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Division Links: BGN ponders future of Wentz & Roseman; BtB asks what McCarthy needs to do to keep his job; BBV still focused on QB health

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
Bleeding Green Nation (via 94WIP)

Dan Orlovsky says “a lot of people feel that Carson Wentz feels betrayed”

Speaking on the Pat McAfee show, Orlovsky says there’s a lot of “built up animosity” between Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles’ organization.

“A lot of people think there’s a lot of built up animosity between him and the organization in Philly. I think a lot of people think he misses Frank Reich as a human more than just a play caller. I think a lot of people feel that Carson Wentz feels betrayed and the only person in the NFL that he trusts is Frank Reich.”

Orlovsky listed his top four places where he thinks Wentz could end up.

“So I think he would try to get [to Indianapolis] if they were to move on from Philip [Rivers]. I can see San Francisco, I could see Pittsburgh, I could see Detroit. Those are probably the top four teams.”

Blogging the Boys

Evaluating Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy could still be difficult in 2021

How much progress would be enough for the Cowboys?

Overall, the NFL is an 8-8 league as well. Things like how the draft awards higher picks to poor teams and the way the schedule is created enable that. These things, along with the much belabored circumstances caused by the COVID protocols all year argue for the Cowboys to see a less futile performance in 2021. That should make us feel better about head coach Mike McCarthy, who has been all but guaranteed a return for a second year.

But just how much more success should be required to really have faith in him? Let’s say the Cowboys find one or two more wins, finishing at either 5-11 or 6-10. Would getting to eight or nine wins be true progress?

Generally, you would think not. If the lack of preparation in the offseason and training camp plus the major injuries really were what held the team back, then ten wins and a playoff berth should be the bar for 2021. If the team does not achieve that, then there should be serious consideration given to whether McCarthy was the wrong hire. At a minimum, it should make 2022 a make or break year for him. Unless the Cowboys start racking up wins next year, McCarthy’s seat needs to have the temperature turned up.

The evidence pointing to the shortcomings of the coaching staff are particularly disturbing. McCarthy apparently got to bring in the coaches he wanted, and Mike Nolan in particular has just been hugely disappointing. Now we are expecting a new defensive coordinator next year, and the blame for this has to be laid at McCarthy’s feet.

This is a shell-shocked roster. While they don’t seem to have completely given up, there have certainly been some glaring incidents where a lack of effort by some players seemed apparent, once again with the defense more obvious. McCarthy’s first task for next year is to motivate the entire roster to put in the effort needed to win more games.

The only thing that would yield a truly positive outcome for McCarthy is to get to the playoffs next season. It is not beyond imagining, but it is going to still be a tough hill to climb. And if things wind up in the range of 8-8 that plagued the team under Jason Garrett, things are going to be very uncomfortable for the current head coach.

Bleeding Green Nation

Report: Jeffrey Lurie hasn’t even considered firing Howie Roseman

Oh, great.

People...look at how Roseman has built a roster that is old, expensive, and bad. They look at his disastrous 2020 offseason. They look at his obvious failings in the NFL Draft. They look at how there isn’t an easy path to improvement because he’s tied up the Eagles’ resources in poor investments.

There’s really no shortage of evidence to justify Roseman’s removal.

And, yet, it doesn’t seem like Roseman is actually in any danger of losing his job. Former Eagles president and Joe Banner recently said that there is “less than a 10% chance Roseman is gone.”

Now we have the Inquirer’s Paul Domowitch reporting that Jeffrey Lurie hasn’t even considered the idea of stripping Roseman’s power.

One thing that definitely isn’t hanging in the balance, though, much to the chagrin of many Eagles fans, is the future of the general manager, Howie Roseman. Sources close to owner Jeffrey Lurie said that while no decision has been reached on whether Pederson will be back for a sixth season, Roseman’s return never has been in doubt. In fact, it’s not even something Lurie has contemplated.

Fantastic. What ill-advised acquisition can fans look forward to next? Who’s going to be the next obvious superstar that the Eagles pass on in the NFL Draft in favor of a player that might be out of the league in a few seasons?

The reality is that if Roseman held the answers, the Eagles wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in right now.

It’s also disappointing to think that Roseman could be retained while Doug Pederson is scapegoated. But apparently it’s not a possibility that would take the Eagles’ head coach by surprise.

“[Pederson] felt he could work with him, but he also knew that Roseman is a master at self-preservation. If things ever went south, it would be him being shown the door, not Roseman. Pederson has become increasingly frustrated the last couple of years with the way Roseman has conveniently allowed him to be the fall guy in front of the media.”

Pederson has every right to be frustrated to constantly answer for the poor roster that Roseman built. It’s the head coach who draws a lot of ire while the general manager stays out of sight and out of mind (for some, at least).

Big Blue View

Giants-Browns injury report: QB Daniel Jones questionable

Reporters who saw portion of Friday practice said Jones still appeared limited in ability to move around

The New York Giants have not announced a decision, but it seems increasingly unlikely that Daniel Jones will be at quarterback on Sunday night when the 5-8 Giants host the 9-4 Cleveland Browns on Sunday Night Football.

Media members who witness the opening portion of Giants practice on Sunday said McCoy took first reps during the individual period, and that Jones still appeared hobbled by his right hamstring and left ankle injuries.

The Giants are officially listing Jones as questionable.

Colt McCoy, who played two weeks ago when Jones missed the game against the Seattle Seahawks, would be the starter if Jones can’t play.

McCoy said Friday that it would be nice to know “sooner rather than later” if he is going to play, but knows that “it’s all about how DJ feels.”

McCoy went 13 of 22, but threw for only 105 yards, in the Giants’ upset of Seattle two weeks ago.