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Pig Pen Podcast: A Chance At Redemption Turns Disastrous

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NFL: New York Giants at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday’s game should’ve been the culmination to a great fairytale, one of the great redemption stories in NFL history. Alex Smith was playing his best football since 2017 and had not one but two chances to tie or win the game. But like the bottom of a shoe squashing a bug, the painful boot of reality crushed that fairytale.

It doesn’t matter how many times a quarterback for this team throws a back breaking, silly interception, they still hurt. Getting your back broken twice in a span of about in just under a minute of game time is incomprehensible.

Ron Rivera stated this morning that the team has to figure out if the franchise quarterback is on the roster. The mere thought of that question provides the answer. No, the franchise quarterback is not on the roster.

While mathematically still alive in the NFC East this game ended the pipe dream that the Washington Football Team would claim the division crown in 2020. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and face the reality of what this year is, a rebuilding year.

With the thought of a rebuilding year in mind, there were two major positives to take away from the game on offense. First and foremost, Terry McLaurin is still better than everyone else on the football field. Secondly, we’ve found the answer to our WR 2 problems. Cam Sims is the guy.

Sims has taken small opportunities and turned them into big plays. Give him the ball more.

The play of the defense is also discussed in this podcast. The defense did play well enough to win the game but not forcing any turnovers out of Daniel Jones is unacceptable. The run defense also needs to be leaps and bounds better. On to Detroit.

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