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Washington Football Team Vs. Bengals Film Review - Tyler’s Take

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Football Team’s third win of the season was yet again, a tale of two halves. One thing that was pretty consistent, however, was the play of the offensive line.

I chose to focus a lot on this positional group in my film breakdown this week, as I believe this is the area that has improved the most from the start of the season until now.

Below you will see some notes followed by the cut-ups.


Offensive Line - Since the coaching staff wisely pulled Wes Martin, and Christian got dinged up, this unit has started to come together a bit.

Logan Thomas - Here you can see the good and the bad...

Chase Young - For anyone even “THINKING” Chase Young is a bust...just STOP!

Montez Sweat - Sweat continues to do Sweat-like things!

Jon Allen - For those who claim Allen is overrated, PLEASE watch the games! Hint: It’s not our D-Line, it’s the guys behind them.

Linebacker Play - In my opinion, this is the weakest positional group we have - and that’s saying a LOT!

Kam Curl - The former Razorback has been a surprise rookie for the WFT. Heck, he may even make some forget we lost Landon Collins for the season.

Ronald Darby - You all know how well Darby played Sunday. Here is some video proof just in case.

Illegal Pick - This was blatant and was missed by the refs!