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T-shirt: Antonio Gibson Waved at the Cowboys after his 2nd TD and it was glorious

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It was a pretty fantastic Thanksgiving for the Washington Football Team. One player had their breakout game on the national stage. Antonio Gibson was in for the most snaps so far in his 11 games as a rookie. He rushed 20 times for 115 yards and 3 TDs, and had 5 catches for 21 yards. He was the first rookie with three touchdowns on Thanksgiving since Randy Moss in 1998, and the first player with 100 or more rushing yards and three or more rushing touchdowns on Thanksgiving since Barry Sanders in 1997.

It was his 2nd TD run that got him a place in the Washington BreakingT collection. The Cowboys had just failed spectacularly on a fake punt, turning the ball over on their own 23 yard line. It only took one play for Antonio Gibson to reach the end zone. On the way to the end zone he gave Cowboys safety Donovan Wilson a little wave, and history was made.

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