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What Haskins’d? - Viewing Gold by J.T. O’Sullivan

This is MUST WATCH for any Washington Football Fan!

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Many people were shocked when Dwayne Haskins Jr. was benched this week in favor of Kyle Allen. There were tons of questions by fans surrounding the benching - including if Haskins was given a fair shake by the new staff...especially given the circumstances.

In the video below, JT O’Sullivan breaks down some critical plays by Dwayne Haskins in the Ravens game last weekend.

You may be asking who is JT O’Sullivan...

Well, he was a former NFL and CFL journeyman quarterback, and current head coach of Patrick Henry High School in California. And, he REALLY know his stuff when it comes to signal callers.

What I like most about his analysis is that it’s unbiased and very detailed.

Please... Do yourself the simple favor and just watch!

Some interesting take-away’s:

- He puts a TON on Haskins himself, but he also throws some praise his way.

- Talks a LOT about the scheme...or lack there of.

- Cites terrible conceptual pass pro issues.

- Uses the phrase “not sound protection at any level”.

- Absolutely goes OFF on left guard Wes Martin(17:00 mark).

- Also talks about the controversial 4th down check-down throw in the red zone.


What do you think of this video by JT O’Sullivan?

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    He’s giving Haskins a bit too much credit
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