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Is Logan Thomas the True Number One Tight End Washington Has Been Searching For?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Despite showering him with praise (yes, that was his GIGANTIC photo on the front page of Monday’s Studs and Duds), and humbly eating my crow (for the third time publicly), fans got VERY upset for my innocuous comment about Logan Thomas not being a true number one tight end option for the Washington Football Team.

Yes, the fans got so upset, they took to the comments section of Monday’s article to voice their displeasure for my opinion.

There were even some people who were “upset” he didn’t get Pro Bowl votes when the rosters were announced last night...

This is the comment that drew the ire of the fan base:

Since this seems to be a hot topic among the fanbase, and since it does seem relevant with the 2021 offseason approaching sooner than later, why not give this topic it’s own forum?

So, before we jump into the debate, let me be very clear that I in no way am saying that Thomas hasn’t completely outperformed his contract, and become a valuable member of this football team.

Now, lets look at his stats...

2017: 7 Rec, 67 Yds, 1 TD

2018: 12 Rec, 77 Yds

2019: 16 Rec, 173 Yds, 1 TD

2020: 62 Rec, 570 Yds, 5 TD’s

*He’s averaging 4 rec, and 40 yards per game in 2020

So as you can see, 2020 is by far his best year. And truthfully, it’s the only year he’s ever been given the chance to be the top guy - so it’s very easy to say he’s made the most of his opportunity.

But, some have asked what constitutes TE1? Nathan below kind of hits the nail on the head here with his tweet.

In my book, a TE1 is someone who is a game-changer. Someone who defenses constantly have to account for and know where they are lined up on the field at all times. Logan Thomas is having a good second half to this season, but he’s not this...

Here is another good comment from rochaser(who may have forgotten more football than I’ll ever know):

All the points he makes above are definitely true

*Thomas CAN’T stretch a defense vertically

*Thomas CAN’T separate horizontally

*Thomas CAN’T be the backside X TE

*Thomas ISN’T a route-win TE

*Thomas DOESN’T have enough wiggle to break tackles

Add is that Logan is not the best blocker - however, he’s a very “willing” blocker who tries hard...

And y’all remember this guy, right?

So, what is Logan Thomas?

In my opinion, Thomas is a good ancillary target, who can absolutely act as a bridge until we draft and develop a young, athletic tight end. Now, he’ll be 30 when the 2021 season starts, but he doesn’t have a ton of wear on the tires, and although his athletic profile isn’t what it used to be, he could provide a solid 1-2 punch with a younger, more dynamic mismatch tight end.

So, let’s let the fans decide. Vote and make your voice heard. And discuss in the comments section.


Is Logan Thomas a true TE1?

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    Yes - he’s proved it
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  • 58%
    No - but he’s a very good TE2
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  • 17%
    He’s not now, but he has the ability to become one
    (268 votes)
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