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Division Links: BtB sees positives in Sunday night loss while BGN trashes the Eagles win; BBV prepares to face a fired up JPP

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
Blogging the Boys

Cowboys lose to Eagles 23-9, but look like an actual football team

They showed some fire.

It was a strange and unexpected game in may ways, but the end result was pretty much what we saw coming. The Dallas Cowboys lost their Sunday Night matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles 23-9. But unlike the last loss, this one at least left us with some positive things.

With the rash of quarterback injuries, the Cowboys had to roll with seventh round pick Ben DiNucci at quarterback. It was a rough day to be a passer, as there was a very stiff wind that at times played havoc with the ball when it was in the air. Many anticipated that this would be another humiliation of the Cowboys after their embarrassing loss to the Washington Football Team last week, where there were times it looked like the team had just quit.

What we got instead was a fighting, clawing effort from Dallas. With DiNucci having his struggles through the air, they surprisingly got a major boost from their defense. It didn’t hurt that Carson Wentz was very sloppy with the football as he often is. Unfortunately, that is a huge disparity in quarterback experience and, at least at this point for DiNucci, talent.

Bleeding Green Nation

Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 8: 13 winners, losers, and I dunnos

Thanks I hate it


Carson Wentz

Inarguably the worst game of Wentz’s season. Never has Wentz been a greater liability to his team than he was against the Cowboys, turning the ball over four times to an effete defense, panicking at the simplest of reads, and failing to account for his awful play with the usual accompanying high value plays.

Doug Pederson and the offensive coaching staff

Name one thing the offensive coaching staff has done well through eight games of the season? The deep passing game is no better; no incumbent players have improved; Wentz has taken multiple strides backwards; they have no idea how to generate chunk plays or sparks in mid-game lulls; they have no offensive identity. The fresh ideas that many requested after the stale offenses of 2018 and 2019 are disjointed with the base offense, as Wentz’s depth of target remains shallow, YAC remains limited, and deep passes remain prayers to bad players.

More so than anything else, the issue in Philadelphia is that the coaching staff doesn’t know what to do with their quarterback.

Dallas Goedert

No Zach Ertz; no problem. Dallas Goedert has always been a threat as a receiving tight end, and with Ertz target-hogging unavailable, Goedert had — ...Goedert had one catch on two targets?

If Jalen Hurts at 53 feels useless to you, man, the Eagles spent a Top-50 pick on a TE2 that apparently they aren’t going to feature when he’s the TE1. Makes no sense to me at all.

The whole offense

Wow, would you look at that? That was literally everyone.

I Dunnos
Fumble Recoveries

The universal law of referee balance owed the Eagles one after their woeful 2018 “no clear recovery” play, but Vinny Curry could not have more clearly had the fumble recovered on review. The fact that the play was not overturned is almost as stunning as the fact that the referees didn’t whistle the play dead altogether, which was their sin on the 2018 fumble in the first place. I officially don’t know how fumble recoveries work.

Big Blue View

Jason Pierre-Paul still terrorizing quarterbacks, proving Giants wrong

Bucs’ defensive end says of Giants that he is “coming for their necks”

Pierre-Paul delivered a message to the Giants during that call:

“Eli’s not there no more, so I won’t have to pick him up and say ‘Eli, man, you good?’ I’m coming for their necks, man. They know that ... I’m going to Monday Night Football and going to destroy the Giants. That’s what I want to do as an individual.”

Asked about the trade, Pierre-Paul said “You already know they made a mistake ... I know that I wasn’t washed up or finished up ... I have to show them.”

Watching Pierre-Paul line up against the Giants will be a reminder that sometimes when you do the right thing, which I believe the Giants did when they moved on from him, it still turns out wrong.