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Report: Washington wants to keep Alex Smith for another year

Alex Smith Comeback Story

When this offseason started it looked pretty set in stone that Alex Smith would ride out the year on the PUP list and then be quietly released next year. Most people had written him off as even a backup option in the NFL, but Alex Smith isn't most people. He was intent on proving that he could still play after breaking his fibula and tibia 2 years ago. Smith had to have 17 surgeries in total to fix his leg, and to deal with the life-threatening infections that followed.

Alex Smith was able to make the roster as the team's third QB. He continued to practice and mentor young QBs Dwayne Haskins Jr. and Kyle Allen. Haskins' run as the starter only lasted 4 games this year before he was demoted to third string QB. Kyle Allen also got 4 starts, but he was injured in two of them. Alex Smith replaced him in both games, and is now the team's starter going forward.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says Alex Smith could be the team's starter next year as well.

Coach Ron Rivera and his staff want Smith back for the 2021 season, sources say. A nod to not only his leadership in the quarterback room, but also simply how he’s played. Smith has not said publicly or privately whether he wants to play in 2021, but he is under contract through 2022.

Alex Smith is under contract through the 2022 season. He has a $23.3 million cap hit next year, and the team would save $14.7 million by cutting him. That doesn't seem to be the plan right now with no QB of the future determined. Dwayne Haskins Jr. still has two years on his contract, and a 5th year option available. Kyle Allen is a Restricted Free Agent next year and the team can easily bring him back on a cheap contract.

Love him or hate him, we might not be done with the Alex Smith comeback story yet. Washington's search for a long-term franchise QB continues into another year. Depending on how the terrible NFC East shakes out, they will either be hosting a playoff game and picking in the bottom half of the draft, or picking in the top 5 with a chance to roll the dice on another QB prospect. Fun times!