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Rile’d Up Podcast: Is It Safe To Breathe Yet?

Washington is Inching Closer to a Playoff Spot

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Washington Football Team v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Things are looking up in Washington, the Football Team is getting ready to take on the Seattle Seahawks and Tiffany and Allana are back with another episode of Rile’d Up.

Fred Nettles, the host of the Segment Podcast and a University of Mississippi Alum joined the pair to discuss the win streak. While Tiffany and Allana are energized by Washington’s turnaround, Nettles reminded them of the continued uphill battle. With the race for the playoffs inching closer Washington will have to continue their progress in order to stay on top of the NFC East.

Tiffany and Allana had to “put their money where their mouth is” defending both Ron Rivera and Alex Smith against their guests’ pessimism. Rivera is looked at as a shoo-in for coach of the year and Nettles believes that when it is all said and done Brian Flores will be signaling to Rivera to “hold his beer.” He spoke to the elementary program that Flores has turned into an 8-5 team, however, he was reminded of the time Rivera has taken to turn Washington into a potential playoff team.

Things got even more interesting when the topic of Alex Smith’s impact arose. Nettles views Smith as just another player doing his job, and Allana and Tiffany would like to remind fans just where this team was before Smith took the reigns. Nettles is a supporter of Dwayne Haskins’ return and is interested to see if he can rise to the occasion given an opportunity to start this week.

There is no question the impact the defense has had in Washington and Nettles believes they will continue to be the difference. With a constant question mark surrounding the secondary in Washington, he projects them to fall to Seattle Sunday.

Please comment with your Sunday predictions below!

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