Stabbe: You're a holiday guy right?

Gumbi: I like to celebrate

Gumbi: I like the idea of celebration, whether it be holiday or on holiday related. Sure. I like a birthday. I'll celebrate Arbor Day. If someone lets me, you know, have a good beer. A tree Meister here at that but I'm. Can I tell you a little disappointed right now.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, why

Bryan Stabbe: So gone

Gumbi: Because today Tuesday, December 22

Gumbi: We as Washington football team fans should be celebrated. We should be sitting here celebrating the fact that

Gumbi: riverboat Ron is cancer free. Yeah, this is great coach was coming to our lives as fought cancer. This whole time cancer free

Gumbi: We should be celebrating the fact that a man broke his leg in a lot of spots went through.

Gumbi: With seven to 10 surgeries almost had his leg amputated was never supposed to walk again, let alone throw another passing NFL we should be celebrating Alex Smith that's comeback Player of the Year, and he doesn't get it. That's ridiculous. He. This is amazing.

Bryan Stabbe: They could name is Edward after him after this

Gumbi: They will. I mean, it may be break a leg award, but it's still will be an award.

Gumbi: Yeah. Um, we should be celebrating

Gumbi: That in just a couple days. Christmas is here that we should be celebrating that just a couple days ago Hanukkah was here was we should be celebrating, we should be celebrating the fact that we are number one in the NFC East

Bryan Stabbe: That's right there on the precipice. We'll talk a little bit about that. But they, there is a light very close to the end of the tunnel, but

Gumbi: But I'm not done yet. Yeah. On this horrible day in Washington football team history, we should also be celebrating the fact that two members of our team.

Gumbi: Are now either first or second team pro bowlers they are in Brandon sheriff and chase young. Yep.

Gumbi: Now, I'm not gonna talk about maybe some people missing. Absolutely. But I want to celebrate those accomplishments. Sure. And as of yesterday Monday I was ready to celebrate these great accomplishments that are that are come along and then this morning. Well,

Gumbi: Well, let's get to that in a minute.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, there was a lot

Bryan Stabbe: There was, there was a lot going on today, this week and we'll, we'll dive into it. Obviously, Dan Snyder and is enjoying Haskins situation. But you're right. This really, we should be riding a high but

Bryan Stabbe: Man, it's just that lurking Creeping, creeping up on you feeling and it's a hit you hard this team.

Bryan Stabbe: They make us drink and every week here on the cult of coal. We're gonna be sipping on something. So I'll ask you Gumbi, with all of that in mind. What do you sipping on you better be sipping on some real nice because it sounds like you need some like comfort.

Gumbi: I got real lucky this week, my neighbor, let me know that he was going to get a delivery from true respite, which is located right right near me Underwood Maryland really good beer. They had their second anniversary stout, which is an imperial blueberry waffle stout

Gumbi: No, actually. Oh, yeah. No it you can't drink a lot of them, but man when you start drinking it. It builds up, it gets better. The more the more you finish that that 16 ounce beer.

Gumbi: And to give credit to try to respite. It was not available on the website for delivery and the owner, we called and he said, You know what, guys, I've got four four packs left. You guys want to have them.

Gumbi: I got you and send them on delivery and we appreciated that with true flying colors, but this is a beautiful, delicious beer and I recommend people trying it and

Bryan Stabbe: On Christian. I think it's

Bryan Stabbe: Hard to track it down, frankly,

Gumbi: You can still get it at I think beers and cheers to in Gaithersburg. But if you find it and you're thinking about having blueberry waffles instead of doing that have this beer and really start your day off with a well deserved.

Gumbi: True respite.

Gumbi: Now, said that

Bryan Stabbe: Said you needed a little bit of comfort. It sounds like you got in for food.

Gumbi: I'm ready. I feel like I'm in the south right now.

Gumbi: You know, I got a big chicken and waffles. Just that was blueberry waffles and it's a beer and they'd make a chicken beer. I'm all in. But now that I'm all comforted, Brian, what you're sipping on

Bryan Stabbe: So in the same vein that you have routinely tried it out some of Maryland's finest as a resident south of the border.

Bryan Stabbe: I have another Virginia really fantastic beer reckon Virginia Vassen Brewing Company.

Bryan Stabbe: They made the Mandarin galaxy double IPA.

Bryan Stabbe: Beautiful. It was like a very

Gumbi: Ya know, it's nice

Bryan Stabbe: Buck on here.

Bryan Stabbe: Product of Richmond, Virginia. My favorite beer city.

Bryan Stabbe: In the country.

Gumbi: And still national

Bryan Stabbe: Have not been very much looking forward to it.

Bryan Stabbe: This is like a big hazy IPA galaxy sutra mosaic to row Lake dotes

Bryan Stabbe: Hail we Norwegian yeast. I mean, this is it's a good one. This is one

Bryan Stabbe: That

Bryan Stabbe: Really

Bryan Stabbe: Brings me out of the funk of everything that you were kind of alluding to, I suppose we should just dive dive in on it. What do you

Gumbi: Mean we kind of cannonball into this pool because there's no there's no easier way. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Who first, do you want to talk about dance later.

Gumbi: Let's, let's go. Danny boy, let's hit the Danny Boy. The Washington Post story.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, um,

Bryan Stabbe: This was this is one where there were rumblings that something was coming from the Washington Post over the course of the last week or so just a lot of like

Bryan Stabbe: Total you know I have. I am told that there's going to be a big story about the Redskins, or sorry, the Washington football team.

Bryan Stabbe: Coming from the Washington post their lawyers arguing with the team's lawyers about what should be made available and what should not be. And so it was kind of like cheese like is there. And what's the other shoe to drop here and you know with that sort of in mind. It kind of felt

Bryan Stabbe: It was, I think it's gonna be some of this, the backdrop to all this in the current moment, is this really ugly eat the rich kind of battle going on.

Bryan Stabbe: Between Dan Snyder and the minority ownership group, the gentleman's name point. Can't remember was the FedEx guy. And that, for those of you who are. I'm going to do a little explainer here cubby how intimate how intimately familiar are you with the entirety of the situation.

Gumbi: We're pretty intimate right now. So of course, the name of the minority owners are Robert Rothman

Gumbi: Frederick Smith.

Gumbi: And Dwight char.

Bryan Stabbe: char. Yeah, do I charge the 100

Gumbi: Yeah, and then the big catalyst is sure right now.

Bryan Stabbe: Right so jump in here when you feel like I'm missing a detail, but

Gumbi: Okay.

Bryan Stabbe: The best I can explain it. And this is for someone who's unfamiliar with sort of may have seen that there's some like weird stuff going on with Dan Snyder and like the ownership, but like doesn't fully understand it here is here's I think the explainer

Bryan Stabbe: The minority ownership group is deeply unhappy with Dan Snyder's majority ownership. So Dan Snyder owns more than half of the team.

Bryan Stabbe: So if they resell the team there to liquidate the team he would end up getting a percentage that is greater than the other owners all combined. So when something like 52% of the team.

Gumbi: Correct. And the three that we're talking about here on 40%

Bryan Stabbe: And 40% yeah

Bryan Stabbe: So,

Bryan Stabbe: They have a plurality, but not a majority, I mean between the three. Well, I guess they don't have power outage Dan Snyder has the brownie and the majority, neither here nor there. So,

Bryan Stabbe: Dan Snyder as the majority owner is the visible face of the team. He's the one who makes the has ultimate final say on business decisions hiring and firing and he you know is supposed to take his co owners into account.

Bryan Stabbe: In some way, though they are they are there as minority owners primarily for the financial stake in the team.

Gumbi: That's correct.

Bryan Stabbe: So they're not necessarily like you know they can call themselves owners, but they're not like doing anything in the day to day, the way that Dan Snyder is doing things. So the day to day

Gumbi: Now and then Dan Snyder also in their contracts has what's called the first right of refusal. Right. So as they're so as they want to sell each piece he has the right to buy that piece first

Gumbi: And then move on.

Bryan Stabbe: And I believe, on top of that.

Bryan Stabbe: He can say there are some set of circumstances under which he could say I don't want to buy like I know you're putting your, your pieces up for sale. I don't want to buy them but

Bryan Stabbe: I can also tell you who you can or cannot sell them too. And that's a big sticking point because these guys it's interesting because the value of an NFL franchises continue to go up.

Bryan Stabbe: Washington football team has slowed. So they were you know like the number two most valuable franchise in the country buying the Cowboys for a period of time.

Bryan Stabbe: And now, go ahead.

Gumbi: And when when they when dance hundred bought the team for $800 million and 1999 I believe it was one of the highest paid for any franchise ever right at the time, right.

Bryan Stabbe: Well, and the rate of inflation is going up, such that these teams, but I think

Gumbi: Even though that $800 million in that high end. I think the people are even saying that it could have gone from more right because, again, as you said, because of how the reputation and the idea of what the Washington football team was the time was one of the best in the world. Right.

Bryan Stabbe: And make no mistake.

Bryan Stabbe: Whether you know even though Washington is now like the sixth most valuable franchise Dan Snyder Stan has made and stands to make an insane amount more money on top of the money that he already has.

Bryan Stabbe: Based on the his ownership of the team as equity and ultimately if and when he decides to sell the team if he transfers it to his, his kid or like if he does end up selling it before you know he decided he passes.

Bryan Stabbe: The amount he will sell it for will far exceed and exceed inflation on the amount that he paid for, he will have made and not just in 19 $99 but in whatever year, it happens. He

Bryan Stabbe: He has benefited tremendously. Even though this team has diminished in terms of its prominence and price over the course of his tenure.

Gumbi: That's correct. But at the same time. Dan Snyder as much as he loves money his ego is even bigger of a deal. So for him, it's like a money ego and everything else falls below that.

Gumbi: And this whole ordeal has a lot to do with ego, rather than just money or just his anything else besides the fact that it just as he goes on the line. He wants to be the owner. He wants to do this. He wants to that nice keeps playing these cards but

Bryan Stabbe: It's, it's just, it's like rich guy shit yeah like

Bryan Stabbe: You have more money than you could ever possibly spend in 100 lifetimes, but uh yeah it's. You're right. There is an ego element to it.

Bryan Stabbe: So anyway, with all that in mind there's been a lot of behind the scenes wrangling and accusations by Dan Snyder.

Bryan Stabbe: Saying that this minority group these these three gentlemen are

Bryan Stabbe: Putting bad you know nefarious information of his out in public.

Bryan Stabbe: And that they are orchestrating sort of these take downs that have happened with these reports over the last six to eight months in the Washington Post and that they were helping to funnel.

Bryan Stabbe: That information and had somehow and this piece I'm I apologize. I'm like a little bit rusty on here like had a they were using

Bryan Stabbe: Dan Snyder's former personal assistant was a confidant with the Washington Post.

Bryan Stabbe: And Dan Snyder then sued this company in India that he says student for a lot of committed libel against him and as part of the discovery process subpoenaed this woman's phone records. And it's this is just some way. It's like true crime shit and so

Gumbi: Yeah, and he's and he's focusing on specifically of those three again Dwight charge name just keeps popping up as he that's who he thinks was releasing all this information.

Gumbi: Is mine, whether it's true or not, and

Gumbi: We don't know.

Bryan Stabbe: We don't know.

Gumbi: His hands head. That's what was happening.

Bryan Stabbe: And my you all of this is happening in the midst of a season. That's like, you know, started off catastrophic Lee and for better for worse, people seem to have

Bryan Stabbe: forgotten a lot of the bad stuff that was going on last offseason or the bad news that was coming. How last offseason because

Bryan Stabbe: They're winning and yeah that's, you know, part of me is like, man, we're so fickle, like how we shouldn't be distracted by just some like truly nefarious shit that's going on but

Bryan Stabbe: Now, this sort of starts to crop up and then today there is the article in the Washington Post that says that Dan Snyder did settle sexual harassment lawsuit back in 2009 for over a million dollars.

Bryan Stabbe: 1.6 that is basically the extent of the amount of information that we got from this

Bryan Stabbe: I mean, we know that something happened on his plane and what we can't. We don't know who the source was we don't know who the alleged victim was we don't know any of these things. But this is enough.

Bryan Stabbe: To make dance Snyder's life feel a little bit more uncomfortable and shine a light back on him in a way that's not what he wants.

Gumbi: So it's kind of the background on that is, first of all, the something happened on a plane coming back from. Was it the

Gumbi: Country music or something, something ridiculous in Vegas. So they're coming back from Vegas to DC, something happened on the plane between Snyder and this person. They then fired. This person later.

Bryan Stabbe: Yes.

Gumbi: We did. And then she sued and I'm assuming it's a she, they sued and they end up getting $1.6 million for a rock, rock wrongful termination.

Gumbi: And also for the situation. But in that they had to sign a letter of confidentiality, so they're not talking about it. They never came out with it.

Gumbi: The minority owners involved in this. Um, what they did was in court they discuss the situation.

Gumbi: As part of the reasoning, but they don't trust Dan Snyder as a majority owner in this equation as a person, as a person running the anything that's happening with this multibillion dollar company.

Gumbi: So that, that's what they've come in and said, but again they didn't release this these are court records that aren't sealed so the Washington Post got their hands on a unreactive version of the testimony

Gumbi: That happened in court. So people are looking at us about that part the minority owners didn't

Bryan Stabbe: Leak this part of part of

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. And so that sort of goes back to what the Washington post was able to access those are those conversations that were happening a week or so ago that we knew that something was coming.

Gumbi: Something's happened, and specifically from the minority owners their attorney out of in Greg has had no comment about all this. So they didn't leak any part of this.


Bryan Stabbe: I mean,

Bryan Stabbe: I'm loath to even provide I you know if this is not new information for you. I apologize and hope that we were able to provide a little bit more information than you had on a previously, we're not

Bryan Stabbe: Trying to talk down to any of you is just, you know, we want everyone to be able to be involved in the conversation and know what's going on. It's no fun.

Gumbi: And it all came out today so

Bryan Stabbe: So basically, my thought on this is I'm

Bryan Stabbe: Second, and disappointed.

Bryan Stabbe: And

Bryan Stabbe: In many ways, not at all surprised.

Bryan Stabbe: Not because of sort of his persona. But, you know, sort of, it just sort of felt like to handle that something there, frankly, you just, I am maybe I have a cynical view on just like the owner class.

Bryan Stabbe: But I feel like part of the reason I've said this part of the reason

Bryan Stabbe: Early on when these for the first two reports came out with the cheerleader stuff and that sexual harassment in the workplace stuff.

Bryan Stabbe: Part of the reason I felt like it was not going to do anything is because the second that they make an example out of a guy. He who's known as being pretty litigious

Bryan Stabbe: And likes to be involved in law, he's, he has dirt on every single one of these guys if you look really hard at any NFL organization. I will say that. I mean, this is really any workplace. I mean, frankly, we have a long way to go, as a country, and I'll just put it that way.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I know. You're not wrong.

Bryan Stabbe: These guys all have stuff that you know, anytime there's news about an owner and maybe it's not workplace stuff but like owners have weird stuff in their past you think about and

Bryan Stabbe: Some of these are personal feelings and I don't want anyone to get confused about sort of my reason for bringing this up but you know like think about when

Bryan Stabbe: Jim Irsay got tagged for like chugging pills and driving in his car and like the Robert Kraft stuff like people latch on to that.

Bryan Stabbe: And that's information that they probably didn't want out in the public and so Dan Snyder, they didn't want to make an example out of a guy because they knew that that might draw scrutiny to them. And the second anyone really started looking, they could find something

Gumbi: But, but both of those items, no one like the craft or the or say no one else got hurt. They didn't. They weren't they weren't ruining other people's lives. They weren't there was an FBI sting for craft and it disappeared or say, yeah, it was down and

Bryan Stabbe: I could go, Jerry.

Bryan Stabbe: Jerry Richardson getting fired Carolina other thing, but

Gumbi: But, but, but what makes this so important right now in this environment is that these minority owners aren't people who don't know or guessing they have facts.

Gumbi: Yeah, they know exactly what's happening and they laid this little nugget out there in court.

Gumbi: And said, we have a we also got the rest of the alphabet lined up. So if you don't like a imagine what else we have allow us to get out of this deal. And the other part.

Gumbi: Is the NFL is involved in this, the NFL and their billions of dollars is trying to find ways to shut everyone up right now.

Gumbi: Right, because they don't want this to happen because it hurts the NFL right as a total franchise, as we all know, the NFL has had some really big shots on them recently because, well, they're idiots. Right.

Bryan Stabbe: It's just like so frustrating because

Bryan Stabbe: You know, like it's not surprising, and you feel so kind of helpless to be able to make any sort of influences in any sort of way, like people

Bryan Stabbe: Obviously the answers like hurt him where it hurts don't spend any money don't watch the games, all that other stuff like a general strike, but

Bryan Stabbe: You and I both know that's not going to happen. No, he there's nothing that can be done those really gonna hit him where it hurts. And I just feel so disappointed and disgusted. And it's just like mad that

Bryan Stabbe: We were in the middle of a nice little run and kind of an a good opportunity to kind of celebrate this thing and maybe they don't deserve celebrating because this is sort of who benefits.

Bryan Stabbe: And it just, it just sucks. Like we couldn't go six whole weeks without having something off the off the field happen that makes you just repulsed by it.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm pissed me pissed off at this

Gumbi: I'm pissed and I'm gonna explain something and this may ruffle some people but I doubt it but Washington football team, former Redskins have a fan base that's rabid

Gumbi: We have some of the greatest fans in sports. Yeah. When we talk bad about the team we're often talking bad about individuals, the ownership.

Gumbi: Or something that we didn't agree with the way it was run, but she knows we never say anything bad about the fans.

Gumbi: When we go to this atrocious Stadium, that is FedEx, what makes it palatable is the fans. Yeah, what makes it fun is be able to see other people who are like us love

Gumbi: What's going on, and we care more about what's on the field and off the field. I don't want to win in the offseason anymore. I want to win on the field. I remember winning

Gumbi: I love tailgating with these guys. I love the burgundy and gold. I love seeing the family that is the Washington

Gumbi: Football Club come together and make this beautiful dance. I wants to have a real stadium.

Gumbi: And the last 40 plus years of my life. I've seen this family develop I've seen people get tattoos. I've seen people deck out their cars I've seen keep People name their kids after players. I mean,

Gumbi: This is a real fan base and then I'm going to come back. Back on this. The problem is

Gumbi: Is as long as Dan Snyder is in control of this team. We are losing members of this amazing fan base. Every day we had a football stadium that used to be full.

Gumbi: And now it's not. Yeah. In 1999 the without Carolina admit the Carolina Panthers were new. We had just come off a Super Bowl 92 we had some good teams we owned from Philadelphia down to almost Atlanta as that was Redskins territory there. We own the Mid Atlantic as a football team.

Gumbi: And if we had done our job as a football team and kept winning or been successful at all. We could still have a big chunk of that. Yeah, unfortunately, we didn't

Gumbi: Get started. Let this team fall apart.

Bryan Stabbe: That's true, but you are correct about this fan base and I mean I can really only speak to it really in terms of my experience with hawks Haven. We have very engaged commenters we have very engaged readers for

Gumbi: You know,

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know sort of what Liberty, I'm able to share this information, but for as bad a team as they were our daily attendance hogs Haven.

Bryan Stabbe: Far outpaced

Bryan Stabbe: Our record.

Bryan Stabbe: We were not the highest most visited SB nation team site, but we were well above teams that on the field performed better than we did

Bryan Stabbe: And so maybe that says that watching football team fans have a high tolerance for pain. I know that we certainly do. I can really only speak to you and I

Bryan Stabbe: You and me, but

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I don't know. We'll see how this one plays out. It just sucks because the linchpin between this and the next thing to discuss is that we have spent a inordinate amount of time, the last few years really since

Bryan Stabbe: One Bruce Allen well since resemblance, said the words you know damn good culture winning off the field.

Bryan Stabbe: We spent a lot of time thinking about culture and, you know, Ron Rivera coming in and you talk about how he's a cancer survivor, which the whole thing is still just totally sure gonna remain but they

Bryan Stabbe: He's sort of talking about beating that drum building a culture, building a culture, obviously we know that culture.

Bryan Stabbe: Can be influenced by the members of that culture. But ultimately, there is a disproportionate amount of power that rests in an owner

Bryan Stabbe: Crash. But then on the other side of that the real

Bryan Stabbe: The real bummer. I mean, I'm mad about the dance side of thing I'm obviously more mad on a human level about the dance minor thing but

Bryan Stabbe: Dwayne Haskins.

Bryan Stabbe: It, it's so

Bryan Stabbe: Stupid.

Gumbi: It is

Bryan Stabbe: Every single part of it.

Gumbi: Is so stupid. Well, let me let me jump in there. Let me jump in on every single part of it.

Gumbi: Yes, if it's let's take the covert out of it.

Gumbi: If a man who's able to go to a strip club wants to go to a strip club. I'm not ever going to stop them. No, I have no issues with that part.

Gumbi: A man went to a strip club don't care. He can afford it. He's having a good time. Great, that's fine. But as you just set

Gumbi: And there are certain people on this team that have to wear the crown a little more than other people and a quarterback holds that more than most other players.

Gumbi: So you have this quarterback first round draft pick who we have put all this idea and pressure on and he decides. Hey, man, I want to go blow off some steam.

Gumbi: Okay, no problem with that go blow off some steam, but know your surroundings. You know what's actually happening. We are in a pandemic right now.

Gumbi: We are in a situation where people are dying, you're playing a game and get paid millions of dollars. All you have to do is stay home.

Gumbi: Or be smart with join if they have a picture of him in a VIP room with a mask on, with two people six feet away. Yeah, I couldn't say a word. I would say damn word, I'd be like, well,

Gumbi: People should have done it.

Bryan Stabbe: People would say words. I mean, they would say words after

Bryan Stabbe: You know what, I don't want to delve and I know this football podcast. So we've talked very little about football most far today. I don't want to delve too far into the game, other than to say

Bryan Stabbe: They lost. He played poorly and then played better. It was not enough to win.

Bryan Stabbe: But they were buying a tough team. I mean, what else can you say about that game but

Gumbi: The thing is like this, today's events have taken the opportunity for us to really talk about this game.

Gumbi: Out of our own hands know

Gumbi: They've done that they've taken it out of our hands and Duane Haskins. And this is where he's an idiot. Everyone keeps saying he's an idiot. And I want to say it's not the strip club. First, I didn't know they were open spot side, I thought they'd close them all.

Gumbi: Yeah, yeah. I don't know where he went. But, uh, don't go there because it's, did you see he went to a strip club, he was surrounded

Gumbi: By people surrounded by them drinking having fun and his face no mass, no nothing, no care in the world that is unacceptable.

Gumbi: On December 22 2020 with a coach that has cancer is a second offense Cobra defense for a team that's trying to fight for a playoff spot.

Gumbi: And you are trying to become a star in this league and you finally last game, get a second half, that's reasonable that you get a little air behind you, people start liking what you're doing. And then you take a massive shit on it and throw every caution to win by being an idiot. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: It's

Bryan Stabbe: He had

Bryan Stabbe: A lot of high stakes. This past weekend and I think he did enough in that game to not throw him straight in my garbage.

Bryan Stabbe: Like you sort of say, okay, they didn't when they were outmatched he didn't play great but they kind of y'all within striking distance. He wasn't totally inept

Bryan Stabbe: And so you've earned yourself maybe another week or so people's trust in sort of determining whether or not they turn on you.

Bryan Stabbe: And you go and give them a reason to turn on you in what is just one of the all time biggest boneheaded I'm just

Bryan Stabbe: It's given you know we heard behind the scenes. This is a team that really loves leaking. People love leaking shut out the media early on. It was like, Oh, well,

Bryan Stabbe: Dwayne Haskins really has shown signs of immaturity ensure immaturity and like that's the type of thing where I'm like, Yeah, okay. They did this to Scott my glue and they did it DJ swear under they did it to junior glad they did. It's all these people

Bryan Stabbe: To basically dragged their name a little bit before they throw them out of time. It did Jay Gruden

Gumbi: Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: And so it felt to me like that was about to happen again. It's like, Okay, here's the we've seen this play out before they put a little bit of blood in the water, people start to feast on it and then they're able to use that just thrown out of town.

Bryan Stabbe: And, you know, because a lot of those actual accusations those rumors those rumblings were very amorphous. They were you couldn't

Bryan Stabbe: Get specific examples on there was, oh, you know, Duane Haskins like really doesn't seem to want it, or he doesn't really seem to have the maturity or but it's like we're not seeing any of that.

Bryan Stabbe: And so I personally am inclined to believe like okay, you're just trying to drag his name through the mud. But you know what he

Bryan Stabbe: Proved all the rumblings right he proved them right and I don't know at this point.

Bryan Stabbe: If they had a healthy quarterback. They might have caught him by now.

Gumbi: But see, here's my thing. And again, prior to what happened this weekend.

Gumbi: Every time they undercut doing Haskins in the media. They hurt their chances to trade them.

Gumbi: We talked about this already.

Gumbi: They kept hurting hurting hurting hurting hurting. Now he finally gets a game where he gets some points he does some good stuff.

Gumbi: He starts going, and you know what is the is a great thing to learn and to make yourself feel better. Another losing team to go against like the Carolina Panthers. Hey look, you can face this weekend. All you have to do is do nothing, stupid, right.

Bryan Stabbe: You can earn you could earn yourself, your next job in the NFL. If you

Bryan Stabbe: Play a half a good football followed up by a full 60 minutes a good football.

Bryan Stabbe: There have been so many guys who have

Bryan Stabbe: Played one and a half good games that have been able to make entire careers out of that. Think about how long has chased Daniel been in the NFL.

Gumbi: Let's talk even better example a

Gumbi: Drew Bledsoe drew injure

Gumbi: Your blood so got injured drew Bledsoe was an amazing quarterback for the Patriots did great. He gets injured and all of a sudden, some, no nothing. Six round draft pick walks in and start chucking a ball and he does. Okay, the first game.

Gumbi: The second game he does a little bit better by the third or fourth game he starts picking it up, he was given a chance he took advantage of some bad teams. Do you know who that backup quarterback was

Bryan Stabbe: Tommy Brady to

Gumbi: Tom Brady, the goat.

Gumbi: The kid. I'm not saying Haskins is a goat. I'm just saying he's walking into another great opportunity against Carolina

Gumbi: And he

Gumbi: just lost it.

Bryan Stabbe: And frankly, my point would be that it is very, I think it is clear at this point. And if I'm wrong. I'll be shocked that Dwayne Haskins is not going to be a good NFL quarterback. I think it's pretty clear. But there have been enough guys who

Bryan Stabbe: Play just well enough that they're able to string in into a long term NFL career. I mean, there are gonna I'm gonna start guy remembering right now. Brian Hoyer Matt Flynn Kevin calm Joe Garcia or Jeff Garcia.

Bryan Stabbe: These are

Gumbi: Daniels RJ three is still in this damn League.

Bryan Stabbe: Robert Griffin, who did just enough that people said Colt McCoy

Gumbi: Mark brew now.

Bryan Stabbe: Mark Brunel

Bryan Stabbe: Who can convince teams that they are between the 30th and 68th best quarterback. So on the planet. And if your guy goes down, you can. You could legitimately feel comfortable that he could finish a game and maybe start one more before you had to look at a more long term solution and

Bryan Stabbe: Dwayne Haskins. I think had the opportunity really to do that this weekend.

Bryan Stabbe: And I mean, by all accounts, he's still probably we, as far as we know, he's still starting

Bryan Stabbe: As far as we know, on Tuesday right now when we are recording this podcast. He's still the starter this

Gumbi: Is the starter and they said that Alex missile start when he returns

Gumbi: We don't know when that is

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, we know that is we know that the team isn't going to come. We are that report that they're handling it internally.

Bryan Stabbe: But you have put yourself on even thinner ice there. And here's the one other thing that I'll say about this and then I will. I think I've said, pretty much of a need to say is that there are two things sort of at play here. And both, both of them can be true at the same time.

Bryan Stabbe: That

Bryan Stabbe: At your the NFL has had abominable coven protocols and they're on absolute joke. I mean, you think about like all these guys who get coven on a Monday and they're playing by Sunday or get coven on a Tuesday, they're playing by Sunday.

Bryan Stabbe: And it's like, it's a total joke, and they're not designed to protect the players of the coaches when a staff, but they are designed to

Bryan Stabbe: Put the product out there and give the idea

Bryan Stabbe: Allow fans to feel like they're doing and just enough in order to, you know, give it to the masses that could be true cover product protocols could be just like a joke, and they are

Bryan Stabbe: However, at the same time. Duane Haskins.

Bryan Stabbe: Needs to he's a kid. He's 23. I mean, maybe that's still maybe that's an adult, I don't know, I still think 23 your brain is still developing. And he is a professional and he should be capable, he should be able to be responsible for himself in a way that he can not only

Bryan Stabbe: Do the right thing by himself. But do the right thing by the people around them and

Bryan Stabbe: You know, like he did a bunch of really dumb stuff and

Bryan Stabbe: I think it is not appropriate to say that the league could have done more. The League continues to not have done enough but that also there is an element of personal responsibility and accountability that is necessary and doing Haskins has

Bryan Stabbe: Really without beyond a shadow of a doubt proven that

Bryan Stabbe: He is. He is either unwilling or incapable of meeting those for fulfilling those obligations sort of just like as a professional and as like a human in our civilization.

Bryan Stabbe: You talk about Ron Rivera. Like, you can't be. You can't be potentially getting your, your, your coach who has who's been on chemotherapy like coronavirus, you know, and this team has done a fairly good job at

Bryan Stabbe: Minimize have coven outbreaks within the organization. I think more than they were one of the last teams. They may have been the last team to finally have

Bryan Stabbe: A reported case. I know. Kelsey McKinney at the factory calm is doing some really good reporting on this.

Bryan Stabbe: But I don't know man. I'm just it's a real bummer. And it's more off the field shit it's different than the Dan Snyder ship, but it's also not that different in terms of like just us having to think about things that are not football related

Gumbi: And what kills me is that I talked about it on Twitter. It was watching him last week's game. He was starting. He was showing off all these great

Gumbi: His arm is getting better. He's making better decisions. He was. It was all starting to click a little bit better. Now, what was it perfect. Absolutely not.

Gumbi: But it was starting to click you're starting to see him develop as an NFL quarterback that said he has all these tools. He just needs to get out of his own head.

Bryan Stabbe: What do you how do you what do you rate. We did this early on when he was starting

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, if you were to grade him on the curve, what would you grade them on the curve.

Gumbi: Or he's between five and 10 mean between zero and 10

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, like a, b, c, d, like if you're giving him a grade.

Gumbi: Oh, see,

Bryan Stabbe: You're given a C.

Gumbi: Or even missy. And the reason I get Missy is because there's the first half still happen. Um, so let's see. But the a c is still passing

Bryan Stabbe: For

Bryan Stabbe: a CS degree.

Gumbi: Exactly. That's how I got through college. But still, um, I got more than one see

Gumbi: But he did

Gumbi: He was passing, he was getting it. But you can see we're starting to click a little bit and he's still making mistakes and all that. But you see this development.

Gumbi: And I said, and I said this, I said he needs to get out of his own head, the mistakes. He's making are inside of his head.

Gumbi: And he turns around and does this he does something where he didn't think he did something where he just did the wrong thing and

Gumbi: fell apart. And that's what he does is a quarterback where he means nice he means good he didn't mean to do this. I apologize. He went to the PR he did the whole thing on Twitter. He's at all. I apologize.

Bryan Stabbe: I mean, it's

Gumbi: Private. Yeah. And what has happened after that is that the kids, an idiot. He's not going to get better. We have another Robert Griffin. The third who has great potential, but won't develop BECAUSE HE WON'T GET OUT OF HIS OWN DAMN HEAD.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and

Gumbi: This is going to be something I know he's 23 people are going to give them a chance. I don't want to give them a chance because the chances have been here.

Gumbi: The chances have been opportunities and if he was as good as he said you're going to do if he was looking at Alex Smith or Kyle Allen. These guys have been in the NFL for a while and children said

Gumbi: That's what I want to emulate he hasn't done that he's not going to do that. He's going to fall apart. He's going to get his own head, and it's not mentally strong enough to do this game. He's not going to be an NFL quarterback for long.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and that is not to say that Dwayne Haskins isn't capable of growth, but that is to say that the leash, you have as a guy in the NFL.

Bryan Stabbe: Is fairly short time is money.

Bryan Stabbe: As these teams winning is everything.

Bryan Stabbe: And winning and making money are the only things that really matter to the sleek

Bryan Stabbe: And if you are more trouble than you're worth, both in terms of emotionally like from an emotional standpoint and from a financial standpoint, you're not going to stick around for long. Yeah.

Gumbi: And most people don't get a second chance in the NFL and he has gotten multiple chances and then he just being one of the better chances. He has and he turns around and just takes a massive dump on it. Yeah. And I feel for the guy. The thing is, is that

Gumbi: At 23 years old he's making mistakes that veteran should be helping them fix that. Whoever's around him isn't helping him. They're making it worse and he's allowing that to happen because he's 23 but about time he's 2927 29 who realizes mistakes. It's gonna be too late.

Bryan Stabbe: Let's, let's put it in these terms, though at 23 really dumb ass.

Gumbi: I'm a dumb ass now.

Bryan Stabbe: At 23 was a dumb ass.

Bryan Stabbe: 100% okay

Bryan Stabbe: Neither of us were NFL quarterbacks

Gumbi: Know,

Gumbi: And I didn't have millions of dollars.

Bryan Stabbe: If we had been we would have needed to be much less of dumb asses than we then we were and potentially still

Bryan Stabbe: At this rate, I think, sometime in my 50s or 60s. I'll be ready to be emotionally mature enough to be an NFL quarterback, but I don't know if the arm is still going to be there.


Bryan Stabbe: So yes, he's gotta

Bryan Stabbe: Figure it out quickly. And I'm not and then I will say this sort of just to put not to put too fine a point on it, but to be very clear.

Bryan Stabbe: He could come out and start playing at a, at an NFL or even like a starter caliber level play but if he were even if he were doing well.

Bryan Stabbe: This off the field stuff. I think cannot stand

Gumbi: You can't say agreed. And the thing is, he's got to figure this out now. Yeah. And he may be too late. He's a kid. Yeah, but he's a kid who only has a definitive amount of time and that clock may have just run out. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: It's not, it's not slowing down, that's for sure. And I think he will also be very clear. Both you and I, very deeply. Want to see him succeed.

Gumbi: Hundred percent

Bryan Stabbe: Both as a professional football player.

Bryan Stabbe: As a member of the watch and football team a fan of team that we care deeply about. But like, you know, as, as a kid from even from this area as a human being who has thoughts and emotions and feelings and yada yada, but

Bryan Stabbe: It's

Bryan Stabbe: He's really, he's struggling. He's clearly struggling and I hope he is able to, as you say, Get the mentorship and the guidance that he needs and is able to take this as a very serious thing and I think I hope that it works out for him.

Gumbi: He's an idiotic kid right now. Yeah, there's that we all were

Gumbi: Yeah, but he's making millions of dollars and putting people's people's livelihood at risk. He's got to step up and it's, it can't wait till tomorrow.

Gumbi: It has to happen today. And even if it's not with this team it I want the kid to be okay. I want him to survive. And as long as you didn't turn around and be just on the game.

Gumbi: I hope he does well that one game. I just want to do well.

Bryan Stabbe: Well, at the risk of

Bryan Stabbe: Talking about actual football on a football.

Gumbi: Podcast watch

I know

Bryan Stabbe: We're like 45 minutes in, and we haven't talked about football and football podcast there. There is a very very very very very very very important football game happening this weekend.

Bryan Stabbe: That as of this recording time doing Haskins is still starting that football game so important that the Washington football teams game against the Carolina Panthers this weekend a game.

Bryan Stabbe: Against the team that is down and out. Washington, and we'll talk about the scenarios in just a minute. Got flex to 405

Bryan Stabbe: And

Bryan Stabbe: Have you what other good. Do you know what other games are going on at that same time, I honestly I asked that question in earnest, because I'm curious if it now has this line up with any other divisional games.

Gumbi: It does.

Gumbi: Yeah, just kind of goes exactly what you were talking about last week where we were talking about English Premier League and how we're both fans of it.

Bryan Stabbe: Long ago and United

Gumbi: Glory, glory. But let's get into that after the

Bryan Stabbe: Season. Yeah. Yes. Um, but

Gumbi: The same time at four o'clock I believe the Cowboys play

Bryan Stabbe: Okay.

Gumbi: The whole purpose of the flex

Gumbi: Was because

Gumbi: They no one wanted if Washington wins the Cowboys are out the couples are out of their seats all over for them so they didn't want the Cowboys game to be nothing so they flux. The four o'clock, so we are playing at the same time as a cowboys.

Gumbi: Interesting. If we when we could potentially win the NFC east, I believe that this Carolina Panthers game is a must win.

Gumbi: I don't want to go into the last week against Philly having that be the must win. I want this to be yet let's go against the lesser team.

Gumbi: Let's beat the lesser team, but at the same time the flex was to exactly what you said they want Dallas to play. They want a good game. And as a fan. I want a good game. I think the flex is a good thing. And you brought this up where it allows for more competition. Yep.

Gumbi: And that's important from my time my money, my love of the game. I want the best game out there and the Washington and Dallas are not playing each other, but they're going head to head and if we beat Carolina on Sunday, I think we'll take the NFC East

Bryan Stabbe: So the giants play the Ravens. We went over the schedule. Last week, the Giants and Ravens go

Bryan Stabbe: At one o'clock, and I think we made some picks last week, we'll talk about all of the picks but we made some NFC East because I think we got three out of four of them and the Eagles one. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: No. Did they win.

Gumbi: Know they lost. They lost last second.

Bryan Stabbe: Last eagles loss.

Gumbi: Account last there was one Hello again, though.

Bryan Stabbe: The Cowboys. Yeah, Jalen hurts. That's a whole the Cowboys.

Bryan Stabbe: What did they did. They won over the Niners

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. RIP 40 niners and then the giants.

Bryan Stabbe: They didn't they get that they got their clocks clean by Cleveland, didn't they

Gumbi: Oh, yeah.

Gumbi: 26 yeah

Bryan Stabbe: And Washington last. So I think we actually got all of things, all the things that we predicted what happened so

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. Now the Ravens hosts the giants. The Ravens half the win is a huge game basically all of them are huge for the ravens from here on out. So they're going to be playing with a fire in their belly, the eagles and cowboys play each other for 25

Bryan Stabbe: Washington clinches the NFC East

Bryan Stabbe: With a Division title and goes the playoffs. If one of two things. There are two scenarios. Do you know them. Yeah.

Gumbi: I know right now it's a

Gumbi: Oh, if cowboys lose and eagles when

Gumbi: eagles are still in it.

Gumbi: So, Virginia.

Bryan Stabbe: So Washington wins.

Gumbi: Yes, yes.

Bryan Stabbe: They Washington gets in. If it's this one if they can, if they win.

Bryan Stabbe: And the giants loser time


Bryan Stabbe: Or if Washington ties the giants lose and Dallas and Philadelphia tie. That's not gonna happen but

Gumbi: No, that's not gonna happen but

Gumbi: There's a good chance that we win and the giants loose.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. Do you want those. Do you want the elimination scenarios.

Gumbi: Yeah, absolutely.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay so giants are eliminated.

Bryan Stabbe: If they lose and Washington wins or ties. If they lose and Philadelphia wins or if New York and Washington bow tie. So they need the Cowboys to win.

Bryan Stabbe: If they lose and they need Washington, not to win Philadelphia is eliminated. If they lose your tie or if Washington wins.

Gumbi: So we need to win. This is a must win scenario for us if

Bryan Stabbe: So Philadelphia is done. If they lose or if Washington wins the Cowboys are eliminated. If they lose or

Bryan Stabbe: If Dallas ties and Washington Windsor ties or if Washington wins and

Bryan Stabbe: Chicago wins or ties that one's a weird one. But basically, a when a when all but guarantees you the division but

Gumbi: So shall we

Bryan Stabbe: Lose if they lose

Bryan Stabbe: They aren't out. They aren't eliminated by any stretch. They still, they still but if they win.

Bryan Stabbe: If they went in the giants lose their in if they if the giants.

Bryan Stabbe: Lose and Washington loses then everyone is still eligible, pending the outcome of that cowboys eagles game. So the easiest way to do it is, is to when

Bryan Stabbe: They have been flexed, it's going to make things I think interesting sort of that that split box, the giant, it's the Giants game being at one o'clock Washington all three of the teams in the NFC East who are playing in the four o'clock hour are going to know

Bryan Stabbe: What

Bryan Stabbe: We need to do in order to stay alive.

Bryan Stabbe: Or in Washington case to win the division. So it is going to make things exciting. So I'm for it. I'm all for

Gumbi: I'm 100% for it. And again, we, we need to win, but just it's very simple philosophy, where I don't want to think about week 17. I don't want to think about Philly.

Gumbi: I don't want to think about the Cowboys what the giants are going to do, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I think that

Gumbi: Ron Rivera. And don't worry, or the same boat that I am where it's like, let's just win. Let's cut out all the bullshit from this week all the crap that's come out that that has made today, hard to make Tuesday hard. Let's worry about Sunday at four. Let's just win. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: And if I'm, if I'm them if I'm on the coaching staff.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm pissed.

Bryan Stabbe: That I've had to spend any amount of time in preparation for a massive arguably the biggest game in a almost a decade for this team thinking about anything other than the 60 minutes of football that they're going to play. Yeah. On Sunday, and so

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know, that's kind of where I sit, I am excited from a football perspective. I'm a little bit

Bryan Stabbe: Disappointed and angry and

Bryan Stabbe: Really kind of feeling very much an opposite way from

Bryan Stabbe: The rest of it in an aggregate all told I'm feeling worse than I am good.

Bryan Stabbe: I suppose we'll just kind of have to see.

Gumbi: We should be celebrating a bunch of stuff right now, but we can't because then taken from us.

Gumbi: And it's painful because we're looking at the opportunity with a win that this team is in the playoffs. Right.

Gumbi: And we can't, we can't enjoy it yet.

Bryan Stabbe: And doesn't happen too much around here.

Gumbi: No, it hasn't happened enough in the last 20 years and I cannot imagine.

Gumbi: The jubilation that would happen with the opportunity for us to the playoffs. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: It would be stellar

Gumbi: And we need it right now. We need it as a team we've earned it, as we've seen these defensive players pick themselves up over and over again, tired and exhausted.

Gumbi: And get back in the huddle in the hit somebody right in the face. I've seen Maclaurin try to catch everything no demand, where the helpless but Mckissic and, uh, and our tight end Logan come from, like, like world. It's been amazing. However, this seasons not over.

Gumbi: Now it's not done.

Bryan Stabbe: They got a lot of work left to do.

Gumbi: We have a lot of work to do as a team for years to come. But we need to end the crap. Yeah, we need to end.

Gumbi: Going to the strip club when it's not needed. And I specifically media and coven because again the rest of time doesn't really matter. Um, and inspect and who's taking pictures. Why are you letting people take pictures, how are you

Bryan Stabbe: I'm just going to go at two words for me and it is I guess it's three words or four words. Three words in a contraction is lack of situational awareness.

Bryan Stabbe: Not being aware of your surroundings and

Gumbi: Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I think that that would be a common theme for applied.

Gumbi: yelled at for pull my phone out in the club like that yeah I

Gumbi: Can't do it. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: They've they really the bouncers they came over and I can't believe they SMASHED HER PHONE RIGHT IN THE FOUR. But there were signs so

Gumbi: Listen, it was my fault.

Gumbi: My fault. I should not have worn all my dollar bills hanging down from my hat.

Bryan Stabbe: Mm hmm.

Bryan Stabbe: Oh well.

Bryan Stabbe: I think we should leave the football peace there shall we do picks and

Gumbi: Let's find out. How did we do last week.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm a little

Gumbi: We threw some curve balls out there and I made a big grandstand on the massive spreads and some of those games.

Bryan Stabbe: You did so to refresh our loyal viewers memories last week, or I suppose this season last couple years I've been doing a pic them league and spread and I'm pretty terrible at it. And so I decided, bring me in here thinking

Bryan Stabbe: That with the wisdom of crowds that two heads are better than one. And maybe that will allow me to not be so friggin

Gumbi: bad at this.

Bryan Stabbe: First couple weeks did not bear fruit, and then two weeks ago now. We're not this past

Bryan Stabbe: Not this week or last week we were within a hair's distance of getting first place finishing in the money and just got outpaced on the inside and be by a nose.

Bryan Stabbe: So this week we made our picks and finished.

Bryan Stabbe: With 12 points.

Gumbi: Like good or bad.

Bryan Stabbe: That's pretty good.

Gumbi: Okay, okay.

Bryan Stabbe: We finished with a record of nine and seven. I don't know how to that.

Gumbi: We had we were eight Nate 12 and something nine and seven. So we mean we know happy in the money, but at least we're not losing

Bryan Stabbe: I misspoke. I misspoke. That was

Bryan Stabbe: The second this week. Yeah. This week we have, we were nine

Gumbi: nine and seven. So now. Okay. Okay.

Bryan Stabbe: That's three points back of the leader.

Bryan Stabbe: Just absolutely cleaning up third time this year that they've won so

Gumbi: You know, we're not far behind you weren't you're getting like two or three wins. And now you're like,

Gumbi: Eight Nate 12 wins. Nine seven like oh I'm helping out

Bryan Stabbe: You are though. You made some grand pronouncements about large spreads of over two touchdowns.

Gumbi: two touchdowns.

Bryan Stabbe: two touchdowns and you texted me in the middle of the weekend with the Jets who were 17 and a half point underdogs

Bryan Stabbe: And then ended up winning by three and then the upset of the year. And you're like, look at that. When I tell you they covered the spread not only covers bread. They won the game.

Bryan Stabbe: You don't bet against big spreads. I go, yeah. Well, Baltimore, who had 13 and a half point favorites ended up

Bryan Stabbe: Talking about that 40 to 14 the Jacksonville Jaguars but

Gumbi: Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: All right, let's do this week's let me


Bryan Stabbe: Okay you ready, you have your thinking cap on.

Gumbi: I remember I don't research this at all. This is off the top of my head football goes

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, we, we always have to read the our legal department, the cold, cold legal department. Our general counsel has have read it, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to read this, this statement.

Bryan Stabbe: We have to be legally covered in order to

Bryan Stabbe: to absolve us of any potential losses that you may suffer from following our picks

Bryan Stabbe: New Orleans seven a half point favorites at home on Friday against the Minnesota Vikings.

Gumbi: Just be duper I oh sorry, Drew Brees is coming back. Right.

Bryan Stabbe: He, he played this last game, despite the fact that he shattered like every single rib is still in his body like three weeks ago, three or four months ago.

Gumbi: Drew Brees is under center.

Gumbi: I can't, I can't say no to the guy like again Kirk Cousins is a well he's not worth the money, but he's a serviceable quarterback.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, the Minnesota Vikings fans are not loving the Kirk Cousins experience.

Gumbi: No, no. For $73 million, I wouldn't either. You said seven and a half points.

Bryan Stabbe: And a half points.

Gumbi: With now Minnesota does have anything really to play for today. Are they still in the hunt, are they

Bryan Stabbe: Know, and I think New Orleans clinched a playoff spot.

Gumbi: So if they clinched is the deciding factor. There's Minnesota still involved because they still have good players.

Bryan Stabbe: They do Minnesota right now in the NFC North

Bryan Stabbe: Are they're done.

Bryan Stabbe: packers on 1111 and three. The Vikings are six and eight.

Gumbi: Okay, then I would take, I would take the points with New Orleans New Orleans.

Bryan Stabbe: Doesn't have

Gumbi: Because, because what's going to happen is New Orleans Drew Brees hasn't played in a little while, and he wants to warm up for the playoffs. So I want to say I'm taking breeze and the seven and a half, so we don't win by 10 yes

Bryan Stabbe: Detroit is eight and a half point underdogs at home against the top of Bray Tom Brady buccaneers

Gumbi: treats us show right now. Yeah, they are. They are just bad. There's, there's no, no one's guiding the ship. There's no captain.

Bryan Stabbe: It's a nightmare over there.


Bryan Stabbe: Bad for lions fans.

Bryan Stabbe: Will have to have a long

Bryan Stabbe: Conversation about this. I have a lot of empathy for

Gumbi: So I'm sorry for that and they're bad. Yep. Then, what are they fighting for. They've they're out

Bryan Stabbe: There. They're a game back and forth Viking so they're, they're fine.

Gumbi: Yeah, they're done. I'm gonna I'm gonna stay with the box. I mean, the Bucks are going to win.

Bryan Stabbe: I think my son play for

Gumbi: Exactly. And I think temples also going to use this as a sharpener. Yeah, let's get our little more for mojo back. We're sicker winning last seconds.

Bryan Stabbe: Arizona four and a half point favorites over the moribund San Francisco 40 Niners

Gumbi: Arizona. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: No doubt.

Gumbi: Vegas separate it's falling apart.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, poor guys NFC champion raining NFC champions crazy to think Las Vegas is two and a half point underdog at home against the Miami Dolphins

Gumbi: Oh, I'm taking my me

Bryan Stabbe: I think I

See there.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, Kansas City.

Bryan Stabbe: 10 and I will clinch a playoff spot.

Bryan Stabbe: 10 point favorites 10 and a half points against the Atlanta Falcons

Gumbi: Now I'm taking a Falcons of the points.

Bryan Stabbe: Falcon Falcons are foreign 10 they're on a three game losing streak.

Gumbi: But they've been covering spreads. They've been they've been putting up points.

Bryan Stabbe: For taking the Falcons

Bryan Stabbe: Plus one half, okay.

Gumbi: Fair enough, like they've been

Bryan Stabbe: They've been cover on the road.

Gumbi: That's, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: In Kansas City. Okay. Jacksonville seven and a half point underdogs, you can see the Chicago Bears so Jacksonville who got their tails kicked against Baltimore is going up against the bears team.

Bryan Stabbe: That

Gumbi: Has to win.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, the parents are the bears. There are seven and seven. They are still in the hunt, but

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, really, they're not

Gumbi: What's the point spread 10 and a half.

Bryan Stabbe: Seven and a half.

Gumbi: I hate to give

Gumbi: An entire touchdown for that. But I'll tell you what I think I learned my lesson against Jacksonville. I'm going to take

Bryan Stabbe: Chicago and the point I you can skip

Bryan Stabbe: Houston's nine and a half point favorites at home against Cincinnati.

Gumbi: For today so bad right

Bryan Stabbe: Some ungodly reason why, why are Houston nine and a half only nine point favorites.

Bryan Stabbe: Cincinnati.

Gumbi: Is pretty are so bad.

Gumbi: Like it's been they're playing people that they found on a bus.


Bryan Stabbe: Houston is also pretty bad. They're there for 10 and a riding a three game losing streak.

Gumbi: But are they putting a point

Bryan Stabbe: There.

Bryan Stabbe: They've only scored 315 points this year, their defense has given up 386 so 315 points has them pretty

Bryan Stabbe: There on the bottom half of the AFC

Gumbi: I would still take the Houston okay points.

Gumbi: I think so. To sign and a half.

Bryan Stabbe: nine and a half.

Gumbi: Okay, now I'm going back. No.

Bryan Stabbe: Cincinnati know you got to take Houston here.

Gumbi: Now I'm taking those that in the points, my gosh. You're crazy.

Gumbi: No, because I think the wind by maybe seven points I don't that both teams are bad. I just don't think it's gonna be a 10 point game. Like, honestly, so

Bryan Stabbe: So another nine and a half point spread the New York Jets coming off the wind Ryan a winning streak, or nine and a half point underdogs against Cleveland.

Gumbi: Cleveland. Okay, good. I think so, too, though, invite 10 or more. Yeah, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Pittsburgh Steelers Washington broke the Pittsburgh Steelers

Gumbi: broke them.

They just

Bryan Stabbe: They are one and a half point hundred dogs at home against the Indianapolis Colts they were talking about going undefeated.

Gumbi: And they have

Bryan Stabbe: One and a half point one and a half.

Gumbi: I'm still taking the Colts

Bryan Stabbe: You're taking the Colts

Gumbi: Right now Pittsburgh has nothing going for it.

Gumbi: They are just, they're off the rails right now.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, it's, it's pretty bad.

Bryan Stabbe: That you that the funniest thing I saw this week was the Juju situation.

Bryan Stabbe: Like

Bryan Stabbe: I

Gumbi: Hear about this.

Bryan Stabbe: You didn't hear about this.

Bryan Stabbe: Know, what did you go on the Internet today.

Gumbi: I did was all about Washington football team.

Gumbi: They watch a football club. Sorry.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, a Judas was Schuster has more tech talks than catches this season. That is a

Bryan Stabbe: Snap.

Bryan Stabbe: He has taken to dancing on the opposing teams.

Bryan Stabbe: Logo at the middle of the field during warm ups for each of the last couple games and putting it up on his Tick tock.

Bryan Stabbe: He

Bryan Stabbe: We're gonna watch this together as soon as his pockets over, he went for this ball over the middle and just got blown up by the Cincinnati Bengals defender who pointed at the camera after I'd say like we saw you dancing on our logo. Yeah, it was.

Gumbi: Oh, don't give people reasons to hit you.

Bryan Stabbe: It was it was hilarious.

Gumbi: It was very, very fun. Good, especially kind of awesome.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, Indianapolis.

Bryan Stabbe: They are tied the top the AFC south of 10 before I keep on forgetting their good that

Gumbi: Was pretty damn good right now. Yep.

Bryan Stabbe: Baltimore 10 and a half point favorites against the giants.

Gumbi: Oh no I think I think I think the Ravens uh when I don't think they're winning by 10 and a half. So I'm gonna take the points and giants.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm overriding you on that one. I'm taking Baltimore.

Gumbi: That's fair.

Bryan Stabbe: Baltimore has a ton of work left to do. And I think the giants are very good.

Gumbi: They aren't. But I think that they, they're going to muster up. Does the last ditch effort just go in there. They have a lot to lose to

Bryan Stabbe: We need to

Gumbi: Muster it up.

Bryan Stabbe: We need to remember which one might override pic is

Bryan Stabbe: Giants. I know. Like for next week or whenever because I know I had one last week, but I don't was OK. We'll skip Washington. The Los Angeles chargers are three and a half point favorites against Denver, the Chargers who just cannot stop shooting themselves in the foot.

Gumbi: Denver is not really playing that well either.

Bryan Stabbe: Now they're both five and nine.

Gumbi: Yeah, Charles or wouldn't have won two games in a row.

Bryan Stabbe: I like Justin herb.

Gumbi: I'm gonna go chargers.

Bryan Stabbe: Me too.

Gumbi: I didn't get better uniforms.

Bryan Stabbe: Hell, yes. See this Los Angeles chargers. I'm going to call them the San Diego Chargers for the rest

Gumbi: They are

Gumbi: I feel so bad for San Diego. So that's just

Gumbi: A side that

Bryan Stabbe: They have my, I think the best uniforms and sports.

Gumbi: A great

Bryan Stabbe: I love the Chargers uniforms. We're gonna do will do a uniform talk in the offseason

Gumbi: And we need to talk about this maroon number. I mean, Burgundy on Burgundy, do you think this

Gumbi: It's

Bryan Stabbe: bad

Bryan Stabbe: Seattle's two and a half point favorites against the Rams

Gumbi: Think sales, take it. I think you're the one

Bryan Stabbe: That's basically heads up that's

Gumbi: Yeah, that's a head.

Gumbi: Start at the Seattle, take this one there on a good streak, they're playing so well.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I think the Rams are probably humiliated that they gave the jets that first win OF THE YEAR, I WOULD BE TO

Bryan Stabbe: The Rams are like they would be tied for the division lead if they had won.

Gumbi: The Jets.

Gumbi: Or let me toss that out. So let's not forget Seattle just won the division against

Gumbi: The washer football team that's

Gumbi: They have nothing. They have nothing.

Bryan Stabbe: Well, I know they've clinched at least a wild card there in the playoffs.

Gumbi: During the pilot so they have to clinch the division and they

Bryan Stabbe: They have not going to division.

Bryan Stabbe: Are you sure I'm looking at it right now. It

Gumbi: Says,

Bryan Stabbe: Oh, Karen oranges clinched wildcard the Packers of clincher division, the Saints have clinched at least a wild card.

Gumbi: Okay, so let's also take the Seahawks. Okay.

Bryan Stabbe: I am with you.

Bryan Stabbe: The, the pickers. The people who are involved on CBS Sports every single year they aggregate the amount of picks that everyone's done. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: This one is a perfect 5050 split Dallas one and a half point favorites one halfway, excuse me, one half point underdogs against Philadelphia.

Bryan Stabbe: Philly. You think Phil is just going to take this one.

Gumbi: I think those Dallas has put up a little bit of a fight, I don't think. And this is the same problem with Washington has that they can handle hurts that mobile quarterback like just like Carla Murray, just like hurts, right now, just like you're talking about Lamar Jackson.

Bryan Stabbe: They

Gumbi: They can't handle it and the way they're playing is so good. And I would say. And then, of course, you know, Russell Wilson. So I'm going to definitely take Philly on this one.

Bryan Stabbe: Green Bay three and a half point favorites against Tennessee.

Gumbi: That's that one's hard to me. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Oh, as we, as I said, the Packers have clinched the division.

Gumbi: Where's Tennessee, they're still fighting right now.

Bryan Stabbe: Right, Tennessee. They are in first place in the AFC south, they're tied a top the AFC south, they have the tiebreaker over the Colts they're both tenant for

Gumbi: Then I'm going to go, Tennessee. Okay.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm with you there. And then that's the Sunday night game Monday Night Football

Bryan Stabbe: New England is seven and a half point underdogs against your Buffalo Bills.

Gumbi: Patriots have nothing to play for

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Gumbi: Yeah, they are dejected. They fallen apart their lot they're off the rails and

Gumbi: There's awesome there's, it's cold. I

Bryan Stabbe: Love it.

Gumbi: I will not so happy I was

Bryan Stabbe: Here

Gumbi: I'm going to all bills now.

Bryan Stabbe: And then I'm saying 55 as the total points and that will bring us to

Bryan Stabbe: Washington football team is two and a half point favorites against the Carolina


Gumbi: We're gonna win.

Gumbi: We're going to win by more than two and a half points. Um, I think it'll be close. But I think we're going to pull this one off. I think it's going to be close to like a 21 to 17 range.

Gumbi: So I say, hey, Washington football team, let's do it.

Bryan Stabbe: Shame on me because I am I am conditioned with this organization for pessimism and

Bryan Stabbe: There is a degree of

Bryan Stabbe: Like superstitious as Michael Scott once said, I'm not superstitious. I am a little suspicious.

Bryan Stabbe: That, in my mind, I know is irrational.

Bryan Stabbe: That if I believe this team will succeed on the football field that they will not do it. I just something over the course of the last, you know, 30 years as built into me that there

Bryan Stabbe: You have to approach this with pessimism, because if you approach it with optimism, then that's like hubris and you have in some way contributed to them.

Bryan Stabbe: Losing because he thought they were gonna win.

Bryan Stabbe: Obviously that's crazy. Obviously, it's crazy. I know.

Bryan Stabbe: But I can't help feel that way, but I am going to be honest.

Bryan Stabbe: I do think they're gonna win. I think they're gonna win this game and I think they're gonna win the division this weekend.

Gumbi: I think you're right. And it's not it's not I'm not suspicious about it, I think.

Gumbi: I think the good, the good idea is that all of this came out today Tuesday. I think that gives Ron, a lot of days to just lose his ever loving s on everybody to pump everyone up to get everyone together and say I'm done with the crap.

Gumbi: We aren't control of our own fate.

Gumbi: Don't worry about what the heads like are idiots say meeting you and I

Bryan Stabbe: You know,

Gumbi: It's time to play football. So at four o'clock on Sunday, you better hit somebody you know you better. Throw a damn ball, you better catch a damn ball because it the fate is in our hands and it's time to take advantage of it.

Bryan Stabbe: It's time.

Bryan Stabbe: And I think

Bryan Stabbe: On that note, it's time for us to start to wind down. Thank you all for listening, the cult of cold podcast is produced and edited by me. Brian stabbing my co host and director of social media who owes you a gift because we've now had 40 followers

Gumbi: Whoa.

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Gumbi: I appreciate you too.

Bryan Stabbe: And thank you all for listening. This was

Gumbi: The cult of cult.

Bryan Stabbe: There we go, there we go.

Gumbi: On our 1600 before do anything. I. P. Let me run through that will take this off this time because last time it was people