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Scott Turner Presser: “We don’t want to be predictable”

Scott Turner and Washington players speak to the media after practice

Scott Turner is back after the Washington Football Team’s bye week and he feels the offense is growing, but they need to create bigger plays in the run and the pass. The running game and ball security also needs to get better. Rookie RB Antonio Gibson has improved every week. He’s more decisive, and has improved running between the tackles.

Scott Turner is a big fan of Morgan Moses, and calls him a solid presence on the offensive line. Brandon Scherff is back from injured reserve and they are a great combination on the right side of the line. Moses has been good against the run and pass this year, and plays through injuries.

Who else does Turner(and everyone else really) love? Terry McLaurin of course. The newly-voted team captain has proven he is productive, and has grown as a player and a leader in his second year in the NFL.

Washington’s offense is getting closer to what he ultimately wants it to become. It’s moving in the right direction, but they need to finish more drives. They lead the league in passing on first downs because they don’t want to be predictable, but that also leads to more sacks early.

Growth on offense:

Antonio Gibson:

Morgan Moses:

Terry McLaurin:



Steven Sims Jr.:

Kyle Allen:

Allen’s turnovers:

“What we do is we evaluate every single play. The turnovers fall into those. The turnovers at the quarterback position come down to decision making and then ball security. If you look at the last time we played the Giants, for example, poor decision making where we threw the interception. Ball security when he’s getting down, he’s got to protect the ball when he gets sacked then move onto the next play. I understand what you’re saying, he’s going to try to make a play, but you’ve got to make good decisions and you’ve got to protect the ball and then try to make the play. Get yourself out of danger before you do that. I think that’s just something that all quarterbacks have got to balance. I don’t think there’s ever been a guy go through the course of a season without turning the ball over. But you have to limit them because they dramatically affect your ability to win or lose football games.”

Terry McLaurin spoke to the media after being unanimously voted a team captain today by his teammates. He said it’s a testament to the hard working mentality he brings to the team. He was shocked when he found out, but he said it doesn’t change how he will approach the game. He will continue to work hard and try to be a more vocal leader going forward. He also wants to do more work in the community.

Terry McLaurin

Team Captain:

Getting involved in the community:

Fans in the stadium:


Winning the division:

Kyle Allen

Terry McLaurin, Team Captain:

“I’ve said this before, there’s a lot of different types of receivers in this league. There are a lot of very talented receivers and a lot of guys that can do different things, but it’s kind of rare for a receiver to see that type of leadership and desire to win. Some of the greatest in the league are like that. Right when I met Terry it was that way. Terry was kind of a quiet guy, but he came in and worked. He showed work ethic. I said this to him early in the season, I said: ‘You’re a guy that can be great, but you can also be one of the best leaders on this team. You’ve got a lot more to say than you think you have.’ He’s been speaking up more. He’s been saying his mind. Everyone on this team respects him. He deserves that ‘C’ on his chest more than anybody else.”

Long-term option:

Fans in the stadium:

Logan Thomas:

Steven Sims Jr.:

Cornelius Lucas

Left tackle:

Swing tackle:

Room for improvement:

Jon Bostic

3rd and longs:

Hit on Andy Dalton:

LB responsibilities:

Chase Young: