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Cult Of Colt: Bye Week Scaries

Some Spooky R&R On A Post-Victory Bye Week

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Football Team is on their bye week, but the Cult of Colt charges on in this super spooky weekly edition. It seems only right to take a step back and get to know each other a little bit better (well, allow you to get to know us a little bit better.) In addition to our fan favorite (and ours if we’re being completely honest) “What You Sippin’ On?” we play everyone’s favorite first day of class ice-breaker: two truths and a lie. Gumbi seemingly has avoided several life-threatening catastrophes, while I have a few near-misses of my own.

Because it’s a football-free, or WFT-free Halloweekend, we chat about Gumbi’s best-loved holiday, and have a rapid-fire back-and-forth on our spooky favorites: Halloween candy, movies, and best haunts for spooks and frights.

Gumbi also has a very funny Halloween-related Michael Wilbon/ WFT cross-over story.

Eventually, yes, we do talk about football and the WFT’s shocking and dominating win over the rival Dallas Cowboys last week. We give props where they’re due: the Washington defense has met, if not exceeded expectations this season but have some tough sledding ahead of them with the season-ending injury to Landon Collins. We do a deep dive on Jon Bostic’s bone-rattling hit on Andy Dalton, and reflect on the rules changes for defenders in the NFL and how that has impacted the game over the last 20 season. To that end, highly recommend this 2007 piece from Sports Illustrated’s Tim Layden who breaks down the anatomy of “The Big Hit.”

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