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Ron Rivera Presser: We're discussing bringing in competition for Dustin Hopkins

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

Ron Rivera gave some updates following yesterday's last second loss to the Detroit Lions. He didn't talk about injured players like Deshazor Everett who reportedly suffered a high ankle sprain. He did say that Kendall Fuller could be seeing more time at FS, even though they need him at corner.

Yesterday's loss was filled with missed opportunities, and the team can't win until they stop leaving points on the field. The team only scored 3 points in the first half, but ran a lot of plays and had too many stalled drives. He called his players resilient for their second half comeback, but they need to play a complete game.

The Lions game-winning drive had multiple things happen that Rivera wasn't pleased with. The defense allowed the Lions receiver to get behind them deep, and he would have caught a back-breaker if it wasn't slightly overthrown. The next play the defense played softer coverage which allowed a 9 yard Marvin Jones catch to set up the game-winning field goal.

Chase Young also made a big rookie mistake when he pushed Matthew Stafford from behind late for a 15 yard roughing the passer penalty. Young immediately took ownership of it with Rivera, and also requested a chance to speak with the media after the game. Rivera called him an amazingly mature young player.

Rivera was asked if Alex Smith could be the team's franchise QB going forward, and he didn't give a definitive answer. He said it was a possibility, but a lot of it depends on Smith, and his plans for the future. Rivera did say that the last two games proved that Smith is back as a football player.

Dustin Hopkins has missed a kick in 6 of Washington's 9 games this year. He had an injured groin this week, but the team didn't elevate practice squad kicker Kaare Vedvik. Hopkins missed a 46 yard FG in the first half. Last week Rivera didn't sound like he was open to replacing Hopkins. This week he said they are discussing bringing in competition at kicker.

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