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Division Links: BGN resigned following MNF loss; BtB embraces the tank; BBV focuses on QB injury status

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Bleeding Green Nation

Eagles vs. Seahawks Week 12: 14 winners, losers, and I dunnos

What do you want me to put here? A joke? In this economy?


The New York Giants

Who are now leading the division, like a bunch of idiots.

Jeffrey Lurie

Well, Lurie clearly wanted to see Jalen Hurts in today’s game, and besides one rather inconsequential snap, he didn’t get to. Lurie’s also a loser — I think for the first time ever — because his team is really bad and he has to make changes. That sucks!

Carson Wentz

He was bad. Been bad this season. Sometimes he’s not as bad, and is even arguably acceptable relative to his context. At other times, he’s definitely bad. This was one of those nights. That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about that.

No, it’s not. You may not want to bench him, you may believe as a coaching staff that you can get him out of his deep ruts — but at some point, just for his sake, for all of the hits he’s taking and throws he’s missing and media he’s avoiding, you should just give him a break. With every week, he is getting worse, becoming more frustrated, ingraining bad habits. Help him escape himself, if he has any hope of turning things around in 2021.

Jason Peters

Shockingly, a switch over to guard did not make Peters suddenly good at football. Peters is old and ineffectual, and playing a younger guard over him should be an immediate priority.

Alshon Jeffery

Shockingly, a “return to health” has not spelled a sudden resurgence from Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery is old and ineffectual, and playing a younger WR (LIKE TRAVIS FULGHAM) over him should be an immediate priority.

Howie Roseman

I know we’ve sung this song a couple of times this season, but it is objectively hilarious to look at what Roseman’s rookie class has done this season. Reagor has been one of the worst wide receivers drafted in the first two rounds of a stellar WR class. Jalen Hurts had the most buzz he’s ever had in a week of preamble and played two snaps. Davion Taylor took a season-high number of snaps against the Browns, was bad, and was benched tonight. [BLG Note: Did have a nice special teams tackle, though!]

Louis Riddick laid in to Roseman on the broadcast, and rightfully so. There was certainly some self-interest there — Riddick was with the Eagles’ scouting department for six years (2008-2013), including four as their director of pro personnel (2010-2013), and has pretty openly hated Roseman since his firing. Riddick would love to take another spot in a new Philadelphia front office, and just seeing Roseman fired would be a good consolation prize.

But at the end of the day, when the roster lacks talent, it doesn’t matter exactly why the broadcaster is ripping on the general manager. The general manager failed.

Big Blue View

Joe Judge: “More question marks than answers” about Daniel Jones

Giants will look to bring in an extra quarterback following Jones’ injury

Joe Judge said that as of Monday afternoon there are “more question marks than answers right now” when it comes to the status of starting quarterback Daniel Jones.

Jones, of course, left Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals with a hamstring injury. An MRI on Monday reportedly revealed that Jones “did avoid major injury” and has an outside chance of playing Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

“We’ve gotta wait to see how this guy responds in a couple days. Can he move around the field and can he do anything?,” Judge said. “My approach on injuries is always the same — number one, can the player hurt it worse by playing ... number two, can the player defend themselves on the field at a level necessary to do their job effectively?”

If Jones can’t play, veteran Colt McCoy will start. Clayton Thorson, currently on the Giants’ practice squad, would be elevated as the backup quarterback. Judge also said the Giants are intending to add another quarterback as quickly as possible, and mentioned both former Giants Alex Tanney and Cooper Rush as possibilities.

Blogging the Boys

2021 NFL Draft Order: Cowboys in battle for Top 3 pick

A high pick is probably the best the Cowboys can salvage from this season. calculated point spreads and win probabilities for the remaining five Cowboys games, and based on their projections, the Cowboys will be lucky to win even one of their remaining five games.

The rest of the NFC East doesn’t look much better, with New York and Washington projected to both go 1-4, while the Eagles could go 2-3.

So with the division safely out of reach, Team Tank is now fully in charge, and one game on the remaining schedule looms large for a potential draft spot: the week 14 game against the Bengals. Not only because it is the only remaining projected win on the schedule, but also because the Bengals are a direct competitor for a Top 3 pick. Per Tankathon, the Bengals are currently in line for the third overall pick, one pick ahead of the Cowboys.