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Thank God It’s Tuesday: This Is Why We Don’t Root for Losses

Ken continues the weekly conversation about YOUR favorite team from his basement studio. Join in!

NFL: Washington Football Team at San Francisco 49ers Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Victory Tuesday y’all! I am still rubbing my eyes after what turned out to be quite a celebratory Sunday. Which means it’s going to be quite a celebratory Tuesday!

I am looking forward to cutting it up with Kevin and T this evening as we discuss:

  • The significance of one of the most amazing defensive rookie stories on this Washington team...and I’m not talking about Chase Young
  • Weekly quarterback musings
  • Linebacker grades
  • What has changed (or not changed) about the offensive line for the Washington Football Team
  • Why this defense stands a chance against the Seattle Seahawks
  • Maybe...just maybe...we’ll get into some of the feelings associated with the Week 1 to Week 14 roller coaster we’ve been on

I have been hearing fans of other teams echoing things I have said about being a fan of this team over the years, and it kind of kills me. could they possibly be feeling the way we have felt—and do feel—about our experience as WFT fans?

Nobody knows better than us how quickly things can change when it comes to the fortunes of a (potentially) playoff-bound I will be measured when it comes to my hopes and dreams at this point. I very much look forward to the chance tonight to get into it though...and I hope you guys will join in the conversation. Here’s a link to the show tonight:

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Follow me on Twitter @ItsRainingKen if you do that kind of thing. See you tonight!