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Rile’d Up: Well, They Wouldn’t Be The First .500 Team To Win A Playoff Game...

Rile’d Up With the NFL Network’s Jim Trotter

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Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Rile’d Up is back with more on the Washington Football Team. The NFL Network’s Jim Trotter, joined Tiffany and Allana to discuss the lackluster NFC East and how Washington still has a chance at a playoff run, even if they only win five games.

Trotter, host Huddle & Flow with fellow Howard University graduate, Steve Wyche. He started his career writing for the San Diego Union-Tribune, moving on to NBC, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN. Trotter is currently an Reporter and Storyteller for the NFL Network. As a Howard University graduate, he spoke highly of the impact Kamala Harris has made as the Vice President elect. Trotter praises his Alma Mater and the Historically Black College and University network and invaluable education.

As many fans of this game, Trotter is glad to see Alex Smith’s recovery, but he explains he would have been happy even if he never played another down. Alex Smith’s gruesome injury and road to a win against the Bengals is a testament to his tenacity and courage as an athlete.

Trotter has been in the world of NFL football for many years and feels as though Dwayne Haskins Jr. was given the short-end of the stick in Washington. He believes that the narrative about trusting Haskins, should have been the same from beginning to end. He goes on to mention a potential goal of having Kyle Allen replace Haskins from the very beginning.

Washington has a tough schedule ahead, but they also have a decades long slump to overcome. Trotter is unsure whether Dan Snyder will continue to be the owner for many seasons to follow. In mentioning the allegations against Snyder and whether they will produce any movement from the league in the near future, he likened the situation to the investigation being done on Robert Kraft following his arrest a year ago.

While many have made it a Thanksgiving tradition to watch the rivalry between Washington and the Cowboys, due to both teams poor performance this season, it’s not certain many will be tuning in this coming Thursday. Trotter believes the game could go either way, but Washington and Alex Smith may potentially have an upside.

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