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Is Alex Smith The Starter For Good, Or Does Haskins Stand A Chance?

On this episode of the Cult of Colt: the triumphant return of “Hail Yeah... Or Hail Naw!”

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NFL: New York Giants at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So much for the post-bye week boom. Two weeks after stomping the Cowboys, the Washington Football Team came out with a thud falling to the New York Football Giants and dropping to 2-6. On this week’s edition of the Cult Of Colt, we put to bed the idea that the playoffs are still in reach — as if you needed to hear that from us.

Insofar as one can really breakdown the performance against New York, we do that. The key story of the week was obviously Alex Smith filling in once again in relief of Kyle Allen, and this time it looks like it may be a more permanent solution. While Smith posted the best stat-line of any WFT QB this season, his two late-game INTs sealed the deal for the three-point loss. This begs the question: is the quarterback play truly the biggest issue, and therefore the most pressing one, to resolve on the WFT roster?

Four weeks ago, Gumbi and I identified this four-game stretch as the most crucial one of the season, so now with a 1-3 record in the rearview mirror, we grade the team out over the course of those contests.

We repatriate one of my favorite segments with some major questions for the rest of the year as we ask: Hail Yeah… or Hail Naw? Let us know your answers to our pointed questions in the polls below.

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Bryan Stabbe: So, so much for that. That bye week so much for being well rested.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, that

Bryan Stabbe: I mean we're right back into it. And so as a Washington football team. This is the cult of Colts you got Bryan Stabbe from Hos Haven, and you got Gumbi. Also, as we have established from Hogs Haven. Thank you all for tuning in.

Bryan Stabbe: I think we'll just get right into it. Talk about the important stuff. This week I see you're already you're beat me to the chase here.

Bryan Stabbe: Let's see, makes us drink. So, we're always going to be sipping on something going to be, what are you sipping on tonight.

Gumbi: O'Brien. I'm excited. I got something really special today. So, I'm drinking. I'm drinking a little sippy on something from elder pine.

Gumbi: Right out only it's an awesome plays great people. It's called the waves have come. And it's actually a barrel aged wild ale with pomegranate

Gumbi: Now what makes this kind of special and makes you super happy to have this is that we've got wax on top like Maker's Mark. So that's really cool.

Gumbi: But it was aged in red wine barrels for 22 months and it actually has a number on it like it's a very special.

Gumbi: Fermented in stainless steel. So, it's a little crisp, it comes through can definitely taste the pomegranate, it takes a little bit of the wine but it's definitely a beer. So, it's a but it's not as doesn't have as many bubbles is a beer, it's a

Bryan Stabbe: Funky

Gumbi: It is

Gumbi: It is definitely a good taste, but I'm enjoying this so I've kind of been sipping on a little bit. It's definitely got that pomegranate pop that you want. And I'm super excited about the elder pie. And thank you so much for hooking me up with this little fella.

Bryan Stabbe: 454 on the old untapped there that's it's something else.

Gumbi: It's kind of good. It's got a good rating; it's going to get a high up there for me as well. Yes. And everyone to know we are also on untapped

Bryan Stabbe: On tab. Yes.

Gumbi: Yeah, and we're trying to figure out how to make that a more called a cult scenario for everybody.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, maybe we'll brew.

Gumbi: Brew something for I don't, I can't wait. It called we'll do a whole Washington football team podcast about it, but Brian

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Gumbi: What you're sipping

Bryan Stabbe: So, you have been out Maryland in me. I think basically from day one.

Bryan Stabbe: As a, as a Maryland are born bred, but now currently across the river. I also have a soft spot for the old-line state and I you had that one that was

Bryan Stabbe: A couple weeks ago, whereas like from the ag reserve and like brewed in conjunction with the University of Maryland and like it was, it was pretty Maryland, I think, I think I got you matched at least

Bryan Stabbe: Really not beat. But I think you got your match.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm having the flying dog dead rise Old Bay goes

Bryan Stabbe: Whoa. Yes.

Gumbi: I've never actually had the goes version of that.

Bryan Stabbe: It was it is, I think, I mean, I'm a goes guy hashtag goes guy.

Bryan Stabbe: I think it's very good. I really like goes is I love they dead rise for a couple years, they were doing it sort of as an as an IPA brewed with Old Bay and this year, they decided to change it up and sort of make it more of a, like a sour.

Bryan Stabbe: I think it's I think it's a really fun, fun beer. Very. I mean, I will be honest, you know, all the can or the bottle art for flying dog stuff has like a very

Bryan Stabbe: What's that movie. It's like it's not fear and loathing.

Gumbi: Well, it's Hunter S. Thompson style.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, that's and i have

Gumbi: Learned loading.

Bryan Stabbe: Is it, is that what it does is that

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah yeah

Bryan Stabbe: Okay. Yes, yes. All right. Good, nice restaurant nice reference Brian and I look to try to see if I get a, like a print of this bottle are. And it's like, very expensive. So, I didn't get it, but

Bryan Stabbe: I am very fond of their stuff on the Old Bay. I know. Obey is one of those things that I think divides a lot of people, not necessarily people from Maryland, because like it is your birthright.

Gumbi: If you are for all in

Bryan Stabbe: You put everything on all bound everything, but there are non-Marylanders. And I guess non like mid Atlantic I've seen it.

Bryan Stabbe: Outside of Maryland. Little bit not necessarily as heavy there. There's a surprising number of New Jerseyans who think that Old Bay is theirs, and it's like okay, you're wrong, but okay um I think obey makes anything

Bryan Stabbe: That if you put Oban anything, it'll make it taste better.

Gumbi: Oh, I agree. I had popcorn and Old Bay like two nights ago and I was looked at, like, I was a crazy person till I shared it with everyone they went, oh my god, this is amazing. I'm like, I know it's a little sweet little spicy little salty and it's amazing.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm going to go ahead and give a two thumbs up recommendation and people listen

Bryan Stabbe: If you're gonna shut the podcast off and they're gonna be some people are going to shut this off right after I make this recommendation, but I will, I will swear by this. Take a little obey

Bryan Stabbe: Sprinkling on top of your vanilla ice cream. You will not regret this. I guarantee you it will enhance your flavor experience. Okay, there's a lot going on there. I know it is good. Okay, it's good highly recommended.

Gumbi: That that's a Brian recommendation right there. I'm gonna try it and I put old Bill and everything and I will try that I, that sounds like a party in my mouth.

Bryan Stabbe: Is everyone invited

Gumbi: I think everyone should be invited all of them Ella's all the Twitter's all the old days, not all in


Bryan Stabbe: So now that we know that we've established that we're getting Lucy goosey on some good Maryland Bruce keys.

Bryan Stabbe: So we talk a little football.

Gumbi: Well, we should. And I kind of made this comment earlier but my life is just like Kyle Allen's ankle. It's a dislocated and broken, so I can feel his pain. Let's talk about that first.

Gumbi: Let's talk about

Gumbi: Watching the replay of that when he went down, we're all like okay well you know it's rolled his ankle. Maybe it's not too bad. As soon as you saw that thing flopping around

Gumbi: Yeah, I was. I just felt so

Bryan Stabbe: Bad that's, that's one of those adjectives that you never want to use to describe like

Bryan Stabbe: A human beings joint floppy. Not good.

Gumbi: Never good

Bryan Stabbe: We have seen too many floppy floppy joints and floppy bones.

Bryan Stabbe: From Washington football team quarterbacks

Bryan Stabbe: It's actually funny. It's not funny. However, I digress. You and I both

Bryan Stabbe: Went

Bryan Stabbe: Very far out of our way for a many number of years to not see the Joe Theisman injury like in its entirety.

Gumbi: But I wanted as far away from that as possible.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I had, I went my I just like I knew that I didn't need to see it. I'd seen I'll tell you what, I'd seen I'd seen the beginning of the play and then anytime I recognize Lawrence Taylor coming off the edge. I'm like, I'm just going to close my eyes or turn away. I just

Gumbi: Anywhere else

Bryan Stabbe: I can't, I don't deal well with that stuff like the Kevin where and dread and I remember that one little kitty like

Bryan Stabbe: Oh,

Gumbi: I don't want, I don't like it. I don't. It makes me

Bryan Stabbe: It just, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. And I just, there's no upside to it. We both them.

Bryan Stabbe: Do you remember this.

Gumbi: Oh yeah, oh yeah, this was it because we weren't expecting it.

Bryan Stabbe: That was we're not expecting it. Yes.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, we both went to go see the blind side.

Bryan Stabbe: In theaters and the very first scene of that film because you know the book and the movie, we're basically talking about, actually, the book is much better than movies, highly recommend reading that book.

Bryan Stabbe: About the importance of the left tackle position and sort of how its developed and Michael Oher and so they used that scene sort of as the jumping off point as to, like, oh, if you don't have a good left tackle, you're gonna have your quarterbacks legs snapped in half. And here's a perfect example of it.

Bryan Stabbe: And we both were sitting in half feet and started screaming in the theater and people were not happy and

Bryan Stabbe: We're very close. But when you had gone that long and gone out of your way to not see this thing and then you're seeing it on a giant

Bryan Stabbe: Screen. It's like

Bryan Stabbe: That's really

Bryan Stabbe: very unpleasant.

Gumbi: I think you were in the same boat as I was when he turned the corner. I thought, they're going to cut away I

Gumbi: Was like, what, like a montage of something that just

Gumbi: Kind of didn't quite make sense. And all of a sudden, they shoot the whole thing. And I'm like,

Gumbi: Yeah why yeah this is like a 30 or 40-year-old film, but let's stop.

Bryan Stabbe: Like why did they have to pick this the singular thing.

Bryan Stabbe: It was terrible. And then I mean I don't know about you, I did see the Alex Smith injury live and then they showed it on replay one time, and they didn't show it again, which is like

Bryan Stabbe: Whatever. I think that's probably were supposed to do. And I was, I was out shopping. I was actually at our local homebrew store and it was like on the TV. And I was like, oh my god, that is so terrible. And then obviously, yada, yada, yada.

Bryan Stabbe: But yes, all that is to say, I did see the Kyle and Andrey he did look bad. It doesn't floppy. I think the prognosis has been better than expected. Right. It's not like

Gumbi: It's out for the season. He's out for the season.

Gumbi: But yeah, exactly. It's not a lifetime thing dislocated and had dislocated his ankle completely, but also, it's a small fracture.

Gumbi: So, he's out for the season, but he's

Gumbi: Gonna be able to walk, he's going to do all that she'll come back whatever team is with next year, whether it's us or someone else he should be able to come back so that part's good

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, that's good.

Gumbi: So, but that leads me into the next thing you know, I'm going to sit on the quarterback scenario and

Gumbi: I'll just jump right into it, the worse.

Gumbi: Alex Smith through two crucial interceptions the end of the game.

Gumbi: He did. We're looking at the barrel of a quarterback who we don't know how he's gonna be he's always with game manager is what 36- or 38-YEARS OLD HE STILL GOT TWO YEARS LEFT like this guy's just taking our money.

Gumbi: And he's never been a person who comes back and wins a bunch of games that's that Smith and then you have Haskins who's now back in the fold, trying to earn it back, but

Gumbi: The quarterback position is one of our biggest issues right now and it's not getting better.

Bryan Stabbe: Well, so, okay, so I look at this, Alex Smith performance. You went 2432 for 325 yards a touchdown three interceptions, two of which are the last one was the backbreaker they were both pretty bad. But the bad last was the backbreaker

Bryan Stabbe: Throwing for 325 yards is the most yards a Washington football team quarterback has thrown this season between the three of them.

Bryan Stabbe: Out.

Bryan Stabbe: I have a hard

Bryan Stabbe: Time you know

Bryan Stabbe: Pinning this obviously the optics are bad. I have a hard time putting this on him. And frankly, like

Bryan Stabbe: I will say this again don't think Alex Miss should be playing football right now. It is unbelievable that he is, he could. I think he could

Bryan Stabbe: Not win a game this year. And when come back. Player of the Year, just by virtue of the fact that he played. I don't know that that you know what does, what good does that necessarily do other than sort of like legacy cementing or whatever.

Gumbi: Brady. It's a nice trophy for his bookshelf.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, you know,

Bryan Stabbe: The funnest is

Gumbi: Jumping jumping you I'm good put on our shoulders, both of those interceptions I think both of them within like that, under two minutes and 32nd range.

Gumbi: Both interceptions will agree Aegis one thrown over the running back, way too high, the running backs. He's trying. He's trying to get that ball tips office fingers barely himself, his fingers. That's how bad the throat was

Gumbi: Right to a DB

Gumbi: interception. Number one, our defense comes in and says, we're still going to try to save this. Yeah. For now. Great. Okay, get the pump, we get the ball. Here we go. Alex Smith goes back again and throws a

Gumbi: Just I don't know who else was going to

Bryan Stabbe: It was worse.

Bryan Stabbe: It was worth it was born. The first one, yeah.

Gumbi: So, they were just they were bad. There's no we had 328 yards. Great. He had this he had that

Gumbi: It says two interceptions at the end of the game that cost us the game. I understand how much happened beforehand, where we were down, and we came back and

Gumbi: Brought us back. But if you don't finish it, it doesn't mean anything. Yes, still got it now. You still there too horrible interceptions you still showed who you were.

Gumbi: And now we're back to where we were, again, or we could have. I don't want us to be the head of the other seats, but I couldn't fight for it. And now, again, we lost to the pitiful Giants twice in a year.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and okay so we can basically at this point dispel the idea that this is a division winning club. My it just, I think.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, statistically at two and six. Could they still win the division? Yeah, but I don't even. I don't want to hear anyone talking about that at this point. I didn't want to hear anyone talking about it three weeks ago I really

Bryan Stabbe: Don't want to hear people talking about it now. It's just, it's so far-fetched and I understand if you're Ron Rivera. You can't be out there, man. Yeah, well, we're, we're not really trying to win games like I

Bryan Stabbe: Somewhat understand what he's getting at. But at the same time. Like these are not dumb guys like these are smart guys they know that they are they're

Bryan Stabbe: Playing for their jobs. They're there to show whether or not they're worth a damn and whether or not they should be here.

Bryan Stabbe: Beyond year one of this rebuild

Bryan Stabbe: It's, it's interesting because you started off by saying that it is the quarterback situation is the most glaring issue this team has

Bryan Stabbe: And I will not deny that it's a significant issue. I think it is a highly visible issue the quarterback touches the ball on every play. And so, you need to have a good quarterback in order to win football games. It's not regulatory like I'm not gonna I'm not blowing anyone's mind by saying

Gumbi: No, you're not changing the world by that comment. Correct.

Bryan Stabbe: But at this point, based on what we've seen from these whole team performances. I'm going to just focus on the offense right now. I don't know that.

Bryan Stabbe: A

Bryan Stabbe: Even a great quarterback right now would be enough to make this a viable team you think back to the guys that they were considering in the offseason before

Bryan Stabbe: Going with Kyle Allen is the as the guy, they're going to bring in. I mean, you know, Teddy Bridgewater is on that list Cam Newton was on that list.

Bryan Stabbe: You know there were there were names that were being thrown around. And I don't know that they are substantively worse off in those players absence, because there are so many issues on the on the offense. The old. I mean, there's one non-issue. And that's Terry Maclaurin

Bryan Stabbe: He is legit.

Bryan Stabbe: I don't think he's going to be all pro because it's like there. You just have to be like one of the two best guys at your position to be all pro and he's not but

Bryan Stabbe: I mean, he went seven catches 115 yards and a touchdown looked again fantastic seven catches on a targets with that 68-yard touchdown were

Bryan Stabbe: No substandard himself. He knows him.

Bryan Stabbe: Absolutely. Um, but, I mean, you're right. The, the quarterback thing is a problem. I mean, you look at the running game they went nine carries total for 37 yards, like that's not acceptable. That's not a that's not a winning formula.

Gumbi: They got excited because love is coming back. And so, he's not the keys. I couldn't change the line, that's horrible, especially the left-hand side, but he's not gonna not gonna make this better.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. And the thing is, you know, like the offensive line we know it does not the type of like sexy thing that shows up on the stat sheet, but you can't win games, unless you have a solid offensive line. I mean literally hogs Haven, the hawks

Bryan Stabbe: Why were those teams successful because they could

Bryan Stabbe: Establish the run.

Bryan Stabbe: And they can protect the passer. And there, that's just not happening right now. I mean, it's

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know, it's just watching it really in my mind made it seem even silly or that there were these notions that like, oh, maybe this is a team that can win the division. I just think that those are fully dispelled.

Gumbi: At this point, completely. I mean, they fell apart. But the problem again I'm gonna go back to the quarterback or stuff offense.

Bryan Stabbe: Sure.

Gumbi: But you look at Alex Smith, who just do these two interceptions you can 328 yards. He's making 12.5 ish percent of our entire salary cap just sitting there.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Gumbi: Two more years left

Gumbi: So that, that's a problem. Not only is he making this money being an average quarterback, who was injured and just putting the money in his pocket was also taking us away from being able to take that money and maybe purchase somebody who could help us out on that line right

Gumbi: Well, let's

Gumbi: look to the future.

Bryan Stabbe: I mean it's not his fault that they decided to pan the money. Like, what's he supposed to do, like, give it back like no I mean this is this is the whole issue with Ron. You know what Ron Rivera is inherited he inherited a mess. It's gonna be a mess for a while.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, he's doing what he can. And I know I've sort of been hot and cold on him in terms of like how he's approached like what this season is but

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I mean, they, they are in a bind. They have been handcuffed there, their salary situation, especially with the dollars that are wrapped up and the quarterback.

Bryan Stabbe: Is not good.

Bryan Stabbe: It needs to get better, but I would, I would say that

Bryan Stabbe: Is it a. Is it a top five thing that they need to do? Yes. Is it a top one thing may need to do?

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know, I still think the offensive. I think you can win with a mediocre quarterback and a great offensive one

Gumbi: I mean, ask a quarterback from the Ravens. Who was that?

Bryan Stabbe: Trent Trent Dilfer

Gumbi: tipped over.


Bryan Stabbe: That's who I had in my head, I'm like, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah Oh for won a Super Bowl like last week.

Gumbi: Last quarterbacks EVER AND HE HE COULDN'T EVEN THROW IT MORE THAN 10 yards downfield that he won a Super Bowl.

Gumbi: But you're right at the

Bryan Stabbe: Also had like the greatest defensive all

Bryan Stabbe: Time, but that's not

Gumbi: Yeah them the Chicago Bears are like right there next to each other.

Gumbi: Yeah, but the 85 bears, but you're sitting there looking at the Muslim silverback Smith, he

Gumbi: He's been just taking money like I know he wanted to come back.

Gumbi: What, come on man, like you said, they're just taking 20 something million dollars a year. Put in your pocket walking away. Well, it wasn't okay taking the wheelchair away or strolling away but

Gumbi: Now he's back in. He's a mediocre quarterback, he's going to try to play for two more years and then

Gumbi: It's going to be daunted you retire with $72 million dollars with the Redskins. I'm sorry, Washington football team's money and you're looking at going you're hurting everybody involved. You Got You Got You Got You Got to play.

Bryan Stabbe: Congratulation. Yeah, it's

Gumbi: backup your data is

Gumbi: Million Dollar backup.

Bryan Stabbe: That's his prerogative, though. Like he can make that I mean the team signed him to a contract that he is he's playing through does it suck, like, yeah, it sucks. Is it going to be kind of an albatross that hold them back from being successful?

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, yeah, I just

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know, I think.

Bryan Stabbe: I think that the issues run deep, and I'm really bummed. It's this is this is the most Washington football team fan thing and I recognize it before I say it. So, I'm putting the caveat out there.

Bryan Stabbe: If Kyle Allen turns the corner on that attempt to two-point conversion. A couple weeks ago and if Alex Smith doesn't third two interceptions at the end of the game, we're looking at a have

Bryan Stabbe: A team that has two more wins on their record than they do. Right now, they're looking at a forum for which I know is crazy, because the answer is, well, you dummy like they didn't do those things. And so, there are two and six, but at the same time, we

Gumbi: Still are who we are.

Bryan Stabbe: We are. We are. Yeah.

Gumbi: And saying that is no joke, are because of our culture because of the mini curses that we have going on with Dan Snyder.

Gumbi: Yeah, we aren't going to make those changes we aren't going to get that two-point conversion, we aren't going to get that extra bounce because of what happens. It's just how the ball lands.

Gumbi: And the Washington football team has to deal with that. But one of the things, again, we're not going to have the quarterback. Who's going to do all these great things and catch all our money and make us all happy.

Gumbi: We're not the quarterback breaks his leg sits around for two years and tried to come back and does mediocre until everything changes.

Gumbi: Everything changes down the road, until we fix the problems that we constantly have we're going to keep making those same mistakes over and over again. Is there some luck involved 100% and luck is not on our side?

Bryan Stabbe: Can I tell you the one thing that made me happy in this game.

Bryan Stabbe: And this sort of feels kind of backwards and perverse, in a way, but I enjoyed seeing Alfred Morris, just like out there. I love. I've always loved Alfred Morris.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, is he, is he a great running back like no no he's not but like I have such fond memories of him, and I'm

Bryan Stabbe: I'm glad that he's still like bouncing around out there. I mean, yeah, he had a really nice. I mean, why he went nine carries 67 yards in a 20-yard rush. It's just like

Bryan Stabbe: That was my dude, and he was sort of like a, you know, like a comment like sort of flash and the night sky and then sort of disappears. He's obviously still out there, but

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know. I have very fond memories of Alfred Morris, just like carrying the rock. And so, to see him. Obviously, it was, it was bumming me out that he was playing for the Giants, but you know he was a Cowboy too so


Bryan Stabbe: I don't know.

Gumbi: For me that's FAQ right there. Like he's that guy that you look at you go, I want him to succeed.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I

Gumbi: Want to be happy. I don't care what team he plays, for he played here. He's like a Lorenzo Alexander huge play for us for a while, you just want to let john exam.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Gumbi: Because they're so they're so likable that they're such good players they work so hard, and they make. They just keep going.

Gumbi: And you want you want them to succeed so bad now again did it after more have more yards than our entire running back squad.

Bryan Stabbe: He did by almost double almost

Bryan Stabbe: He finished a 67 yards and Washington finished with 37 yards.

Gumbi: Yeah, that's, that's really positive. Again, that's we are in a situation where we don't know who we are, you

Gumbi: Know, are we have one good wide receiver. We have no good running backs. We have a half line. Thank God we have a reasonable defense right now or we'd be getting blown out even more.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. Yeah, I agree.

Bryan Stabbe: So, I mean, we kind of just ran a gauntlet with the bye week in the midst of it. I think we were looking at the schedule five weeks ago, four games ago and sort of identified that

Bryan Stabbe: This was a key stretch

Bryan Stabbe: We both. I know that, at a minimum, I know you said that you expected them to go one and three over that stretch, which they did. And I think you were fairly optimistic about this game being that one when obviously it was the Dallas game where they where they got the W.

Bryan Stabbe: It's hard to feel good.

Bryan Stabbe: About that stretch you know you the Rams you lose by 2030 to 10

Bryan Stabbe: Lose to the giants by one, which, you know, they went for it. I appreciate it.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm here for it, know that you try, and you fail so be it. And then blow out the cowboys, which is just like a total aberration. I have a feeling like in the future. We're going to look back at the season, like, oh yeah. Remember that Cowboys game. What the Hail was that

Gumbi: How do we just pull that one off.

Bryan Stabbe: I love

Bryan Stabbe: I love winning going into a bye week

Gumbi: That's like the bar. Yeah. Do

Gumbi: But you think that that when would carry over like that that momentum.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. So, I mean, now you're sitting at two and six YOU CAME INTO THIS STRETCH AT one in three

Bryan Stabbe: How do you grade are you great me out. We'll just do

Bryan Stabbe: Offense defense. And if you want, we can throw a special teams.

Gumbi: wasn't done anything. I mean, let's be honest about that. So, let's just do on offense defense.

Gumbi: Okay um last four games only

Gumbi: You know, we're talking about our

Gumbi: Are pulling off of Rams Giants Cowboys Giants. Yeah, I would say our offense. Let's go, let's go, one to 10 or one to five.

Bryan Stabbe: A WE CAN GO OUT OF 10

Bryan Stabbe: Because again, it will save you the trouble of doing a half like

Gumbi: That's fair. Okay.

Gumbi: So, the offense over the last four and this is a cumulative of the last four

Gumbi: Yeah, but there's opposition downs. They fought with the Giants both times they beat the, the, the rate for cowboys and got just show lacked by the Rams right

Gumbi: However, let's take an account. The actual teams that are here, the giants are falling apart, and they're just a little better than we are right now, not just because they beat us twice, they're better than us.

Gumbi: They are the Cowboys are just a train wreck on fire.

Bryan Stabbe: WHAT THE HAIL ARE. THAT IS THAT HOW DO YOU LOSE to the washer football team like that there is there a disaster. I'm

Gumbi: Their disaster. And as I said, they just care about themselves. Right now, they don't know what's going on. But our offense I if I go higher and for, I'd be impressed. I'm not. I'm gonna sit in that for range. The reason I give a four.

Gumbi: Is because they don't have a lot of pieces, they're working with what they have and they're trying. Yeah. So, if I have to agree with good, I'm giving them a four, just because they're trying hard

Gumbi: And they're getting some success, but it's again it's not a winning success. It's not winning success. So, you know, for trying, but on actual execution, you're talking about to it's a it's a bad too because we, they can't do anything.

Gumbi: Defense wise the defensive kept these games together.

Bryan Stabbe: They have

Gumbi: They have been the glue

Gumbi: Now because we're losing

Gumbi: And teams are still scoring points. I can't give them like a 10 I can't give them a nine. They're still getting you know 30-21 Cowboys game was a three. Then another 23 like the giants aren't that good now.

Gumbi: So, I would set the defense.

Gumbi: At a six. I know people get mad at me for that big six I didn't give a six, the answers. They're still giving up points. I know they're tired of the opposite is getting them time. I know what's going on. But there's still

Gumbi: People still scoring and the scoring touchdowns, instead of field goals. So, I'd go six

Gumbi: So, I can see your feelings.

Bryan Stabbe: So, I'm looking at this, you know, the first four games were Haskins games they, you know, they, he and he went one in three. The next four games three Kyle our for Kyle Allen starts and three games and what she was the leading passer. They go one and three.

Bryan Stabbe: I

Bryan Stabbe: Man.

Bryan Stabbe: Three, three is three is the upper bound of three out of 10 is the upper bound of what I'm willing to give them on offense over the, over this last four game stretch

Bryan Stabbe: I will give them credit for that cowboy win, and you know they've stayed in games caramel corn has put this team on his back. I mean, he's been he's been the leading receiver.

Bryan Stabbe: In every single game. They've played this far, except for the Rams game and which JD McKissic God, what a bleak game that was Kyle in the in the Rams game.

Bryan Stabbe: Kyle Allen.

Bryan Stabbe: Was the leading passer gets 74 yards.

Bryan Stabbe: JD McKissic was the leading receiver. He had 46 yards Antonio Gibson was the leading rusher he had 27 yards.

Bryan Stabbe: It's hard to imagine statistically a worst performance like

Gumbi: It's impossible. Yeah, it's an

Bryan Stabbe: Abomination

Gumbi: Of surprises. So scored any points.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, honestly, and you know I will. Okay, so I will say this, um,

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm all great them out as probably at three as well. I will say I in the defense's defense.

Bryan Stabbe: This this past week.

Bryan Stabbe: The you look at

Bryan Stabbe: Alex Smith throwing three interceptions and then to last fumbles one by Isaiah right and one by Antonia Gibson.

Bryan Stabbe: I mean,

Bryan Stabbe: You turn the ball over five times. It is very hard to win a football game like call on your defense. So, when you again when the offensive turns the ball over five times.

Gumbi: And those two fumbles turned into two touchdowns on the giants and that's 14 right there.


Bryan Stabbe: I mean, what do you can't you can't win like that. I mean, it makes it incredibly hard. So the fact that it was even this close it's like okay, that there are no moral victories, yada, yada. Like, I get it. But it could have been could have been way way way worse.

Gumbi: Oh, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I, I am less. I'm going to be less charitable on defense. I'm going to grow. I'm reading them out as a five.

Bryan Stabbe: I just think like they

Bryan Stabbe: Have been

Bryan Stabbe: replacement level to balance out the offense. And I just

Bryan Stabbe: They have a one them games and you don't expect your defense and defense wins championships, like, you know, you can't expect your defense like be the only thing that you have

Bryan Stabbe: With sort of the level of talent that they have on the offensive side of the ball. So I think I'm glad that grade the matter to five.

Bryan Stabbe: It's just tough, they, they just it's it's bleak.

Gumbi: And I want to sit there and say, like, you know, as people are gonna yell and scream about the. What about the line the defensive line if it's a line is good?

Gumbi: They're doing a

Bryan Stabbe: Great job.

Gumbi: Let's go. So getting people are still running on them.

Gumbi: But then you look at the linebackers and the secondary people are still passing and getting to that second level with runs so it's good Alfred Morris had a 20 something yard run there's it they're not there yet. They're like, how

Bryan Stabbe: MANY TIMES HAVE A 20-yard run when he was in Washington, like, not that many like he wasn't a

Bryan Stabbe: 20-yard run guy.

Gumbi: No, he was a grind it out guy, but you're sitting there looking going so every time someone gets mad like to eat lunch. Lunch. Oh, good. Yeah, they could be

Gumbi: But they're young and they're still making mistakes so yeah that five six range is really where they need. They are it's not where they need to be. It's not like hope it's where they actually are right now.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, it's, it's, I think we've mentioned this before, it sort of seems like this entire team and even I'm going to lump the defense in there as well are sort of like a series of pieces, but I'm not necessarily seeing a cogent

Bryan Stabbe: Like blending of those pieces.

Bryan Stabbe: Total yards per game Washington has the 1234 fifth fewest yards allowed per game.

Bryan Stabbe: Of any team in the league this year, which is kind of amazing. They're only allowing during and 14 yards per game bind the Colts the Rams the saints in the box.

Bryan Stabbe: So the fact that there's there that they're doing so well in yards per game. But just still not really putting it all together means that this could be way worse than it is right now.

Gumbi: Oh yeah, let me look at it. I'm gonna, I'm gonna go through that, as you said, that they're the fifth the least amount of yards. The Eagle 17 Cardinals 30 browns 34 ravens 31 Rams 30 giants 20, of course, the Cowboys or three and the giants are 23 they're giving up on average.

Gumbi: Over 20 something points per game.

Gumbi: And if

Gumbi: You if you

Bryan Stabbe: Want 24 points per game. Yeah.

Gumbi: And if you can, on average, give up 21 more 21 points or more, you're going to lose in the NFL right that's that's the averages, so minus the Cowboys game.

Gumbi: Even though they're giving up the least amount of yards. They're getting scored on those touchdowns are happening. Those points are being scored. So how can you give them a high grade.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I mean, yeah, we look at the stats. I mean, there are 11 teams in front of them in points per game defensively, Washington, allowing 23 and a half points per game. The Ravens. Holy cow, ravens are only going under there under allowing under 18 points per game, which is

Gumbi: obscene and a Jackson came out today and said that the actual other defenses are yelling their own plays with them. So the fact that the story so well and the Ravens.

Gumbi: So, that's amazing. That is incredible.

Bryan Stabbe: What's, what's kind of surprising to me and I as I sort of

Bryan Stabbe: break this down is, you know, we have this expectation that the run defense would be stronger than the past defense, the Washington allows the fewest yards per game passing of any team in the league right now they are number one.

Gumbi: That's crazy.

Bryan Stabbe: In that crazy. They're only they're allowing 185.6 yards per game which is better than the Rams by like 12 yards per game Rams are at 197

Bryan Stabbe: Rushing defense is bad. Let's see 12348 910 they have the 10th worst rushing defense in the league, the best passing defense without having land and Collins. Like it doesn't it, it kind of blows my mind. I don't really

Gumbi: Show. Actually, it kind of makes sense. And this is why go with me on this little walk.

Gumbi: I'm a lot of these games.

Gumbi: The teams that win that are being are great watching football team are ahead early

Gumbi: They, they, they stack up those points early

Gumbi: So they're going to turn around and just start running the ball, they're going to find a way to just kind of just run out that clock.

Gumbi: And and that's Giants kind of did on Sunday, a lot of other teams are doing that were that's their catch. They just, you know, going after the other one that didn't really was the Cowboys, but they couldn't

Gumbi: throw a ball is in your lives that day. Right.

Gumbi: And so, of course, that makes sense. Now, I'm not saying the secondaries doing bad but they're not good, yet they're

Bryan Stabbe: Not really being

Gumbi: Tested now.

Bryan Stabbe: In the way that you would expect a team to be tested sort of over the course of a season I am fairly confident that they will not finish the year has the best pass defense in the league, but it is kind of remarkable to see that.

Gumbi: That's halfway through the season. That's actually a phenomenal.

Bryan Stabbe: So we are we, as you mentioned, we are halfway through the year. I think it's time for us to take stock.

Bryan Stabbe: Would you indulge me and doing a little, a little segment a little bit if

Gumbi: Oh, absolutely. I'm gonna hold on.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, but

Gumbi: Myself are excited for it. Oh, yeah, no, I'm already. Let's do it.

Bryan Stabbe: So this is a this is a bit that I launched on horizontal podcast which is currently

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know what to call it. We're not recording podcasts right now or taking a little break.

Gumbi: Which is so semi

Bryan Stabbe: Retired we're, we're on hiatus will call it on as

Gumbi: Well, I'm okay with that because that allows culture. Culture takeover. I'm all in.

Bryan Stabbe: We're here cult of cold.

Bryan Stabbe: Hail yeah. Hail naw, are you familiar with HAIL YEAH HAIL now or should I will explain it.

Gumbi: I am not so I would love for you to explain it. SO THE The Fans of the cult a cult understand what HAIL YEAH HAIL NAW is

Bryan Stabbe: So this is a holdover from

Bryan Stabbe: Their previous team name. Okay, we'll just put it out there. I think we can still until we have something to substitute it with, I think we can probably keep it.

Bryan Stabbe: Basically, all it is we can go back and forth with a couple of will they won't they predictions for the rest of the year. And if the answer is yes, then you say, hail. Yeah. And if you say the answer is no, then it is hail not

Bryan Stabbe: Simple enough.

Gumbi: That, that makes sense to have more beard. That didn't make sense.

Bryan Stabbe: To me to start, I'm happy to start

Gumbi: Yeah no absolutely

Bryan Stabbe: Okay. Um, we talked a little bit about the running game or lack thereof. Hail yeah, or Hail naw

Bryan Stabbe: A Washington football team running back we'll finish the season with more than 500 yards. Hail yeah, or Hail naw

Gumbi: We have a committee; we have price love now involved Hail nah. No, no, I don't think we have the ability to have to have that happen. We don't have a one star running back yet we're doing everything by committee. It's not going to happen. Hail no. Not a single one gets over 500

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I think I'm with you on that. Hail. Now, right now, Antonio Gibson has 391 rushing yards through eight games. So you would expect that

Bryan Stabbe: If you double that out over another eight games. Well, no, they don't play what 70 I keep I keep messing this up. They're not playing 16 games that


Bryan Stabbe: So he has more opportunities. I also still, I think I'm gonna say, I think I'm gonna say hail not and i think mentioning Bryce love coming in and sort of being an another

Bryan Stabbe: Another option is gonna hurt their, their ability to do that. I will, I will know Peyton Barbara did not carry the football. Last weekend I was just Gibson McKissick

Bryan Stabbe: Really, that's not exactly like Ron Dayne Tiki barber.

Bryan Stabbe: Types of like where where it's like

Gumbi: You're getting thunder and lightning.

Bryan Stabbe: Now there is a thunder and lightning may be like light flurries.


Bryan Stabbe: Like a rolling fog.

Bryan Stabbe: Ooh yeah like those are the two most innocuous weather types. There's no

Gumbi: There are knowing they do some stuff, but it's not that bad.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, you have to put your fog lights on and your car at to find where the

Gumbi: Button is on the film don't hook from the high beams. It's not gonna work.

Bryan Stabbe: Know it's stupid. You're, you're hurting yourself. You're only hurting

Gumbi: Yourself there.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, so I think we're there's a consensus hail nah on on that one. Do you have. Do you have any

Gumbi: I think I do. I got one coming off top my head.

Gumbi: Is Alex Smith going to finish the season.

Bryan Stabbe: It's funny because this was actually going to be one of my questions whether or not doing it the inverse will Duane Haskins start another game this season.

Bryan Stabbe: Although I suppose that this is not the same question because theoretically, they could go out and like pick someone up off the street, and he could end up, jumping Dwayne Haskins on the depth chart.

Bryan Stabbe: So the question explicitly as well. Alex Smith finished this evening. Is he going to finish? Is he going to start every game and finish every game or the rest of the years that the question?


Bryan Stabbe: I'm gonna say Hail naw, and I don't know how or why it's going to happen. I pray that it is not injury related

Bryan Stabbe: I have a hard time seeing

Bryan Stabbe: Dwayne Haskins like working his way out of the doghouse.

Bryan Stabbe: But again, like there's so much going on there that we just are not we just, it's still a huge question mark. Like no one really knows what's going on and I saw some

Bryan Stabbe: report this week that like he's staying after practice and watching more film and like you know that's the type of thing that you leaked to the media to sort of let them know like there is a chance that he could come back.

Bryan Stabbe: But at this point, like if they're not

Bryan Stabbe: I mean, Alex Smith is kept in the game. I mean, he lost the game, obviously, but I don't think, I don't think so. But I don't know how or why it's gonna happen. Where do you sit on that and HAIL YEAH HAIL.

Gumbi: No, Hail no. So we had a droid Haskins. One of things he was really good at. We're just getting rid of the ball SAS as possible. Yeah, we didn't know where we're going to go, but it

Bryan Stabbe: Can be that

Gumbi: He that is so, but he kept it himself for getting injured, however, kinda island didn't have the same ability and he got injured twice that massive concussion and then again.

Gumbi: Right, but his ankle. Yep. Our offensive line isn't good, they just aren't good, yeah. Alex Smith is going to be a target and it's going to be just sitting there and he's going to get attacked

Gumbi: And whether it's his leg or an ankle or concussion or you know whatever it is, it's gonna be hard for him to make it a more games. It's just gonna be hard. There's too many. It's the old like Heath Shuler Jason candle. I know. So Jason candle. I'm well aware, it's

Bryan Stabbe: My know

Gumbi: My name is Kate gamble.

Gumbi: But you're looking at people and then Patrick Ramsey, where it's the old school way were bad line.

Gumbi: And a quarterback just getting annihilated is and I think that's going to continue

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know if you saw, I think it was yesterday. Ron Rivera had a presser and he came out and said, we are still trying to determine whether or not we have a franchise quarterback on your on our roster.

Bryan Stabbe: It's like, well, that's not not exactly a ringing endorsement of the guy who was drafted to be your

Bryan Stabbe: Franchise quarterback. Yeah. I mean, he basically calling out Dwayne Haskins there because

Bryan Stabbe: You know, Alex. The Alex Smith NFL era is coming to an end.

Bryan Stabbe: You're not building a franchise around a guy who's

Bryan Stabbe: A future

Bryan Stabbe: So, I mean, he he's wrestling. I'm not a motivator of men. The same way that Ron Rivera is or is paid to be, but he sort of has an interesting way of going about it. I hope it works but

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know. I'm okay here we go. HAIL YEAH HAIL NAH.

Bryan Stabbe: I will stand the offensive side of the ball will Tara Maclaurin finish the year with both over 1000 yards receiving and let's say

Bryan Stabbe: You know, I'm gonna raise it 10 touchdowns 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Gumbi: Do you need to know; do you need to know what is that line is though.

Gumbi: I don't, I don't want. Yeah, go ahead. I want to hear it, though. But but I already have my answer. But you, I want to understand what people don't want now.

Bryan Stabbe: He's got 50 catches for 692 yards and three touchdowns.

Gumbi: Hail yeah. Hail yeah, then that changes a 10 that's going to be more difficult, but you saw that catch

Gumbi: Against the giants.

Gumbi: I did he wants to. He's got a motor. He wants to go. He wants to score. He got named team captain.

Gumbi: He did very scary Terry is is

Gumbi: Out there and he's looking at people going stopped me yeah and defenses are trying to stop him, and they can't there.

Gumbi: How many words. We don't have that many receivers. They're like, we're just gonna double team HIM. WE'RE GOING TO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS. We're not worry about the running game where the line. We're going to worry about stare a scary Terry and he's still producing

Gumbi: I expect him over the next eight games to increase those numbers. He's going to get 1000 yards. I don't think that's gonna be a problem.

Gumbi: The 10 touchdowns, that may be an issue. Only because they are double teaming them and he's going to get catches, but he may not be able to score, but man, he is he's getting it, and he is one of the

Gumbi: shining lights of this team. He's the type of player that type of person that you want to build a franchise around and you want to make sure he's going

Gumbi: And I cannot be happier to have him. I think it's a great draft pick. I think he's amazing and I say yes and i think he's going to end up being not maybe not all pro, but hopefully be probable

Bryan Stabbe: I agree in that I think you'll get 1000 yards, but I'm going to say Hail naw, because I can't see him catching seven more touchdown passes.

Bryan Stabbe: By a function of him being keyed in on as the only legitimate offensive weapon, though, I will shout out was it was a cam Sims, who had a fantastic game like three catches of over 30 yards.

Bryan Stabbe: I'll give him credit there, but I think

Bryan Stabbe: It may have nothing to do with him. I think it may have more to do with their just being no one who can

Gumbi: Really like there's no one else

Bryan Stabbe: Yep, get them the ball. And yeah, they're just going to be just going to get double teamed

Bryan Stabbe: Every single game for the rest of the year, because he is so good. And he's probably I still think he will get. I mean, at this point, it's only like 300 more yards like i think that's like a drop in the bucket. I think he; I think he could conceivably finished with 1200 yards receiving

Gumbi: Gotta be absolutely awesome.

Bryan Stabbe: But I don't know that I can see him getting 10 touchdowns, that's just kind of where my head's at. Right now.

Gumbi: That's fair, that's fair. I mean, I disagree with you because I think it's gonna kill it, but that's okay.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I love the guy so stoked. He was named Captain, he's the best receiver this team has had since

Bryan Stabbe: What early stage to Sean Jackson.

Gumbi: I think he may he's better than to Sean. Sean would take plays off.

Gumbi: He went when it, when the show was on it was on. He was amazing. But again, he would take plays off and scary Terry's not doing that because he's just, he's just going, he's got that he's got that art monk ability to do

Gumbi: To cut paths and do routes. He's got the Ricky Sanders speed.

Gumbi: And Gary Clark hands, he's got this

Gumbi: old school way of doing things that you can't you can't always teach what you love to see, and he's got it all.

Bryan Stabbe: It's funny, and maybe there's a conversation for another time. But if he is if we are grading him out as better than Sean Jackson when Sean Jackson was really good.

Bryan Stabbe: The net the

Bryan Stabbe: The best wide receiver before him. I'm struggling to think of who it would have been

Bryan Stabbe: Santana, Santana yeah it's Santana

Gumbi: And watching that that throw and catch during the Giants game and that spin off was a Santana moss type move

Gumbi: Yeah, and he's bigger. He's bigger than Santana moss.


Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, he's he'll be fun to watch. I'm like really excited. I'm excited about him.

Gumbi: Okay, well I got a HAIL YEAH HAIL NAW for you.

Bryan Stabbe: Hit me.

Gumbi: That we look context.

Gumbi: Yeah, Jason Young's mom came out this week and said that she gave her son a C or C minus

Gumbi: For his play over the last eight games because he was not the sack leader in the NFL.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay.

Gumbi: I mean, I mean you gotta set the bar high and the girl.

Gumbi: Yeah. So do you think that Chase young will make his mom proud.

Bryan Stabbe: And. Okay, so we're saying or. She's saying that she's only proud if he's the Sackler man. Talk about having to like to earn your mother's respect.

Gumbi: And I don't exactly it or nothing.

Bryan Stabbe: She's fantastic. She's so fun like there are bad sports parents and like Todd Marinovich Laval ball like they're bad

Gumbi: Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: What sports parents. They're good ones too. I know he ended up kind of not being anything good. But what's the Eli Apple, the

Bryan Stabbe: Quarterback for the giants like his. He had a good sports Mom; I think chase the youngest mom is a good sports Mom. I don't think

Bryan Stabbe: If her for pride is contingent on him being the most prolific Sacher in in the NFL. I think that she will be disappointed. So I'm going to say hail Nah, I don't think he's going to lead the league in sacks, do I still think he could

Bryan Stabbe: Potentially end up as the Rookie of the Year. Yes, yes, I do. He I think

Bryan Stabbe: He's been good. Not great. Those far he's been. I mean you are. There's not a single team in the like that wouldn't want him.

Bryan Stabbe: But his numbers sort of like his play. I think he has room for growth, which I would argue is a good thing. We don't want to have seen the best he can be

Bryan Stabbe: Because we want to see sort of that upward. You know that ceiling being pushed. I still think you can be Rookie of the Year, but I don't know that he will lead the league in sacks, where, where do you stand on that.

Gumbi: Oh Hail no, he's not going to lead the league in sacks. However, because again, we still have not only do we have young we have Sweat, we have

Gumbi: Karen coming in. So Kevin, so getting his part. So they're going to take a little bit away from young, but I look at, I look at him ago his mom should be proud, but not as proud as she's, she's like an animal sack lead

Gumbi: Because you're right. He's not quite understanding it. They're chipping off him. They're kind of pushing off and people understand his abilities and he's still learning how to get around some of the best offensive people in the NFL.

Gumbi: Sure. He's not gonna make his mom proud to the NFL sack later but I think you're right. I think should be very proud of the chance of him being the NFL Rookie of the Year.

Gumbi: And I think over the next eight games. His, His motors going to go harder. He's going to get more out of it. And I think he's learning more.

Gumbi: Yes, he

Gumbi: progresses and it gets more intelligent on how to words put his hands, how to get around people. It's going to be amazing.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I'm very excited for what the future holds for them and do it. Do I think there's a sack title and his future based on what I've seen so far? Yeah, I think that that is not, that's not inconceivable not inconceivable.

Gumbi: Absolutely.

Bryan Stabbe: I think I okay I have one more. I want more, you have one more. I want more.

Gumbi: So I want more.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm going to stay on the defensive side.

Bryan Stabbe: Hail yeah, or Hail naw

Bryan Stabbe: Montez sweat finishes with more than 10 sacks.

Gumbi: Where you see that now.

Bryan Stabbe: That five

Bryan Stabbe: Kerrigan despite like not really seeing the field all that much. Is that four and a half.

Bryan Stabbe: Kerrigan has fought has

Bryan Stabbe: Has five solo tackles and four and a half sacks.

Bryan Stabbe: Montez sweat has 15 solo tackles and five sacks.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, the D-line's racking up

Bryan Stabbe: racking up sacks so

Bryan Stabbe: No more than not 10 more

Gumbi: More than 10 so 10.5 and anything above 10

Gumbi: You know, my answer as Hail. Yeah, Hail yeah. And the reason I say Hail yes, I'm looking at this, does this row that we have coming up where we got the lines. The bangles, the Cowboys again.

Gumbi: We hit a little bit more strict with the Steelers the foreigners that the Seahawks.

Gumbi: Yeah, then PANTHERS AND EAGLES I think this some offenses that we mean we mean up beat these teams, but they have quarterbacks to stand there.

Gumbi: And I think it's going to have the ability

Gumbi: To jump in at least get a half sack more than he has right now and he doesn't have to go against Murray again he's not looking at

Gumbi: You know all the crowd this growth. Again, Lamar Jackson isms go against again.

Gumbi: A little bit more pocket passers that they're coming up against, and I think they're going to be able to tee off a little bit better so sweat 10.5 sacks. Absolutely. Hail yeah, he's gonna do that. He's got it. What do you think?

Bryan Stabbe: I'm gonna I'm going big here. This is my bold prediction. My bold prediction is he gets to 10

Bryan Stabbe: In the next three games.

Bryan Stabbe: Wow, Detroit Cincinnati in Dallas. And I think it will take until the last week of the season for him to get over 10 and a half.

Gumbi: See that, and that's why I would disagree because you look at the Steelers

Gumbi: If Ross burgers in there yet. He gets sacked now he they're gonna win. They're probably win by 30 but Rosberg she'll get sacked the 40 niners who was a quarterback. Now, who the quarterback. It'll be a couple weeks, no bloody nose.

Bryan Stabbe: Watching him go up a lot. Does he turn Williams has coven I think I did see that

Gumbi: I think I saw that, too. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I want to see that match up. I want to see. I want to see. I want to see chase young going up against Trent Williams. I want to see Montez sweat go against our lives.

Bryan Stabbe: I think you will have like two I think matches what will have like two or three Sacks against Philadelphia, because the Carson Wentz just like get eaten.

Gumbi: Just not move.

Bryan Stabbe: He does not move. He, he's a bit. I said this view is, I think he's a bit of a chump.

Gumbi: Oh, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: But I think it's gonna, I think he's gonna get real close and then have to like wait a while for it, and he'll get there. I think that's a, that's a Hail yeah for me.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, I want to, you want to close us out with HAIL YEAH HAIL NO

Gumbi: Go to go a little more the entertainment value here. This past weekend FedEx allowed 3500 people into the stadium.

Gumbi: The first time this season.

Gumbi: Well, FedEx have more fans this season than they did last season.

Bryan Stabbe: Uh,

Bryan Stabbe: They may have more Washington fans this season.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm gonna say Hail yeah. They'll have more

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: It is a little bit mind boggling to me that they're letting people go to sporting events at this point, it seems like that is the type of thing that they should maybe not be doing

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know, I'm not, I'm not like a public health guy, but I know. Sure. Shit.

Bryan Stabbe: Dan Snyder's not either

Bryan Stabbe: I think

Bryan Stabbe: I'm gonna I'm gonna put this out there. If you are listening to this podcast, I beg you, please do not go to FedEx field. And there are

Bryan Stabbe: We as a bit as have been well detailed, there are many, many, many, many, many non-COVID reasons not to go to FedEx field, but I would say

Bryan Stabbe: On top of on top of sort of this surge in cases.

Bryan Stabbe: Just don't go please don't go

Gumbi: Okay, if you're listening. It's not worth. It's just not. I mean, you know, watch team lose. You're in a

Bryan Stabbe: Dance, nothing will happen.

Bryan Stabbe: Know what you're not gonna have a good time.

Bryan Stabbe: Good can come from that nothing good can come from it.

Gumbi: And be like, well, you can socially distance with 3500 people

Gumbi: You know, use the whole 90,000 people

Bryan Stabbe: That knocked down to 70,000 people

Gumbi: Now there's 30 it's just this massive valley of nothing. And the best part about FedEx at any point in time was when 70 to 90,000 people would cheer. At the same time, and that part's gone

Gumbi: So you're sitting there.

Gumbi: In the stands watching this, the only reason to go there to get really drunk and you know what

Bryan Stabbe: But there are so many better ways to do it.

Gumbi: So many better ways and just get cold for now on

Bryan Stabbe: What, what are you trying to prove. Please. Please. Just don't go please don't go. That's all I

Gumbi: Just, just make yeah 3500 people are gonna be able to get there. Well, yeah. And you may be right. That's the most Redskins fans or for watching a football team fans that have been to FedEx and the last three years.

Gumbi: Yeah, for any given game.

Bryan Stabbe: Oh well.

Bryan Stabbe: Listen things, things are tough. It's not easy.

Bryan Stabbe: It's not going to get any easier, but we're gonna do our best. They're going to do our best their best. We're going to do our best to try and break things down, keep things light, you know, have a good time. Okay. That's really what we're all about having a good time.

Bryan Stabbe: And staying safe and staying healthy and sipping on good beer and talking about this team that for better for worse, we're still we're still tied to here. So I want to thank everyone once again for listening, we're having. Are you having fun? Yes.

Gumbi: I did a great job. I'm enjoying doing this every week.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, it's a nice, nice little god I can't believe we get again talked about this football team for an hour.

Gumbi: I don't know how we do it.

Bryan Stabbe: I don't either. We could talk. We could talk about anything for an hour.

Gumbi: That's true.

Bryan Stabbe: Well,

Gumbi: We didn't get to the pack. The fact that I Adrian Peterson's coming back.

Bryan Stabbe: We didn't, we didn't get to it.

Gumbi: Now he's he's gonna have 100 yards against us. Don't worry about this is more about that next week.

Bryan Stabbe: That'll be in a next week.

Bryan Stabbe: Problem, we encourage you all to

Bryan Stabbe: Check us out, we're available basically everywhere. You can get your podcasts Stitcher Spotify Apple podcasts encourage you to subscribe there.

Bryan Stabbe: If, if you'd be so kind, you know, give us a couple, couple stars that does make a difference. It allows for us to show up more prominently there.

Bryan Stabbe: There are some good podcasts about those Washington football team. And we know that your time is valuable. So we appreciate you spending it with us.

Bryan Stabbe: Until next week, Gumbi. Thank you.

Bryan Stabbe: It's been a pleasure. You've been listening to:

Gumbi: The Cult of Colt.


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